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Product • By Louis PoulsenFlindt Wall

Flindt Wall

With the popular, cylindrical Flindt Bollard as his starting point, Christian Flindt has created the stunning new Flindt Wall: a circular fixture that brings bold, sculptural illumination to both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Flindt Wall continues the elegant form language of its predecessor – and is based on the same carved-out design.    Like the Flindt Bollard, the Flindt Wall is distinguished by a light egress from an opening in the top that sends light from two LED light sources down the front of the fixture, creating a subtle, glowing ring of reflected light on the transition between the concave and convex shapes. The front of the fixture becomes the reflector, and a portion of the light is distributed backwards, cr... More

Product • By Louis PoulsenLP Grand

LP Grand

The successful partnership between Danish designer Christian Flindt and Louis Poulsen forges ahead with the ambitious LP GRAND system for large rooms. Christian Flindt's illuminated round fixture has a diameter of 1.5 metres, 90 or 60 cm and bears the prestigious name, LP GRAND. The fixture can be surface mounted on the ceiling or suspended by wires, and has a simple silhouette with soft harmonic lines. The fixture is ideal for hotels, restaurants, schools and offices – locations that require comfortable and energy efficient lighting while also calling for an appealing design.The circular luminaire is perceived as a set of coinciding rings based around a centrally positioned horizontal diffuser. A large angled reflector circumferences the d... More

Product • By Louis PoulsenFlindt Bollard

Flindt Bollard

Louis Poulsen is launching a new bollard designed by Christian Flindt which demonstrates his great talent for seeing the potential in simple forms. Yet Flindt also reminds us that the simple is not always so simple: the bollard's minimalistic exterior hides its thought-out technical design, which optimises energy consumption, light distribution and ease of installation. Development of the Flindt bollard began in 2011, flowing from the desire to create a new bollard for the park surrounding Brænderigården in Viborg, Denmark. The project was a joint initiative by designer Christian Flindt, Viborg municipality, Viborg Energiforsyning, Viborg Kunstmuseum, landscape architects and Louis Poulsen. The Flindt bollard has sinc... More