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Project • By acdf architectureOffices

FlightHub offices: Technology, Travel and Tribes

ACDF Architecture, a firm renowned for its ambitious, design-savvy commercial, residential, hospitality, and institutional projects, is proud to unveil the dynamic new offices of FlightHub, an online travel agency serving over 5 million airline passengers per year. The project comprises 12,800 s.f. of office space encompassing the building’s entire 6th floor, and marks an expansion of operations within FlightHub’s Montreal headquarters.   In approaching ACDF, the client was seeking a clever intervention that would infuse the essence of the company into the standard office floorplate, thus providing a unique identity that would embrace the company’s core business lines. Based on three key elements established by... More

Project • By LeuWebb ProjectsPavilions

Thermally Speaking

Revealing our body heat in three-dimensional space through experiential illumination, "Thermally Speaking" used thermography and infrared measuring instruments to uncover the fields of energy of which we’re all apart. The responsive installation transformed Toronto's Fort York Visitor Centre for Nuit Blanche 2019, providing a glimpse into a future of body temperature readings, creative data visualization and surveillance fields.   Audiences were invited to move through, over and around the ramp of the Visitor Centre both as observers and subjects of observation, participants in dialogue with the phenomena around them. Thermal imaging cameras relayed and translated the heat energy of visitors into a shifting curtain of light, an... More

Project • By Studio Kremer ArchitectsLibraries

St Matthews Eline Library

This project – about 18,000 sf of both new and existing construction – was a joint venture between the public library system and the City of St. Matthews. The goal was to double the size of the existing library while integrating critical aspects of the 1930’s St Matthews campus, the eclectic small scale residential context, and the contemporary “design forward” identity of Louisville Free Public Library.   The design team focused on creating flexible spaces that could accommodate program changes in the future while finding specific elements to improve the environment for diverse user groups. Smaller more intimate reading and study spaces were strategically located within the double-volume space, all open... More

Project • By JBADPrivate Houses

Beck St. Residence

A young couple took on a dilapidated historic home turned multi-unit apartment building to return it to a single-family home with a minimalist approach.  The structure was entirely gutted, basement to roof, and rebuilt with a minimum of elements.  A central open stair clad in translucent channel glass separates and defines living and kitchen areas, allowing light to pass between them.  Glass floor panels at each end of the stair at the second floor lend to its lightness.  Elsewhere, the master bathroom contrasts dark wenge wood with neutral mosaic tile and a translucent glass panel veils the shower room. The finished house is filled with a series of simple vignettes connecting space to space with filtered light, extend... More

Project • By OMAUniversities

Brighton College Sports and Sciences Building

The School of Science and Sports at Brighton College defies the conventional character of educational buildings – one of endless empty hallways and imposed silence – and instead combines the two departments to create a vibrant building with lively spaces where activities are not necessarily dictated by a school timetable. Observing that processes of learning take place outside as much as inside of the classroom, the design articulates a new idea of educational space bolstering interaction and exchange.   Why isolate the department of Science from the department of Sports? Instead, the two are merged into one linear volume, situated at the edge of the playing field. Primary sporting spaces are on level with the field, and... More

Project • By Jacobsen ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

ANM House

Design to a vey welcoming family in a wooded residencial neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia.   Their intention was to fully attend the constructive potencial of the plot while having the biggest garden possible, where the pool and entertainment area are of big importance.   This corner site came with small setbacks gave us the opportunity to use the L shape implantation taking advantage of the visual amplitude of the lot in relation to its neighbors, and best solar orientation. Steel structure, great glass panels on the ground floor and carted wood followed by channel glass on the upper floor at circulation halls suspends and distinguishes the house from its surroundings.   Underground floor was reserved to receive th... More

Project • By Fougeron ArchitecturePavilions

Jackson Family Retreat

Located in the Big Sur area of Northern California, this 2,500 square foot 2 bedroom house was built for a family to enjoy together on the weekends and holidays. It is a modernist structure that sits lightly on the land, acknowledging the ecologically fragile nature of the site. The house is composed of four volumes, all made of different materials, that are interwoven and interconnected to create visually and spatially complex exterior and interior spaces.The main volume of the house runs parallel to the canyon with a butterfly roof and glass corners that reach out to the sky and the light at the open ends. The thin roof sits delicately above a band of extruded glass, connecting to the roof structure with extremely thin rods that are invis... More

Project • By kooo architectsPrivate Houses

Hotel Far&Near Nanhao St.

