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Project • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureRestaurants

Modern Presentation of a Chinese dining

Imperial Lamian is one of the most anticipated contemporary Chinese restaurant in the heart of River North in Chicago serving fusion cusiine. The restaurant boast exquisite dishes that will entice tastebuds of Chicago residents and its visual appeal will take restaurant design virtually to new heights. Upon entering the premises, guests are greeted by a grand marble stone reception desk backed by Asian-inspired graphic styled partitions complemented by blue-colored birdcages lighting fixtures in various shapesand sizes hung above the ceiling. Inside, the restaurant is equipped with contemporary open-styled kitchen that lets guests oversee activities of the chefs and preparation of dishes behind the glass. An ever more popular concept for... More

Project • By DA bureauRestaurants

HUNT restaurant

"HUNT" is a new restaurant, which was opened on the place of an oriental kitchen. The concept has changed radically: there was no trace from the rich Chinese restaurant. It became an all new place, unique in content and based on natural motifs - both in the kitchen and in the interior. The restaurant combines three concepts that are reflected in interior solutions - bar with fresh seafood, gastronomic and meat dishes.   The name "HUNT" has been interpreted in interior design: natural motifs and materials prevail here. Space is full of wood, stone, leather, clay decor, an abundance of dry plants. Hunt is historically about strong people, the rough side of nature, harsh rocks and endless fields. And this is also the associations that r... More

Project • By Studio EstetaBars

Workshop Brothers

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley transforms a dilapidated eatery into a Chinese inspired all day café and restaurant. The Client’s brief was to create a dining experience that could seamlessly transition from day to night with a design language that personified the contemporary Asian menu. The design response draws upon and celebrates the Chinese heritage of our Clients and the playful clichés and nostalgic memories of retro Chinese eateries. The traditional and significant meaning of the circle in Chinese culture became a reoccurring theme in the design approach. Rich in meaning and symbolism, the circle represents oneness, perfection and unity. The light palette consisting of pink hues with highlighted plum and brass ac... More

Project • By 3andwich Design / He Wei StudioHotels

Renovation of the 809 Arsenal Relics

Background and original appearance: abandoned for a long time, but with great potential The 809 factory is located in Xialao Creek, the suburb of Yichang City, Hubei Province, China, which is about 30 minutes’ drive from downtown. Once a military factory, it was gradually shut down and abandoned in the 1990s. The project covers an area of about 3 hectares and a construction area of about 13000 square meters. The new function is a resort hotel and parent-child activity center. The purpose of the project is to protect and show the original appearance of the buildings and form a new use function through the transformation and reuse of the abandoned factory, so as to revive the abandoned industrial facilities and help those enter the con... More

Project • By Square Feet StudioRestaurants

Big Bad Breakfast

The “Steep and Deep” building, as it was known for years, is located in the Homewood neighborhood of Birmingham, and is layered in many ways.  The basement level is home to The Red Lion, a divey local institution that has occupied the same space since 1962.  The main and upper levels have seen a variety of retail and restaurant tenants come and go over the years, including a ski and dive shop by the name of Steep and Deep and a Chinese restaurant.   Programmatically, the design team was tasked with preserving The Red Lion while converting the upper two levels into one restaurant that included a commercial kitchen, full service bar and dining. Our clients had plans to expand their popular Oxford, MS concept, Big... More

Project • By Puri Lighting DesignHotels

Shanghai Qingpu Zhuoyue Pullman Hotel

Shanghai Qingpu Zhuoyue Pullman Hotel is located in the Qingpu District in the west of Shanghai where is the original origin of this vibrant city. The hotel is located in the center of Qingpu Industrial Park with many tourist attractions including Xunmeng Garden, Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, Daguan Garden, Oriental Land, Dianshan Lake. This embodies Pullman Hotel ’s consistent philosophy of combining business and leisure.     The lobby is the key lighting area. The reception desk is particularly illuminated to attract guests and the light here must not be dazzling, instead a soft lighting atmosphere is needed here. According to the changes in the flow of people during the day, the lighting mode of the scene in four time perio... More

Project • By CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)Hotels

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan

Marriott International Business Image is Transforming The business image of Marriott International has undergone significant transformation from the original colorful and luxurious style into the latest clean and elegant style. Without excessive decorations, the architectural structures have become even more prominent to the eyes. Since Shenzhen Marriot Hotel Nanshan has planned to create a business image that focus on nature, fresh, modern, eco-friendliness, and technology, all materials applied in the hotels are of natural, ecological, handmade, and customized styles.   CCD First Creates an “Art Museum” Hotel The artworks placed at different floors of the hotel are originally designed by CCD. Together with experienced a... More

Project • By CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)Hotels

HUALUXE Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone

New definition of Chinese hospitality HUALUXE Hotel & Resorts is IHG’s another classic work in its exciting course of reformation, and a new international luxury hotel brand tailored to Chinese guests. Relying on IHG’s world-renowned excellent management system, it’s dedicated to providing attentive and considerate services in a new definition of Chinese hospitality centering on four principles: Chinese etiquette; status recognition; rejuvenation with nature; and enabling spaces, which offers an ideal choice for business, entertainment, family reunion and friend gatherings.   Magnificence & dignity inherited from Tang dynasty Chang’an, today known as Xi’an, is a world-famous ancient c... More

