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Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerCommunity Centres

Kindergarten & Rehearsal Room

The Kindergarten south of the village center defines the west side of the square. It opens itself to the play garden in the south, while a protecting wall shields the children from the heavy traffic of the parking lot. Two group rooms with dedicated coatrooms are situated along the central corridor of the ground floor. A robust framed construction shades the south-oriented glass façade. Creating a portal, it generously spans the access path and clearly links it to the kindergarten. Situated to the north are adjoining rooms, the office of the head of the kindergarten, a group room and an exercise room. The playrooms are paneled with birch plywood, which creates a warm-colored background for a lively and colorful crowd of children.... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerOffices


The planned multifunctional building “Rubina”, located on the former site of the Nibelungen barracks in Regensburg is a new educational and care centre for young people. The building houses a kindergarten, the energy education centre, offices for the energy agency and scientific rooms for  the MINT for Kids.programme The complex is divided into two square buildings. Surrounded by generous outdoor areas, they stand freely on a common platform and allow views into the greenery. David Matthiessen David Matthiessen The western structure accomodating the energy education centre is the more mature of the two buildings. Its simple horizontal structure and the exterior wooden glass facade convey objectivity and farsighte... More

Project • By Collingridge And Smith ArchitectsNurseries

New Shoots Kerikeri

Given the hospitable climate of Kerikeri, we wanted the centre to be a reflection of the environment and for children to interact with this in a more natural way. The building is therefore split into four pavilions covering a large area of 700m2 each housing varying age groups of children, sheltered by a large soaring roof form which ties the pavilions together and allows for movement between these under cover, but not enclosed. The roof shelters the pavilions and much of the space around them from sun and rain, providing all-weather spaces such as outdoor dining and external circulation which are interspersed with pocket gardens throughout the design. The pods are designed so that they face the striking pohutakawa tree located in the hea... More

Project • By Collingridge And Smith ArchitectsNurseries

New Shoots Bayfair Early Learning Centre

Situated within the magnificent context of Tauranga, is the newly designed New Shoots early childhood learning centre by CASA (Collingridge and Smith Architects). With the passion of delivering beautiful purpose-built human spaces, the architectural proposition uses sustainable design strategies to provide children with a nurturing and healthy learning environment, promoting growth and exploration. The core vision of the architecture was to reflect the city’s relationship with the sea, while framing the significant nature of Mount Manganui. Located within the fastest growing neighbourhood of Bayfair in Tauranga. The New Shoots early childhood centre accommodates for children ranging from infants to preschool, the project facilitates... More

Project • By Collingridge And Smith ArchitectsNurseries

Fantails Estate, Early childhood centre

The Fantails Estate Early childhood centre is set over 3½ hectares of land, catering for 154 children ranging from babies to pre-schoolers. Framed by paddocks, animals and trees, this early learning centre strikes a balance between state-of-the-art, modern educational spaces and sits sensitively within its rural New Zealand context.  The site presented a shared vision of a unique ‘luxury lodge’ for children. Our team at Collingridge and Smith Architects (UK) implemented the balanced blend of functionality, aesthetics and environmental sustainability into the project.    At the end of a winding, estate-like driveways, the centre sits as six individual blocks fanned out around a striking geometric timber ca... More

Project • By Collingridge And Smith ArchitectsCare Homes

House of Wonder

The house of wonder is sited near the hidden lakes of the beautiful Cambridge region, in New Zealand. Accommodating for a group of 90 children, aged 0-6 the early childcare centres provides a warm and inviting environment for our Tamariki, where state-of-the-art facilities, bright open plan classrooms, and spacious outdoor play areas allow children to explore and move freely.   Positioned within the countryside setting, the centre has been designed as a series of ‘houses’ connected through gardens and walkways to create a community-focused village. The arrangement of the classrooms has been broken down into smaller barn-like forms that are arranged around natural outdoor playscapes and covered timber walkways. This is to... More

Project • By ArchitensionsNurseries

Children's Playspace

The New York City-based architectural and design studio Architensions has completed Children’s Playspace, an 875-square-foot innovative indoor playground located in Brooklyn, New York. The space hinges on a series of plywood structures that playfully abstract elements of nature, recalling movement through woodland forts, dappled light streaming through trees, and the glow of the sun reflecting off of snow.   The playground was commissioned by a Brooklyn-based wellness professional with expertise in yoga and childcare who desired an indoor environment for creative, collective play for a small group of children. Architensions looked to the natural world to create the framework for the space, as well as to influential precedents i... More

