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NewsArchello Awards • 6 Dec 2023

For the Planet Award 2023 jury winner goes to Linden Centre Shaxi Community Campus

Archello Awards 2023 has revealed the winning projects selected as winners of this year’s awards. For each of the 27 categories, one project was awarded by jury vote, and one project was awarded by public vote. The jury has selected the Linden Centre Shaxi Community Campus by Anderson Anderson Architecture as winner of the For the Planet Award, one of the overall project categories honoring the best and most sustainable projects completed in the last year. The project is situated in a new national park connected to the historic town of Shaxi, in the high mountains of Yunnan, southwest China. The campus contains community and cultural facilities as well as small dwelling cabins for visitors involved in economic development a... More

Project • By hcreatesBars

Roodoodoo by Paul Pairet

hcreates worked in conjunction with the legendary three Michelin-starred chef Paul Pairet and his team to create the latest concept in IFC, Roodoodoo. Located in the heart of Shanghai financial district, this building is a central focal point in Lujiazui for businesspeople, shoppers and tourists alike. The concept is a true all-day experience that transitions from breakfast to evening and bringing together dishes from Paul Pairet’s iconic restaurants Polux, Charbon, Mr & Mrs Bund whilst introducing many new instant classics including their first full bakery. hcreates interior design hcreates interior design “When it comes to defining the interiors for Roodoodoo’s we call it Retro Sleek – inspired by th... More

Project • By hcreatesWellness Centres

Bold Wellness Centre

Bold wellness centre, where functional fitness meets minimalist beauty, here we focused on atmosphere, texture and play with contrast between light and dark. Located in Shanghai’s premium Xintiandi area, we carefully curated a space with a few key materials and textures to create a refined and sleek design, balancing between the warm and the cool. Configured over three levels, we explore a recurring theme and balance between the light and dark, creating a journey and experience throughout the various levels and spaces.  hcreates interior design hcreates interior design Entering the space from the street is a soft but impactful lighter palette of calming neutrals. Here you are welcomed by the coffee bar and reception, a... More

Project • By hcreatesRestaurants

Rock Bund Bakery

Luneurs Rockbund is located in one of the most distinguished and historic areas of Shanghai, The Bund. The restaurant and bakery is found on Level one of the National Y.W.C.A Building, a beautiful piece of heritage Architecture completed in 1933. hcreates interior design For this space, we explored the concept of “utility”. A design adhering to an unfussy, minimalistic, and useful aesthetic. We took note of the ornamental Architecture of the bund and the Y.W.C.A Building itself and wanted to create a space that complemented, rather than competed with the heritage features. hcreates interior design   The concept was influenced by the humble aesthetic of utilitarian spaces, these areas tending to discard elements... More

Project • By hcreatesRestaurants

Bon Enfant

Luneurs bon enfant is located in Jing’an MIXC World. The project explores the theme of “retro futurism”, ignited by a series of retro-futuristic illustrations by a French Chocolate Factory in the 50’s and 60’s. hcreates interior design Retro futurism itself is a sort of contradiction; visions of the future from a time gone by, allowing us to play with the past era in a contemporary way. Evident in the French illustrations was the use of color, curves, movement, and form, and the general graphic, energetic style. When approaching both the layout and spatial design we tried to integrate these aspects as much as possible, from the sculptural curving bench seats that define the seating area to the iconography... More

Project • By hcreatesBars

Shake Shanghai

A well-loved shanghai institution, Shake first appeared on the scene in 2016. This casual and high-energy, live-music bar was ready for a revamp. Key to the project was to retain the soul of the place that was so familiar to its loyal customers. The concept remained true to its roots and continued to develop around the idea of the Supper Club, a space that was inspired by the music itself and paid homage to the vinyl era.  hcreates Hoping to create a venue that could extend its food offering and create a more defined area for the musicians, the layout was optimized to include a bigger kitchen and a raised stage area. As a venue that transitions from dinner to cocktails to dancing, the seating arrangements needed to consider comfo... More

Project • By INCLS (One Design)Community Centres

Zhelin Community Center

The project is situated in Zhelin New Town of Fengxian District, Shanghai. The overall layout follows a spatial strategy made also by INCLS in the urban design, to use finger shape public spaces to connect with south north main street so to extend the public/private interface. 夏制映画 XIAZHI PICTURES 夏制映画 XIAZHI PICTURES 夏制映画 XIAZHI PICTURES 夏制映画 XIAZHI PICTURES 夏制映画 XIAZHI PICTURES 夏制映画 XIAZHI PICTURES The design starts with the concept of “vertical garden”, taking a spatial rhythm similar to those courtyards of traditional Jiangnan gardens. Although fragmented in various scales and distributed throughout the site on multiple levels, the public space here is reinforced by several walking paths into a... More

Project • By VertebralShops

% Arabica

A traditional high tower houses the first % Arabica store in Xi'an. It keeps the clean monotone design that has become the signature of all Arabica shops, but it's set apart by its mystical verticality. Photos by: Shen Hui As you enter through its glass doors, the walls rise to 12 meters tall and pull your gaze upwards. The walls, covered with more than 4,000 slanted roof tiles glazed in white, honor the legacy of the Terracota Army that stands protecting the city, both through material and repetition. Photos by: Shen Hui On the very top appears a glowing, diffused, almost heavenly % sign that magically crowns the space. Through its symmetry and height, the architecture stands strong and impactful. Photos by: Shen Hui % Ar... More