This project is to renovate a 7-story building in the old city center of Guangzhou into a modern guesthouse. Guangzhou has subtropical climate with long summers and warm winters. Its abundant precipitation makes the city flourish with vegetation all year round. Walking down the streets in Guangzhou, there are fascinating greenery everywhere. People’s lives are not confined to just indoors; public activities extended onto the streets allow everyone to take advantage of the climate and pleasant scenery throughout the city. The urban landscape of Guangzhou is filled with people’s vitality and diverse life styles. The renovation is situated in a residential are with a strong sense of lively dynamic. Due to the high density of building... More

Project • By Lundberg DesignPrivate Houses

Curly's Cove

Curly's Cove sits on the edge of Bodega Bay, just off of Highway 1, in a protected cove that overlooks water, wetlands, and parkland. It is both a rehabilitation of 1930's fisherman’s shack and a restoration of the surrounding wetlands. The house is under 1,000 square feet but facilitates nearly 2,000 square feet of salt marsh regeneration, through strategies such as floating the building above the ground (and flood line) with a 14-foot cantilever.   The design intent was to celebrate the surrounding landscape. Constrained to the footprint and massing of the original structure, the opportunity to achieve this was through the fenestration. The bay-facing facade is entirely glass, visually extending to the deck and the bay beyond. Along the s... More

Project • By ARES PartnersMuseums

HOW Art Museum

HOW Art Museum is located in ZhangJiang Hi-Teck Park at Pudong Shanghai. Occupying three levels of the podium floors within the existing HOW Art Hotel building, this 7000sqm Contemporary Art Museum includes a 4200sqm Exhibition space and an about 2800sqm space of supporting service area. The Museum entry hall at the west side of the hotel building is a new addition.   To echo with the existing glass curtain wall, this new addition takes on a simple architecture form. The new addition hall way is a transitional space between the exterior sculpture park and the interior Gallery space as well as a link between the Art Hotel and the Museum. The 22 meter long rectangular form takes one single bend in correspond to the existing podium buil... More

Project • By GBBN Architects Inc.Pavilions

PNC Legacy Pavilion

Envisioned as a meeting space and gallery for exhibits featuring Pittsburgh stories throughout history, the PNC Legacy Pavilion is a landmark in Pittsburgh’s downtown Cultural District. Using just a few materials, including zinc panel, channel glass, and LED lighting, a tiny building (just 1,300 sf) transitions to a big role as a highly detailed, glowing beacon seen throughout the city.  The green roof incorporates PNC’s dedication to sustainability. Light from LED fixtures on the interior side of the channel glass façade is diffused by insulating material within the glass, which helps the building achieve a high thermal performance and its soft lantern-like glow.  “Lighting is part of the palette in public buildings, which all ha... More

Project • By atelier V : architecture (atelier Mark vaghei)Private Houses

Hartzel Residence

Atelier V : architecture has completed the design of a new 5,850 sf residence in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. The proposed residence sits atop a small relatively flat lot area of 6,500 sf. The new residence will replace an existing 1956 home on the site. “The proposed plan’s Party is an interpreted Eastern Courtyard concept which incorporates the yard into the belly of the residence, thereby maximizing privacy and interactivity for a family of four” Says Mark Vaghei, AIA , atelier V’s Design Principal. The new residence is comprised of three distinct volumes . A two story main east-west volume is flanked in the front by the high-ceiling living room and on the back by the guest house, together forming the three sides of the enc... More

Project • By OKALUX GmbHLibraries

Oxnard College Library

OKALUX insulating glass with capillary slabs have many talents. They diffuse daylight into the depth of the room, while providing very good sun and glare protection. Their heat insulation properties are excellent and the transmission values of the glass can be individually adjusted to suit the requirements of the building. Capillary glass is attractive under both natural and artificial light conditions. During the day, the channel glass with capillary inserts from OKALUX captivate through their modern appearance creating a special atmosphere. Visitors fell comfortable in the agreeable daylight environment. At twilight or even at night, when the artificial light is turned on, the building shell glows from inside.Material Used :OKALUX+ - Insu... More

Project • By Trahan ArchitectsCultural Centres

Magnolia Mound Turner Family Visitors Center

Situated on high ground adjacent to the Mississippi River, Magnolia Mound was a working plantation established in 1791. Today, Magnolia Mound’s mission is to illustrate and interpret the French Creole lifestyle through educational programs, workshops, lectures, festivals and other special events.The design intent for the project is to emphasize the importance of site and topography as it relates to Magnolia Mound. The minimal intervention seeks to elevate the existing historic buildings and site by establishing a clear threshold for visitors as they circulate around the base of the mound. As one transitions through the new visitor center and ascends to the top of the mound, the building merges with the landscape to become unobtrusive and im... More

Project • By Willis Pember ArchitectsLibraries

Carbondale Branch Library

The building massing reflects the transition from a residential neighborhood to the north to a civic scale presence at the high school quad to the south. Green site walls at the margins 'grow' the architecture and define outdoor rooms. These spaces include a continuous north porch along Sopris Avenue, a reading porch at the quad, an outdoor community table and public blackboard at the NE corner of the site.Interiority is created through a varied ceiling hierarchy and is played off a uniform ground plane, creating varied spatial and day-lighting conditions across an open field of program areas. Circulation was developed with the idea of a choreographed meandering that allows the experience of Mt Sopris to be slowly revealed through a fi... More