Project • By H DESIGNHotels

Radisson Blu Hangzhou Xintiandi

Project Name: Radisson Blu Hangzhou Xintiandi Client: Hangzhou Xintiandi Group Interior Design: H DESIGN ( Principle Designer: Kevin Hu Design Team: Liang Jianning, Jiang Yang, Zhang Min, Vivi Zhang, Qin Qingsong , Rachel Guo, Pei Xueshan , Zhou Fulong Project location: Hangzhou, China Interior area: 24412㎡ Completed time: 2019.9 Photo Credit: Sean   The landmark hotel is located in the former heavy industrial area in the north of Hangzhou,China. Designer records the development of the city from a new perspective, making it could stand between the past and the future, enjoying the quiet and the prosperous.   With the upgrading of the city, a large number of traditional heavy industrial areas ha... More

Project • By NadaRestaurants

IMOOD Restaurant

Nada transforms an old warehouse into a Chinese restaurant with a Mediterranean essence.Blue ceramic and wood contrast with the roughness of the cement. The commission of a family of Chinese origin with several generations dedicated to restaurant business was clear: to convert a warehouse into a new restaurant in the town of El Puig (Valencia, Spain). The new space would be dedicated to Asian fusion cuisine with traditional Mediterranean ingredients. The family wanted a clear, open, modern, unpretentious place where the focus is on gastronomy. In addition, the budget would be very restrained but the result had to be timeless and durable. With these premises, Nada team has created a peaceful restaurant, with few elements where materials di... More

Project • By Architekten Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbHRestaurants

Restaurant Kiang

The restaurant Kiang, located in a historic building in the center of Vienna, was designed by Helmut Richter in 1984. At the time of its opening it represented a radically new approach to interior design, especially compared to the dominant style of Chinese restaurants with dark wood and red lampions.Although it lacked the traditional Viennese „Gemütlichkeit“, it expressed a new sensitivity and became immediately an architectural icon. 34 years later the owners hired architects Tillner & Willinger for the remodelling of the historic room, contemporary illumination and the design of an extension. The new central room features the atmosphere of a dining kitchen where guests can watch the preparation of cold dishes. A new... More

Project • By GEO_IDRestaurants

Dragon Restaurant

Operating in Istanbul since 1987, Dragon is an acclaimed Chinese restaurant newly opened at their new location in Bebek, İstanbul. Serving exquisite cuisine with distinctive Cantonese and Szechwan accents, this premium dining venue has been enjoying local and international admiration for its authentic, mouth-watering dishes, and the main idea behind interior design was to preserve the time-honoured ambiance in a contemporary and mystical way.   Since the clients included the second generation of the brand’s founders, the brief was to refresh and modernise the interiors. On the other hand, Chinese culture and its exotic feeling was of highest importance for the selection of pearls, lighting of varying colours, artworks and patte... More

Project • By AedasHotels

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Restored and refurbished by Aedas, Raffles Hotel Singapore has officially reopened in August 2019 since its opening in 1887. Aedas lead a multi-disciplinary team for the hotel restoration, including heritage consultant Studio Lapis, interior designer Alexandra Champalimaud and concept interior designer Jouin Maku (BBR Restaurant by Chef Alain Ducasse).It integrates heritage splendor with modern spatial design, restoring the building back to its original glory and aiming to restore its vitality for the next 100 years.   With the cultural precincts within walking distance, and adjacent to the popular shopping district Orchard Road, Raffles Hotel Singapore registers its iconic presence in the heart of the city. Major A&A (addit... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyHotels

JW Marriott Qufu

Sitting adjacent to the Confucius Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the JW Marriott Qufu stands as an emblem of the ancient city. Tastefully appointed with traditional Chinese features, the hotel’s distinctive exterior emulates structures from the ancient city. Complementing the architecture, LTW aims to bring forth Confucian values through aesthetics inspired by the Six Arts, including music, rituals, and calligraphy.Inspired by Confucius’ teachings, the Lobby, Lobby Lounge and the Tea House on the first floor replicate the scholar hall at Confucius Temple. Sitting atop a raised stone pond at the lobby’s Atrium, a poetic allusion of “The Great Teacher” takes centre-stage: A statue of Confucius courteously kneels before a seven-metre-ta... More

Project • By CL3Hotels

Hyatt Regency Beijing Shiyuan

Design Concept - Green life • blending into natureYanqing District is located about 75 km north-west of Beijing. It is home to the popular Badaling section of the Great Wall. It is not only rich in historical sites and natural landscape but also the outdoor attractions. The district will host the International Horticultural Expo in 2019 and Winter Olympics in 2022. It is a popular destination for all kinds of travelers.Hyatt Regency Beijing Shiyuan is designed to create a green life living, blending into nature in order to obtain the sensation experience of living surrounded by the mountain, river, lake, wild birds and flowers.Entrance Reception Lobby - MountainLobby design is inspired by the mountain landscape and the Great Wall in Badalin... More