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NewsNews • 17 Dec 2020

Expressive yet functional ceramic façade features in Dornbirn Library project

A place for inter-generational sharing, meeting and learning, the Dornbirn Library is a joint project of the architectural offices Dietrich l Untertrifaller and Christian Schmoelz. The team won an international architectural competition for the project in early 2016. Albrecht I. Schnabel Amongst a field of rectangular buildings, the library’s ovoid shape stands out in an expressive manner. The façade is clad with ceramic elements inspired by the appearance of books arranged on shelves. The elements are mounted on a steel frame at a distance of 70 cm from the glazed façade. Aldo Amoretti Light filters through façade, not only allowing for views of the surrounding park and city but also acting as a shadi... More

Project • By FAQ arquitecturaShops

Eleven Tourist Apartments And Two Shops

This work has consisted of completely rehabilitating a building in the center of Seville to turn it into a building of tourist apartments and shops. The building was the historic headquarters of Almacenes Arias, traditional weaving shop of the capital of Seville, on the pedestrian and commercial street Puente y Pellón. During its history it underwent different renovations, some due to the fire that took place in the year 75, being a heterogeneous construction materially and structurally. It is decided to replace a large part of the structure due to its poor condition and the intervention is used to empty and make a large semicircular patio that allows the appearance of interior apartments. Given the irregularity of the place and the need t... More

Product • By ElemexCeramitex®


Strong. Beautiful. Lasting.Introducing Ceramitex®. A facade system that simply outperforms. Our large format sintered ceramic facades are lightweight yet durable enough to defy graffiti, scratches, weather, and the test of time. The system is fabricated to your exacting specifications on our proprietary Unity® integrated attachment technology, giving you a complete system engineered to beautify and protect your project. Ceramitex® is North American code compliant and is supported by the Elemex® 360° Advantage. More