Yulin Alley

Yulin Alley

Nhoow Architects
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Yulin Alley

Nhoow Architects as Architects

Yulin Alley is initiated by Disable Persons Federation of Wuhou District and Yulin East Road Community, and is planned, designed and operated by Nhoow architects. It is a community center that is trying to create an environment of freedom and equality that suiting all.


Apart from the barrier-free spatial detail design, the whole space especially aims to mobilize people's “five senses”, namely vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. For example, we use wood, which provides good tactile warmth, as the interior material, so that the visually impaired people can enter the space more easily. An open kitchen is designed to wake people up with the smell of food. Large doors and windows are designed to allow for a wider view while bring in more external sound and natural light, thus relieving the sense of sensitivity and tension.


Besides, a membrane structure is used at the top of the space, allowing for a gentle introduction and reflection of light. And the flexible material and the solid wood structure form a balance between soft and rigid. Also, the facade treatment of interior and exterior, and the special outdoor seats with the reserved trees together create a fun atmosphere, which is convenient for strangers to communicate with each other.


More people with disabilities will be encouraged to come and take part in our activities. At the same time, the space will also become a window for more people to do more exploration attempts. And we truly hope that everyone in Yulin Alley can get a little more than they expect and enjoy a good moment of life.


Material Used :

1.XINGYIDA-Roof-Membrane Materials 

2.Powerdekor- Floor-Wood Floor DS8512

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