Project • By 10 DesignOffices

10 Design completes Jinwan Huafa IBC

International Architecture Practice, 10 Design (part of Egis Group) is pleased to announce the completion of Jinwan Huafa International Business Center, an iconic landmark as well as growth engine of the Jinwan District in the coastal city of Zhuhai, China.Located on a prime waterfront site in Zhuhai, China, the 172,033 sq m International Business Centre (IBC) is a mixed-use complex comprising hotel, office, serviced apartment and retail spaces.  As part of the 3.8 sq km masterplan of the new Jinwan Aviation City, IBC is the third project that 10 Design has created for Huafa Group in the district. The other two developments include the Industrial Services Centre and Jinwan Mall which sits across the Jinsha Lake. Photo courtesy of 张... More

NewsNews • 13 Apr 2023

MAD Architects bring colorful vitality to an abandoned market building in China

MAD Architects recently completed the ‘Timeless Beacon’, a fishing net art installation that lightly wraps the abandoned Taiping market building in Guangdong, China. Ma Yansong, founder and principal partner of the emerging practice, was invited by Guangdong Nanhai Art Field to bring new life to the once flourishing market during the late Ming dynasty. Lu Yu Taiping Xu, a bustling marketplace founded in the late Ming dynasty and active until the 1980s, had become the largest abandoned site in Taiping. Over time, the urbanization of the area drew young people away to the rapidly expanding city across the river, leaving behind only a few. Moreover, online retail had dealt a severe blow to physical market spaces, further... More

NewsNews • 13 Feb 2023

25 best architecture firms in Beijing

China's capital city of Beijing is a sprawling metropolis housing over 20 million people. It is a place with a fascinating built history and consequential constructions such as the imperial Forbidden City and well-preserved sections of China's Great Wall. Beijing is also home to a number of ambitious recent projects: structurally pioneering high-rise towers that include the OMA-designed CCTV Headquarters, a series of landmarks developed for the 2008 Olympics like the Bird's Nest Stadium and the 'Water Cube' housing the National Aquatics Centre, and quieter, but equally significant works such as the OPEN Architecture-designed Chapel of Sound. In addition to notable built projects, Beijing boasts many of the world's most innovative architec... More

Project • By 10 DesignShopping Centres

CIFI Changde Retail Mall Interior Design

10 Design (part of Egis Group) unveils one of our major retail interiors schemes - CIFI Changde Retail Mall, setting a benchmark of experiential retail space in the city. Caption The 21,500sqm Retail Mall is designed in response to the varied and ever-evolving needs of the new generation of consumers. When complete, it will accommodate an “Open House” for flexible use, diverse themed zones focusing on sports, wellbeing, and culture, together with an extensive gastronomy offer with cafes, themed food courts, fine dining and more. Caption Jointly led by Design Principals Chin Yong Ng and Lukasz Wawrzenczyk, the design envisions an idyllic paradise and urban retreat in the bustling city. Drawing inspiration from the fab... More

Project • By hcreatesRestaurants

La Bottega Hangzhou

La bottega is a new Italian eatery located on the Grand Canal in the old district of Hangzhou. The three founders all grew-up in different parts of Italy – from Florence, Venice and Rome and recently came to back to China to start a new life. With a deep love of Italian culture and cuisine they decided to bring an authentic experience to the city. Brian Chua Brian Chua The site is situated along a narrow leafy street with traditional style Chinese teahouses set amongst other stone buildings. A little lane along the side of the building provides a glimpse of what lies within; the Italian inspired street and exterior patio overlooking the river along the rear. Brian Chua Our initial concept took notes from the artisans... More

NewsNews • 11 Oct 2022

Qingxi Culture and History Museum by UAD reflect local and site features with a low-profile gesture and vernacular form

In Ningbo City, China, the Qingxi Culture and History Museum by UAD is a new cultural and tourism building that integrates a tourist centre with spaces for displaying and experiencing local history and culture. The destination reflects local and site features in a low-profile gesture and a vernacular form. ZYStudio Far away from city life, the rural plot features a challenging topography with recessed platforms ascending from north to south with panoramic views on the north side of the terraced fields and mountains in the distance. ZYStudio In response to the spectacular setting, respecting nature and blending with the environment was a key design aspect of the project with exterior spaces designed to adapt to the site&r... More

NewsNews • 17 Aug 2022

Monologue Art Museum by Wutopia Lab offers an oasis free from worldly distractions

In Qinhuangdao, China, the Monologue Art Museum by Wutopia Lab opened on the park green of SEATOPIA in July 2022. The Museum is dedicated to those who, as the architects say, want to 'be free from worldly distractions.' CreatAR Images   The design comprises three no. buildings of 1,300 m2 each. Arranged into different monoliths and combined with walls, corridors, and ambiguous space, the triangular-shaped Monologue Art Museum emerges. CreatAR Images   The spatial sequence of the Museum slowly and poetically reveals itself to visitors. The journey begins at the small entrance theatre, where light breaks through the corners. Upon entering the art gallery, the quiet water courtyard slowly appears along an open c... More