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Project • By CarveCommercial Landscape

Serravalle Designer Outlet

Play with heritage Hidden in the beautiful mountainous landscape of Piemonte, some little towns stand out as tiny gems in the lush green of the woods. These small agglomerations of few houses tied together inspired Carve for the design of an attractive and iconic playscape concept at Serravalle Designer Outlet. Carve was asked by McArthurGlen, a client with whom a long lasting collaboration has been established, to create a multifunctional design,where several features needed to come together as a whole: an iconic playscape, the main (event) square, a pic-nic area, an indoor creche, lighting and shading structure all connected with a common design language. Looking for a flexible approach, our team based the whole plan on a strong geometr... More

Project • By DOMYJINAK s.r.o.Nurseries

Nursary School Cukrovar

Idea of the design was to create a ground floor barrier-free building fitting into the neighbouring environment with individual housing which would articulate the site into separate outdoor areas, interconnecting the building´s interior with the exterior offering a natural environment for children´s play time. The basic idea was to create a synoptic, highly variable spatial concept of individual blocks with children´s classrooms, which can be grouped into phase units that are able to operate separately and to which a common kitchen block is attached. Jaroslav Kvíz Jaroslav Kvíz The concept of the building is based on the composition of mutually shifted regular geometric blocks, each of which repres... More

Project • By Studio StoerrrBars

Indoor fun & cafe

The Indoor Fun & Café concept is based on the gorgeous surroundings of “De Maasduinen”. The design is a copy of the beautiful Nature Reserve where children can play freely and discover things about the animals living in the National Park in a fun way with VR interactive play equipment, which kids and families stimulate to go outdoors as well and discover the National Park “De Maasduinen”. More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPECities

San Cipriano Picentino Square

The square of San Cipriano Picentino, in the district of Salerno, is an excellent example of the use of Ceramiche Keope porcelain stoneware for outdoor installation in urban contexts. The square is a true meeting place, also featuring a playground area for children, that has proved how these products are capable of adapting to any environment thanks to their excellent performance: high resistance to breaking loads, abrupt temperature changes, salt, resistance to mould, moss and verdigris treatments, which are essential requirements for exterior floors. The Square features the stone effect porcelain stoneware collection Point by Ceramiche Keope, in its Grey finish, characterised by a chromatic palette with an outstanding visual impact, and i... More

Project • By CarveShopping Centres

L'Aljub Playground

Unravel by play This Gordian knot of climbing and sliding tunnels can be playfully unravelled. The at first sight impossible assignment to bring all client's wishes and ideas together into this one playground has been literally solved as a metaphor. Carve designed a spatial playful area, matching the look and feel of the refurbished interior of l'Aljub, a shopping centre located in Elche (Alicante, Spain).    Big expectations, little spaceShopping malls nowadays are trying to attract families, and bond with a young crowd in general. To stand out, a bespoke playground can make a difference. There is often a lot of expectation from the client's side, but little space to work with. The main objective of a shopping mall is of cours... More

Project • By Basis architectural bureauCoasts

The Embankment of the Pavshinskaya Poyma

The Pavshinskaya Poyma is a densely populated residential area of Krasnogorsk with a very compact development of high-rise residential buildings which needed recreational areas for comfortable living, walks with children and leisure (the nearest park was not located within walking distance). Basis studio has been working on this project for five years and continues to work on it. The entire project for the improvement of Pavshinskaya Poyma covers about 13 hectares. The first stage, completed in autumn 2020, constituted 4 hectares; now another large part of the lower embankment is completed.  Ivan Ohapkin, head of Basis studio: "The area has been on everyone's radar because of the current difficult situation. On the one hand, it is loc... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceCommercial Landscape

The Magic Mushroom Story

Conception To decrease Urban Heat Island Effect we have decided to combine several methods. Surfaces that reflect and refract sunbeams, green roofs, formation of artificial air currents are used simultaneously in this project.  At the same time, the project is easy to be realized, its implementation doesn’t need significant material costs, developed constructions don't occupy much space.  To transform the location into the place comfortable for people and to eliminate Urban Heat Island Effect we propose to set on its territory three types of easy metal constructions in the shape of mushrooms: ·         1st type. Height 10 m, cap diameter 14 m.  Are designed for sunbeams reflection. Painted... More

