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Product • By Pamesa CerámicaCromat


Cromat has its origins in the strength and natural tonesof Jura Stone. More

Project • By VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanismOffices

Het Platform

Het Platform in Utrecht is a mixed-use community building for living, working and playing. The building has been designed as a MicroCity; thanks to a mix of complementary functions and a prime location near a public transport hub, it aims to be mostly autarkic.   MicroCity is an innovative concept for buildings and neighborhoods. By offering a mix of complementary functions it creates opportunities to enhance the post-carbon circular economy. By also reducing mobility needs, the MicroCity concept contributes strongly to cities at large becoming truly sustainable.   Het Platform is constructed on top of the Uithoflijn tram and bus terminal, directly adjacent to the station’s square. It interacts in such a natura... More

Product • By Egem Mozaik DizaynHandmade Ceramic Cubuk

NS Ceramic Cubuk

Handmade ceramic cubuk is that dimension 10x20 cm. It can be used in cafe,restaurant,bathroom or any places where desired. More

Product • By Egem Mozaik DizaynHandmade Ceramic Kündekari


Handamade ceramic kündekari is that dimension 20x20 cm. Handmade ceramics can be produced in 25 different color.It can be produced as a special for project. More

Product • By Egem Mozaik DizaynHandmade Ceramic Splash


Handmade ceramic splash is that dimension 21x14cm. It can be used in bathroom,cafe,restaurant and bar. Available in 25 colors. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Villa Ocean

The design of this modern and gentle smooth stone is perfect for terraces with straight and architectural lines. The light colour enables creating dream minimalist and timeless swimming pools. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Gennadi Grand Resort Rhodes

CONTEMPORARY MEDITERRANEANThe Gennadi Grand Resort of Rhodes is called to be one of the reference hotels of the Island of Rhodes.The luminosity is the protagonist in this space dominated by neutral colors and warm environments. Our Stromboli Light serie, in 75x75 format, offers this complex elegance, sophistication, simplicity and luminosity with Mediterranean airs.Together with the Stromboli Light color we find our Creta pool coronation system and RJ67 drainage grid, both with straight and simple lines, also in the same color with which we create the "integral aesthetic" effect that so characterizes our collections.We enclose in this email a photographic summary of this impressive complex. We hope you enjoy them. More

Product • By Cerámica MayorCOVE POOL SYSTEM


Porcelain stoneware is a compact, resistant material characteristic for its almost inexistent porosity and therefore, to its low water absorption. A peculiar characteristic of porcelain stoneware pieces is their own composition. Only pure materials, such as minerals, kaolin, feldspar, clay, are used for the composition of each tile. It is a product resistant to external agents. Its vitrified structure, with a low porosity degree ensure a high impermeability to acids, dirt and ice. the porcelain stoneware pavements by Cerámica Mayor are anti-slip, resistant to abrasions, fire and meet the current international regulations. Ideal for residential and public areas (including high transit and traffic density areas), the solutions offere... More

Product • By Cerámica MayorBORA POOL EDGE


The swimming pool and its surroundings must be a space where safety and comfort are paramount. The surrounding floor must be non-slip and walkable barefoot or with wet feet, which is why both our pool coping edgings and our ceramic drainage gratings have non-slip properties that are even more necessary in overflowing pools. In addition, all coping edgings can be used to create pools of this type and they also all combine with our 3 exclusive ceramic drainage gratings: RJ55, RJ70 and RJ67, which are necessary in overflowing pools where we do not want the water to overflow more than necessary.   Porcelain stoneware is a compact, resistant material characteristic for its almost inexistent porosity and therefore, to its low water absorp... More

Product • By Cerámica MayorMAUI POOL EDGE


In contrast to the skimmer system, the trend towards overflowing pools as a spa/wellness imitation has gained momentum in recent years. In these pools the water overflows the edge and generates the effect of a continuous floor and pool, without cuts, a complete integration. This style has always been more common in hotel and wellness centre projects but a few years ago it started to become fashionable in private homes, why not have the luxury of a hotel in your own home? The swimming pool and its surroundings should be a space where safety and comfort are paramount. The surrounding floor must be non-slip and walkable barefoot or with wet feet, so both our pool coping edging and our ceramic drainage gratings have non-slip properties, which... More

Product • By Cerámica MayorMIKONOS POOL EDGE


The Mikonos edge is our extremely safe pool edge. It has a special granulation which, together with the non-slip finish that characterises Cerámica Mayor's outdoor finishes, makes it ideal for enjoying the pool without unwanted slips. This porcelain stoneware pool border can be used for both outdoor and indoor pools and will always be a success. Its granular texture provides an extra sense of safety which, together with the non-slip surface, makes this characteristic pool border ideal for pools where children are the most likely to play. This pool coping measures 45 cm x 70 cm and is enamelled on 3 sides, allowing it to be laid individually, without paving behind it, for example, with grass, and also laid together with paving of th... More

Product • By Cerámica MayorSEA ROCK COLLECTION


Inspired by marine rocks, Sea Rock brings us closer to the details and beauty of the seabed. It stands out for its accurate colour palette and the perfect reproduction of the veins of the most exquisite marbles. The texture and its natural tones inspire classic, modern or functional style environments, a collection that, with its elegance and style, will bring a touch of distinction to your home. Its sinuous outline and pieces full of colour adapt to the environment, providing a lesson in good taste. More

Project • By pc-|< paolo cesaretti Arch-Trade Shows

A switch of mind | Kale Group @ CERSAIE 2017 |

An adaptable skeleton wrapped in a translucent skin delivers iconic visual communication and a continuous landscape of ceramic surfaces.Designed for Kale Group – worldwide manufacturer of ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware – the stand has the aim to qualify the identity of the company. The space is divided in five exhibition areas - each dedicated to a different brand belonging to Kale - linked by a central space for lounging and meeting. The company’s request for a low budget solution with high visual impact informed the design process, driving its focus on the idea of versatility as a conceptual frame. The result was a low-definition modular skeleton made by painted wood, wrapped in a semi-transparent digital printed fabric skin. This... More

Project • By CRÜ studio (former RÄS studio)Apartments


La Carmeta is the result of splitting a single apartment into two different entities –la Carmina is her analogy. We inserted an equipped bar that runs parallel to the dividing wall and is placed in a position that solves the circulation area on one side and the night-time zone on the other. This bar combines and sequences the storage of the apartment and the accesses to rooms and wet rooms.  More