Project • By ArchidentityPavilions

Expo Live Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Emirati-designed Expo Live Pavilion toinspire millions of visitorsasa globalcentreofsocial innovation at The World’s Greatest Show Expo Live Pavilion honours Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s vision and generosity Ahmad AbdulrahmanBukhash of design firmArchidentity behind ‘The Good Place’ Pavilion to inspire millions as focal point for USD 100 million Expo Live programme The Emirati-designedExpo Live Pavilion inExpo 2020 Dubai’s Opportunity District will inspiremillions of visitorsto become change-makers by showcasing the socialinnovators, supported by Expo Live,who arehavinga measurable impact on people’s lives across the world.   A human-focused experience,‘The Good Place’was desig... More

Project • By AND LAB PTE LTDArt Galleries

Art Children Performing Art Center

Set up for children aged 3 to 12, Art Plus in Beijing contains more than just functional ballet, music and piano rooms. There’s also a theatre for stage performances and a large multipurpose room. In addition, the space contains random huts of different shapes and sizes that kids can freely explore between lessons to enjoy a variety of different activities.   “We had the idea to create an Art Village,” explains Clarence Chia, co-founder of design firm AND Lab. He adds, “We wanted to create a space that would unleash a child’s imagination.”   AND Lab has designed the antithesis of the typical tuition centre set up – instead of row upon row of rooms cramped tightly together, the designer... More

Project • By Project M PlusOffices


Brella is the first childcare model to address a serious pain point of nearly every parent – on demand, quality care that works around real life. We helped the founders develop their brand and voice, pulling both through concept design, interiors, and programming for their flagship space to cultivate an immersive experience where childcare, workspace, and community events support the entire family. More

Project • By Heike Schlauch raumhochrosenTowns

Billboards Feldkirch/Austria

Exhibition on four billboards from 08th of November 2019 on.We add colour to the underpass with photographs of our childcare facility Centrolino in the shopping centre CentrO in Oberhausen/Germany. More

Project • By Heike Schlauch raumhochrosenShopping Centres

Kinderland Centrolino

In Europe’s largest shopping center, CentrO Oberhausen, children can go on a journey of discovery in an oversized natural landscape according to the motto “Nature on the Trail”. The 700 square meter world of experience offers children from 3 to 11 years space to move, climb and hide. By the way, they can playfully expand their knowledge and become curious about new topics.Fun and action in the open playground with additional childcare offer A family shopping experience that will last a long time! Parents will find a place to stay in the new Centrolino, while the children explore the kid´s world from different sites. A climbing net, an ants climbing rack and a bird nest are just some of the possible stations. Discov... More

Project • By Verstas ArchitectsSports Centres

Syvälahti Education Centre

Syvälahti Education Centre is a multipurpose building combining a comprehensive school, a day-care centre, a public library, a youth centre and a childcare guidance centre. All are under one twisting roof. The building serves nearly a thousand one to sixteen-year-old pupils. Verstas Architects designed a plan that reflects the new Finnish curriculum highlighting shared and multidisciplinary learning. The education centre is on the island of Hirvensalo in the city of Turku, the old capital of Finland in the southwest. The building mass is incorporated into the hilly surroundings of the island to form comfortable, sheltered school yards opening towards pleasant views and sun. Large clear-cut windows give rhythm to the heavy, twisting ma... More

Project • By CO-APCare Homes


This project sensitively inserts new architecture into a former industrial warehouse building, located in the inner west of Sydney, for a new 80-place childcare centre.   The brief called for a new 80-place childcare centre that would accommodate indoor and outdoor playspaces, an abundance of daylight and natural ventilation and a low VOC materials specification. Dominant bright colours, usually associated with institutional childcare accommodation, were avoided in preference to a palette of natural, honest materials and finishes to create a familiar residential feel. A large cut-out to the existing warehouse roof created outdoor playspaces open to the elements while the remaining roof provides shade and shelter over the new internal... More

Project • By Leddy Maytum Stacy ArchitectsCommunity Centres

Ed Roberts Campus

The Ed Roberts Campus is one of the first buildings of its kind in the nation - a community center serving and celebrating the Independent Living / Disabled Rights Movement.  Located at a regional transit hub and integrating advanced strategies of Universal Design and Sustainable Design, the ERC is designed to welcome and support people of all abilities.   The Ed Roberts Campus (ERC) is a nonprofit corporation formed by seven organizations that share a common history in the Independent Living/Civil Rights Movement of People with Disabilities. In 1998, these seven organizations joined together to plan and develop a universally designed, transit-oriented and environmentally sustainable campus located at the Ashby BART Station in S... More