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Project • By 10 DesignOffices


The latest stage of construction at 10 Design’s Huabang International Centre has been marked with a special ceremony to celebrate the lifting of the sky deck that connects the two buildings within the scheme in Guangzhou, China.   Design Partner of 10 Design, Nick Cordingley, comments: “10 Design was invited by Huabang to witness this significant milestone of the construction.  The lifting operation took place successfully with the steel structures of the sky deck rising 134.5m in height above Pazhou, a major new CBD in the City of Guangzhou.”   The sky deck towers are prominently situated with its north fronting along the simmering Zhujiang River, providing views to the CBD of the Haizhu district and the... More
Luneurs Les Halles - Shanghai - by hcreates interior design
Luneurs Les Halles - Shanghai - by hcreates interior design
Luneurs Les Halles - Shanghai - by hcreates interior design
Luneurs Les Halles - Shanghai - by hcreates interior design
Luneurs Les Halles - Shanghai - by hcreates interior design

Project • By hcreatesRestaurants

Luneurs ~ Les Halles

To design a new French market offering for Luneurs - Les Halles, hcreates interiors developed an eclectic approach in materiality, by planning and styling with a distinct separation of bakery, coffee, ice cream, and delicatessen. hcreates played with a larger industrial approach to scale, utilizing large light/ acoustic features and exposing services and fire hoses to emphasize a more raw sense of space, whilst retaining the warm, inviting aesthetic of the other well-loved Luneurs locations. More

Project • By Baumschlager Eberle ArchitektenApartments

Kaiyuan Street

A new experience - our largest housing project to dateYANCHENG - THREE TOWERS THAT FOLLOW THE SUNThe city north of Shanghai, is experiencing strong growth and a property boom. The client’s instructions (CEG, China Eagel Group)) to Baumschlager Eberle Architekten were clear: to provide the very highest standards of architecture and interior design. Equally important in satisfying the expectations of potential buyers was the need for all 560 apartments to have a southern aspect. The architects’ response, recently completed. was a striking development comprising three residential towers, 120,000m2 of living space and infrastructure. In stark contrast to the serried ranks of apartment blocks omnipresent in China, the design feature... More

NewsNews • 11 Mar 2021

Three elegant white towers by Superimpose stand tall in a new CBD district of Changzhi

Changzhi is a fourth tier industrial city, 600 kilometers south-west of Beijing. Superimpose managed to break with the conventional cookie-cutter classicistic European-style drab developments to realize a constellation of three sculptural residential towers for a younger generation of city dwellers. CreatAR The towers stand in stark contrast to the rapidly urbanizing city district. The slim apartment towers have been situated to increase uninterrupted views and maximize sunlight exposure.  CreatAR Each loft apartment comes with a unique balcony to provide character to the different units. Strict rules should ensure the balconies will remain an outdoor space.  CreatAR A light materialization contrasts the muted su... More

Project • By 10 DesignOffices

The Sculptural Canopy at Sungang MixC

The frontage of SungangMixC Market Hall, China Resources’ new mixed-use development in Shenzhen, is now complete.  Created by Ted Givens, Design Partner of 10 Design, the frontage is marked by a stainless steel canopy that forms a dynamic sculptural first impression for visitors to the new complex, acting as an artistic gateway. The sweeping form spirals into a loop and pulls visitors into the retail street. Two large office towers frame the edges of the retail street, and the canopy is used as a mechanism to create a comfortable pedestrian scale. The metallic skin is highly reflective to add vibrancy in both sunlight and the glow of early evening.     Construction of the entire development is well underway with an an... More

Project • By IND architectsMuseums

Immersive Theater and Museum, Kaifeng

The project of the Kaifeng’s theatre reconstruction, created together with the Chinese architectural bureau has surpassed a hundred of other submissions taking the first place in the contest. We started the project from the detailed analysis of the city, which was the capital of China in the 1-2 centuries. Following an innovative reconstruction approach, we got the inspiration from the local authentic culture and traditions. The concept is based on confrontation of two dragons, one of which is hiding under the ground and another is hovering in the sky. The both of them guard the secrets of ancient Kaifeng and personify one of the most ancient Chinese symbols. The first dragon appears as the installation of red lamps located under the... More

Project • By IND architectsMasterplans

Masterplan of Lishui

The competitional concept for the masterplan of the Lishui city in China was created in a consortium with DA! Architects (China) and B + B (Netherlands). This is a comprehensive project to unite eight settlements into a single agglomeration center. The Lishui agglomeration is formed along the Daxi Brook river bed, surrounded by mountains, it is a picturesque continuation of the natural landscape. General urban planning is based on natural corridors that harmoniously combine the natural landscape and the urbanized environment. In the project, we actively use the principles of biophilia – we integrate vertical gardens into residential and public buildings. The river is the main artery of the Lishui agglomeration and special attention... More

