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Project • By AshariArchitectsCinemas

Cinema Topography

Shemiran office and commercial center has been built in Shemiranat neighbourhood in ​​Tehran.One of the neighbourhood features is the existence of Shemiranat gardens that provides delicate views from different floors in this complex.The fourth floor of the complex was designed as commercial use in the original design,and the cinema-related infrastructure, such as floor-to-ceiling height,the distance between the columns,facilities,etc.,were not considered.To compensate for the lack of space,despite the height restrictions,the team had to design various sections on two levels.For instance,under the cinema platforms,above the office and the bathroom were utilized as an auxiliary space. Hamid Yazdanpanah The main design objective of the S... More

Project • By One Plus Partnership LimitedCinemas


Negative film is the name for a photographic film that will give images which have their colors inverted, after development. This inversion means that the complementary color is used, for example, if in reality the colour is red, it might appear to be cyan on the negative film. Roll film is being preserved in the form of negative film.  Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography One Plus’ new project, Xian Changjiang Insun Cinema is based on this ‘negative film’ concept - even though the roll films have been replaced by digital format now, no one would forget how important these roll films used to be in the film industry. The colours chosen for the interior have also combined with the ‘negative film&r... More

Project • By One Plus Partnership LimitedCinemas


For decades, film directors have used megaphones to communicate with their cast and crew on sets where it was hard to hear. The acoustic megaphone became an iconic clichéd symbol of a movie director. The designers were inspired by these cone-shaped acoustic horn and have thus developed various functional objects that are placed within the interior to echo with the ‘megaphone’ theme. Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography The designers would like the guests to concentrate on the organic forms of the space. That’s why not many decorative items are needed - which is a simplistic approach and the designers can shift the budget to create these unique interior forms. The whole space is dominated by mainly g... More

Project • By X+LivingLibraries

Taiyuan FAB Cinema

In this post pandemic era, operation of cinemas and future development of film industry has become a hot topic in current society. After a long period of business close-down and limiting audience capacity due to the pandemic, a problem gradually appeared in front of the public – cinema owners should have done a deeper analysis on how to develop their cinema’s commercial value and expand its features in order to adapt to the rapidly changing society.  SFAP Last year, we created another FAB Cinema in Xi’an and brought the scenes behind the big screen into the public space. This time in Taiyuan IF Center, FAB Cinema collaborated with Zhongshuge to create an innovational cinema experience, and we are invited to desi... More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2020

Antonio Virga completes monolithic brick and aluminium cinema complex

In the historic center of Cahors, Southern France, Antonio Virga Architecte transformed a former parking lot into a 7-screen cinema surrounded by a pedestrian square.  Luc Boegly The location was historically the site of army barracks that were destroyed by a fire in 1943. Antonio Virga refers back to the symmetry and rigorous nature of a 19th century military facility and reinterpreted it into a monolithic elongated mass. Pierre Lasvenes The building consists of two attached rectangular volumes. One brick volume facing the square and a gold powder-coated aluminium in the back. The brick volume mirrors the barracks and is imagined as a contemporary reinterpretation.  Luc Boegly The front facade has a composition... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsConcert Halls

HonarShahre Aftab Cineplex & Cultural Center

One of the main goals in designing the complex as a social hub is the human interactions and celebrating the artistic and cultural events. The intent is to create a cultural gathering place that can facilitate communication between the whole part of society which led to more citizens’-cultural conversation.  The lobby is the connecting element of the halls serving as the focal point of the complex.  It has the ability to play variety of roles, including concerts, artistic and cultural events. The multifunctionality of this large space has been enhanced by adding two elements which are a bridge and a communal seating. The proposed bridge not only balance the scale of the space but also perform as a spine which various space... More

Project • By TROVAS GroupCinemas

Velcom Cinema

Velcom Cinema is one of the most high-tech movie theaters in Europe at this moment. The team of architects developed the interior design for 7 screens multiplex with an emphasis on an integrated approach, where all elements, including subject and graphic design, are connected by the main idea. The challenge was to predict all possible zoning scenarios and choose the most beneficial layout, which would allow differentiating the flow of visitors, highlight areas for ticket sales, and vending machines. The team created different arrangements, including a kids zone, photo zone, VIP zone, and relaxation zone, to keep the attendees engaged and satisfied throughout the show experience. The primary focus was on the entrance and self-serve zones a... More

