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Project • By JATOOffices

Nanchang Zhengshen Commercial Development

Construction is underway on the Zhengshen Commercial Development, a 280,000m2 mega mixed-use complex and located close to Xihu District at the new Central Business District in Nanchang, China. This development includes a mixture of commercial podiums, leisure 5-stars hotel tower, SOHO Loft tower, office tower and public space in the form of terraces and gardens. The façade design balances between the desire of creating a strong visual identity for the development and generate a high exposure for advertisement. With excellent site access condition both above and below ground, this new mixed-use development will span across three plots of land to create an exciting future retail destination for the city.  More

Project • By JATOShops

Shanghai Lujiazui Gala Mall

Located in LuJiaZui, where used to be the gateway of Shanghai with number of shipyards since 1850s. Key challenge is to revive its historic value and reconnect the new development as a social interchange. Hence, the inspiration was derived from the concept of Shipyard. In order to celebrate the significance of the historic background, the interior of the Gala Mall utilize a lot of familiar feature that can be found in the ship like deck, caban, gangway, and wave. These design features are being revivaled in the interior design and taking the shopping experience to the whole new level. More

Project • By Nhoow ArchitectsCommunity Centres

Yulin Alley

Yulin Alley is initiated by Disable Persons Federation of Wuhou District and Yulin East Road Community, and is planned, designed and operated by Nhoow architects. It is a community center that is trying to create an environment of freedom and equality that suiting all.   Apart from the barrier-free spatial detail design, the whole space especially aims to mobilize people's “five senses”, namely vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. For example, we use wood, which provides good tactile warmth, as the interior material, so that the visually impaired people can enter the space more easily. An open kitchen is designed to wake people up with the smell of food. Large doors and windows are designed to allow for a wider... More