Project • By IND architectsMuseums

Xingfu Village Pan-Museum

The concept of the Xingfu Village Pan-Museum in China was created in a consortium with the Chinese bureau DA! as part of an international competition. The project took the first place out of 377 teams that submitted 131 applications for consideration.The museum is located in Sichuan province near the historic village of Xingfu, founded more than a thousand years ago and recognized as one of the most beautiful and tourist-friendly places in China. The village and nature around with rare tree species have survived to this day almost in its original form. Working with the Chinese bureau has allowed us to bring to the project the authenticity of Chinese culture and a deep understanding of values of the country and its nation. The museum is a c... More

Project • By line+Swimming Pools

Jiunvfeng Bubble Pool on Mount Tai

“Leaning on the edge of the cliff, overlooking in all directions, enjoying the heavenly leisure.” In Li Bai’s verses, Mount Tai, the chief of the Five Sacred Mountains, breathed the air of the world and accommodated the most beautiful scenery of all. Faced with the ancient strata that have undergone 3 billion years of evolution, human beings are as small as a drop in the ocean, and how buildings, the habitat of human beings, will be integrated into the natural order?   Project Background   Jiunvfeng Bubble Pool is located in Dongximen Village, Tai’an, Shandong, a typical mountain village in northern China, occupying the natural beauty of the surrounding area of Mount Tai. However, due to the loss of nat... More

NewsNews • 19 Oct 2020

Crystallized forms generate dynamic spaces at the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum

In China’s coastal city of Xiamen, the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum by Atelier Alter Architects is a new museum added to an existing headquarter office that showcases a manufacturer’s collection of fossils, which include dinosaur eggs and insect amber. Credit: Atelier Alter Architects Two key design challenges the architects tackled were firstly differentiating between a private office and public museum, and secondly drawing direct sunlight gained at the atrium space and distributing it into the building. Credit: Atelier Alter Architects For the architects, the crystallized forms of the discovered fossils were instrumental in generating the architectural language of the museum space. Three intersecting crys... More

NewsNews • 13 Oct 2020

Strongly rooted in site, Peach Hut’s form and colour are inspired by surrounding orchard trees

To facilitate culture and art education in the rural region of Xiuwu, Henan, China, a series of miniature pavilions were constructed in different locations to serve the vast 630 square kilometre county area. Designed by Atelier XI, the cast-in-place concrete structures take on tree-like forms that reach out to the sky. Their locations vary from fields to forests to mountaintops, with their forms differing in response. Zhang Chao ‘Peach Hut’ is the first completed miniature pavilion. Surrounded by farmland, the form of the pavilion is inspired by the site’s peach orchard trees, which lean to one side.  Atelier XI arhitects explain they envisioned the building being cut from a series of invisible arcs derived from... More

NewsNews • 20 Aug 2020

Zaha Hadid Architects designs wavy football stadium for Xi’an with terraced facade

The new Xi’an International Football Centre designed by Zaha Hadid Architects will seat 60,000 spectators for national and international matches as well as domestic league games, youth training academies, entertainment performances and cultural events. The stadium will be located  in Xi’an's Fengdong New District within the orthogonal urban grid of Fengdong’s business district. A series of shaded south-facing garden terraces will also serve spectators visiting the stadium during football matches, cultural events and performances. Zaha Hadid Architects applied sweeping lines along the facade to protect the stadium from northerly winds. The fluid form of the roof shelters the saddle-shaped seating bowl that maximi... More

Project • By 10 DesignOffices

China-Israel Industrial and Creative Centre

The Industrial and Creative Centre is a joint development between China and Israel to stimulate future thinking by providing incubator office space for innovative companies in Zhuhai, China.     The 346,335sqm project is a mixture of headquarter office buildings, flexible office space, serviced apartments, and small incubator office pavilions.     The design is inspired by the idea of FUSION, the merging of different elements into a union while simultaneously creating high amounts of energy.  The fusion of China and Israel will foster interaction, symbolically blurring boundaries and creating synergies between the two nations.   The idea of FUSION is architecturally expressed by a protective canopy, start... More

NewsNews • 24 Jul 2020

Folding façade of iADC Design Museum reveals intriguing cultural, city and spatial links

In the heart of Shapu Art Town in Shenzhen’s Bao’an District, the iADC Design Museum by Rocco Design Architects Associates is designed as a cultural hub and landmark for a new neighborhood built on a previously undeveloped plot of land. A folding façade opens away from the corners of the building, opening up an entrance that ushers visitors towards a grand stairway on onward to the galleries. Credit: Arch-Exist To create a core this once previously disjointed area, the design introduces a network of public gathering places and walkways that organize the surroundings into a cohesive neighborhood centered on the Museum. By lifting the galleries off the ground and suspending them in a floating volume, the ground floor... More

Project • By hcreatesBars


Hooked is a casual fish and chip seafood restaurant and bar in the newly renovated Found 158 complex in Shanghai. The interior is relaxed and playful with fresh white furniture and white washed timber plank finishes. Tropical wallpaper and aqua blue add fun pops of colour throughout the space. The space is accented with some marine-themed elements- boat cleats and rope  - with a boathouse row feature wall. The bar references the inside of a boat shed with exposed framing and a weatherboard clad bar front. Hooked is fast becoming the go-to place in Shanghai for a light and fresh free-flow brunch or a relaxing evening cocktail. The playfulness of the space entices a young and crisp crowd More