Project • By Urbanism Planning Architecture ItaliaAuditoriums


Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia designs the first digitally controlled variable acoustic auditorium in Moscow. The new auditorium of the VGIK University, known as Gerasimov S.A. Institute of Cinematography, the first film university in the world founded in 1919 in Moscow, was built inside the new university wing. The interior design of the main 589-seat multifunctional room, the 250-seat experimental theater and two 100-seat movie theaters was developed by the architect Paolo Lettieri and the team of Urbanism Planning Architecture Italy and the engineer's acoustic studio Marcello Brugola, both from Milan. The university requested that the main hall could be used both as a cinema, the university's main activity and as a theater and... More

Project • By Design Action & AssociatesCinemas

Gravity Cinemas

Countless particles permeate the silent space, suddenly gravity depicts a track of guides towards the ceiling, and form a huge whirlpool. The vortex generates strong suction which distorts space and devours everything. In the distorted space, particles are reshape and restructured, leaving streamlined traces on ceiling and wall, capturing a moment in space.  More

Project • By Atelier Silhouette Urbaine - ASUrCinemas

Les Sources

The architect, Henri Chauvet, designed a unique building in 1986 to fit the cinema “Le Scarron” and the theatre “Les Sources”. Our analysis of the current building showed that the public and the pedestrians don’t notice these facilities mainly due to the architecture.   Our proposal extends the entrance hall to the square in front of the building inviting people inside. The newly ramps help identifying the two different facilities and simplify the circulation of people. The elegant designed and the setting of our proposal unify the building with its environment. Today people notice the building and feel attracted inside.   We used a contemporary reflecting material on the façade to make thi... More

Project • By Metall RittenExhibition Centres

Messner Mountain Museum Firmian

No stone is like another. That is why all 137 steel windows in the "Messner Mountain Museum" at Sigmundskron Castle have different dimensions. Countless detailed solutions were required: whether for the installation of entire storeys, the measurement of small metal rods or the stabilisation of a floating cinema auditorium – we found them all. Now an outstanding architecture of glass and steel is nestling against the age-old building fabric. A lasting connection, because there is no metal element like the other. The museum's architect, Werner Tscholl, was awarded the prestigious "Architetto Italiano 2016" prize in the course of this construction. More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureSwimming Pools

320 Plummer

You may not have heard of Ebenezer Howard, but visit our new multi-residential project in Port Melbourne and you can see his legacy come to life. In the 19th century, Howard drew up concepts for a ‘garden city’, urban pockets with plenty of green space clustered around the city centres to help evenly distribute density. With P.M. we’ve picked up where he left off, creating a 21st century garden city in resort form, which will anchor Port Melbourne’s future. Three buildings grace the landscaped grounds. The P.M. building is the tallest of all three, a slender, sculptural structure with wrap around flesh glazing covered in white lace. Anchoring the corner of the site, the twisting form is followed by the two billowing... More
Curtain Walling Installation Broad street plaza

Project • By ADV Shutters LTDCinemas

Curtain Walling For VUE

VUE curtain walling designed by us is unique and creative in the whole of the town. The curtain walling system for this building includes the glass and aluminium frames. The facade designing with the glass panes embedded in the aluminium frames provides an elegant look to the building. To protect the interior of the building, the curtain walling systems are designed with the metallic materials so as to make working as an insulator. More

Project • By NM ArchitectsCinemas

Al Mirqab Mall FLIK Cinema

Flik Cinemas introduced themselves to the public with the high-end design & comfort Lagoona mall cinemas. Qatar’s second branch of the Flik Cinemas is the Al Mirqab mall cinemas. In collaboration with Migg Enterprise we have been appointed as cinema designers to carry out the architectural design, Interior design, acoustic considerations, lighting design, graphics & signage design and preparation of general specification for the Al Mirqab Mall Cinema complex which consists of eight screen, 950 seats total in approximately 2250 sq.m area on the first floor of the Al Mirqab mall.Already having the experience from the previous one with the series of problems and challenges during the detail design stage and the construction, this case... More

Project • By Admun StudioCinemas

Tiraje Cinema

Admun studio was commissioned to design Tiraje 2 cinema lobby, the first branch of Boshra cinema complexes which is located on the food court’s floor of this well-known shopping center, while it was inconspicuous in the background due to inaccuracy in its entrance design contributed to the fact that most customers of the shopping center were unaware of the existence of the cinema complex. Before renovation, the lobby consisted of two surfaces with an approximate two-meter difference in height connected by stairs, in other words, two inactive spaces and an access path.Since, cinema is essentially cinematic, it is not compatible with inactivity. Hence, the lobby is designed to invite users inward within a mysterious path like an actor on a fi... More