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NewsNews • 29 Apr 2022

A fog inspired ring of canopies connects cultural center by Sou Fujimoto Architects to terraced landscape

Sou Fujimoto Architects were inspired by the site’s village landscape of terraced fields draped in fog. The architects proposed a floating lightweight canopy that hugs the landscape like a cloud. Shanghai Fengyuzhu The canopy starts from the main buildings and cascades downwards the terraced landscape to connect with the river. According to Sou Fujimoto Architects, the canopy ring provides a sense of continuity and allows the building to blend with its natural surroundings. Shanghai Fengyuzhu The canopy is made out of naturally woven lightweight materials and provides a soft boundary for the cultural center. The volume that punctures the canopy breaks with the village morphology and signals a public function. Shanghai F... More

NewsNews • 3 Feb 2022

Monoarchi design four twisting cabins shaped by their surroundings

On a 5,000 square meter site in the southeast corner of Tangshan Mountain in Nanjing, Monoarchi has completed four hot spring huts. According to the features of the site, which include one side of stacked rocks that stand out from the woods, the architect positioned the huts in four distinctive locations ranging from deep in the forest, to gradually transitioning in the stone-piled area of land. Hao CHEN Preserving the existing landform and vegetation, a plank path of the site passes through the woods and rocks, connecting the four independent huts like the vein of a leaf. The four huts feature two completely different forms. Hao CHEN Large glass windows in each glass room break through the façade, facing different ang... More

Project • By 10 DesignOffices

Qianwan Financial Headquarters Design Submission

Inspired by the concept of water, which is associated with good fortune in Chinese culture, the international architecture practice, 10 Design’s (part of Egis Group) design proposal for the Qianwan Financial Headquarters mimics a series of cascading waterfalls which defines this new tower in the cityscape of Qianhai in Shenzhen, China.As the waterfalls cascade down into the urban plaza, the tower form pulls back to express the primary structure. The primary structure creates this very simple and elegant colonnade which allows a transition from the main urban plaza through the colonnade and into the office lobby space.The design team has proposed a very strong, simple and elegant statement for the new emerging Qianhai CBD, where the si... More

Project • By 10 DesignLaboratories

DGUT Intl Cooperation Zone

Caption 10 Design (part of Egis Group), in collaboration with local architect BIAD, has won an international competition to design a new campus for the International Co-operation Innovation Zone (phase 1) at Dongguan University of Technology in China.   Situated in an ecological belt of the Songshan Lake district, the new campus sprawls over a wider site area of 137,273 sqm. Phase 1 of which will provide large shared facilities, residential areas and flexible laboratory spaces to create a world class research destination. Caption Nick Cordingley, Design Partner commented: “Our design for the new campus is deeply rooted in the natural environment of the site, offering a people-oriented, sustainable and technology-driv... More

Project • By 10 DesignShopping Centres

Jinwan Mall

International architecture practice, 10 Design (part of Egis group), welcomes shoppers to the 117,000sqm designed mall that sits on the edge of Jinsha Lake in Zhuhai, China.  Jinwan Mall is 10 Design’s second project to complete on Huafa’sJinwan Aviation City, along with the recently built Industrial Service Centre and soon to be completed International Business Centre. Zhang Chao Jointly led by Design Partners Ted Givens and Scott Findley together withProject Partner Miriam Auyeung (COO),theretail scheme envisions the integration of a traditional courtyard garden with hypermodern space. The development weaves together the main mall, retail street and the waterside pavilions consisting of F&B and retail spaces, wi... More

NewsNews • 17 Nov 2021

Neri&Hu aspire to create a timeless architecture for the Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery

The two visitor experience buildings, part of a distillery and home for Pernod Ricard’s first whisky in China, are based upon fundamental geometries: the circle and the square. Chen Hao A circular tasting experience center is partially submerged in the ground. Three concentric brick rings mark its monumental presence on the site. Inside, a domed courtyard contains a waterfall pouring from an oculus. Five subterranean tasting rooms are placed around the courtyard. Chen Hao The restaurant and bar building is shaped in the form of a square. One corner of the cantilevered volume hovers over the river bank. An open-air courtyard frames its view towards the silhouette of Mount Emei. Dining space is arranged along the perimeter f... More

Project • By X+LivingShops

Shenzhen Zhongshuge

"In 2008, I was on a study trip to Germany and encountered Anish Kapoor's artwork - Memory, which was then being exhibited. And in subsequent press interviews, I frequently recounted the impact it had on me. The artwork sparked a feeling that then ignited an inner urge in me that inadvertently shaped my initial ambition for design values.  SFAP SFAP SFAP This hazy inspiration has often guided me in my designs to create a sense of atmosphere and spirituality, first as spirit and certain emotions, and then as form and symbolism, with function being properly integrated. SFAP When I received the design assignment for Zhongshuge in Shenzhen last year, I had led the designs for several completed Zhongshuge across China.... More