Project • By Surfacedesign, IncResidential Landscape

Hacienda Tiburon Landscape

This sculptural garden overlooking the San Francisco Bay reflects the vision of passionate art collectors whose personal artistic vision includes the idea of the landscape being experienced and enhanced through play and exploration. As a result, their whimsical five-acre garden incorporates distinct spaces that weave together architecture and landscape, providing places for reflection, play, and discovery.   At the entrance, a folding deck projects from the house, merging the building with a landscape of magnolias, grasses, and ferns. It also frames an existing stepping-stone installation by artist Topher Delaney, which spells out a Christopher Marlowe love poem in Braille.   The deck’s warping planes create a threshold... More

Product • By Unity Surfacing SystemsXL-Series


Our 4” thick XL-Series is designed to meet and exceeds all of your project needs for use on TALL playground areas, rock-walls, recreational areas, diving boards, etc. Where a twelve (12’) foot fall rating is required. It is the foundation for a smart, long-term investment in durability and beauty that will last for years to come.As the industry leader, the superior raw materials we provide, coupled with our proprietary manufacturing process, unique design and large size product gives you the strongest, high quality, environment friendly rubber tile system above all overs.All of our products are independently laboratory tested with respect to ASTM, CPS, AD, FM safety standards and guidelines to be installed over new and existing... More

Product • By Unity Surfacing SystemsSoft-Land Series

Soft-Land Series

Our 3” and 3.5” Thick Soft-Land Series is designed tomeet and exceed all of your project needs for use on largerscale playground areas., Rock-walls, recreational areas, divingboards, etc. Where an eight (8”) and ten (10”) foot fall rates areneeded. It is the foundation for a smart, long-term investmentin durability and beauty that will last for years to come. As the industry leader, the superior raw materials weprovide, coupled with our proprietary manufacturing process.Unique design and large size product gives you the strongest,highest quality, environmentally friendly rubber tile systemabove all over. All of our products are independently laboratory testedwith respect to ASTM, CPSC, AD, FM safety standards andgu... More

Project • By Calatayud-Navarro ArquitectosParks/Gardens

Vega Baja Hospital Courtyard

The intervention aims to restore the value of one of the two courtyards of the General Hospital Vega Baja de Orihuela. Specifically, it is about enabling the space of the underused yard to complement the Psychiatric Hospitalization Unit for Children and Adolescents located on the first floor.The quality and effectiveness of the treatment that patients receive from this unit requires the incorporation of an outdoor recreation space, and to achieve this, we propose to make a direct connection of the Psychiatric Unit's dependencies with the patio level. For this purpose, a sloping path is proposed that saves the six meters difference that exists. The development of the necessary ramp is around 90 meters, which leads us to consider the rou... More
"Waterway" Plinth

Project • By Atelier MjKMasterplans

Southern Avenue Rain Garden and Plinth

As a part of a larger multi-phase project and masterplan of a suburban stripmall, Atelier MjK designed and built the "Waterway" plinth and playground in partnership with KaBOOM! as well as a 2,000 square foot raingarden sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Trust.  More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHotels

Vacation Compound Design

Affordable and sustainable, this Vacation Compound Design in Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia, is a modern chalet designed on a plateau with lush vegetation. It consists of two-story homes that can be rented out by tourists and visitors. The layout of these homes leaves the private areas (three bedrooms) on the first floor, while the public spaces are on the ground. The openings are kept minimal to keep the interior cool, while the outdoor spaces (like sitting and playing areas) provide socializing opportunities. More

Product • By Studio StoerrrSTRRR Playblock Set

STRRR Playblock Set

Stoerrr Playblock Set is a multi-functional toy which kids between the ages of 3 ̵ 12 can use to, build, learn and play. It´s made up of 12 lightweight blocks of different shapes, which can be put together to create a play object. The Stoerrr Playblocks Set is not only an educational toy, but also a beautiful piece of design that can also be used as furniture.The Playblocks Set can be used both indoors and outdoors and is perfect for use in Hotels and resorts, play areas, playgrounds, holiday parcs, hospitals. It’s also well suited for crèches, day care centers, schools, therapy centres.Due to its compact design, the Playb... More

Product • By PAWOO | Design for KidsDoudou | balance board

Doudou | balance board

Rocking board to develop sense of balance and awarness of the body. The oscillation occurs in one ditection. Little cut-out handle allow to cling on both sides or front. The structure is all in birch plywood and all surfaces have 180 ° rounded edges to avoid any kind of dangerous sharp edge. Its peculiarity is also the easy intuitive interlocking assembly system without screws and nails. You can have fun assembling it yourself using our simple instructions.     More