Project • By 10 DesignShopping Centres

10 Design | CIFI Kunming Plaza

International architecture practice, 10 Design, reveals the scheme for CIFI Kunming Plaza, a retail mixed use destination in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan in China. The design for this 280,000 sqm development is rooted in the city’s natural terraced landscape and its year-round spring-like weather, aiming to provide ample outdoor spaces with an open retail street. Caption Caption Caption   10 Design was appointed after winning an international competition. The project is located at the north of the old city centre in an up-and-coming neighbourhood where new residential and mixed-use developments are surging. The scheme comprises of two interconnected malls, a retail street, and three serviced apartment towe... More

Project • By Lemanarc SAHospitals

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital, located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covers a total area of 156,000 square meters, with a total planned construction area of 521,000 square meters and a total planned bed capacity of 3,000, consisting of a general hospital with 800 beds and a construction area of 131,000 square meters in the first phase and various disciplinary centers that will be expanded in the future. This is another practice of the design idea of "healing garden" and "gardenized architecture” by Mr. Vincent Zhang, the chair architect of Lemanarc. While the master plan encloses each phase into a modern garden, the medical space of each phase becomes an interesting therapeutic garden. The synchronization of medical function design with pla... More

Project • By Lemanarc SAHospitals

Nanjing Public Medical Center

Description Located in Qinglong Mountain in the southeast of Nanjing, the ecological features of its location, such as mountains, forests and lakes, is what makes Nanjing Public Medical Center so special. Its topology characteristic can be described as higher in the west and lower in the east, with two valleys in the north and the middle, making it easy to connect with the arterial road in the east, while contributing to the charm of the unique feature of the mountainous area. Caption The two flanking ridges also provide a natural safety barrier and the possibility of multiple entrances. The proposal takes full advantage of the four major advantages offered by the two valleys: barrier, height difference, mountain shape and water body.... More

Project • By Lemanarc SAHospitals

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital South Expansion Project is located in the central area of Nanjing, with a base area of 37,900m2 and a total construction area of 230,000m2, which is a comprehensive hospital expansion project integrating inpatient, outpatient, emergency, medical technology and academic exchange, etc. Xia Qiang The design started in 2003 and was completed and operated in 2012. The inspiration comes from the interpretation of the word hospital in the traditional Chinese culture. The Latin word hospital in Western languages originally meant to gather guests, while in traditional Chinese culture, the word "hospital" means "medical compound". Xia Qiang The garden is the boundary between the outside world and the home, and... More

Project • By Armani ArchitectsHotels

China Wine Cultural Center

PREFACEAll museums have a role to play in shaping and creating a sustainable futurethrough our various programs, partnerships and operationsMuseums give meaning to our past and make it meaningful today - a solidpath upon which we can build our future. ArmaniArchitects / Our design will build the foundations of a new sustainable development,where barriers between nature, buildings, and artificial intelligence will beremoved. The views and the landscape have always been the primary protagonistsof the design. Our design approach is driven by futuristic and bold design for a wine cultural center The project is influenced by traditional architecture, and it’s redefined to context-oriented architecture.It&rsq... More

Project • By HONGDesignworksApartments

TAO Residence

TAO Residence locates in Lincoln Park real estate, Beijing. The owner hopes this life space contains comfort and controllability, fill with the exploration of freedom and interaction. “Creation is the precision of art and the passion of science” ——Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov HONGDesignworks combines elements of mechanical technology and the fashion of art to customize this private space. The characteristics and habits of the owner would construct this space and provide life energy infinitely.  The space reveals a brief composition with mechanical aesthetics. Classic color matching——black, white, and gray cooperate with leather, metal, and specular texture. Tan, Xiao / Ten Photography Studio... More

Project • By Delugan Meissl Associated ArchitectsRestaurants

Taiyuan Botanical Garden

The project was launched with the ambitious objective of transforming a former coal-mining area into a landscape park, which is not only a model for the landscape design that is so essential in China, but also contains a building infrastructure that can be used for researching into and offering people access to and information about natural ecosystems. The politically stated need to create high-quality leisure areas in or close to cities and to find ways of controlling the resulting large numbers of visitors formed the basis for the definition of a spatial programme. This envisaged not only the creation of the landscape park itself, but also the construction of a central entrance building with a nature museum and administration facility, th... More

Project • By CLOU ArchitectsPlaygrounds

Wuhan Sunac Snow Park

Promoted by the Beijing Winter Olympics, snow sports have become a popular leisure activity among the younger generations of China. Sunac has been pioneering the field of leisure and sports entertainment, and is already offering its fifth generation of comprehensive indoor snow sports experiences. Combining the actual sports facilities with hotels, retail, theme parks and other entertainment amenities, and complementing them with ski schools, ski clubs, and professional sports events, the Snow Worlds of Harbin, Guangzhou, and Chengdu have already attracted more than 5 million visitors, making them some of the most popular sports leisure destination in China since their opening. Their professional approach has further established them a... More