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Project • By Schoyerer Architekten_SYRATransports

Bike pavilion – prototype located in Mainz

With its well-structured network of bike stations, the city of Mainz provides numerous rental bikes. However, up until now, there has been a lack of infrastructure for privately owned bikes, such as suitable parking places. All too often, you encounter neglected bikes that have fallen victim to the weather and vandalism. As a result of their low architectonic quality and the manner of their construction, the bicycle sheds found on the market are easily susceptible to vandalism, and therefore unsuitable for public spaces.It was against this background that SYRA_SCHOYERER ARCHITEKTEN developed an initial prototype of a bike pavilion for the city of Mainz. True to the practice’s philosophy of repurposing everyday items, only industr... More

Project • By Simon RastorguevTownscapes

3D Model of the city of 19th, 17 and 13 centuries

Our company created a 3D model of Yaroslavl in the framework of a global project, details of which will be published later. The city model contains more than 2500 buildings: the entire development of the UNESCO zone, detailed monuments and a buildings of adjacent territories. Also, the 3D model includes the rest of the city.Vimania company completes the development of 3D models of Yaroslavl at the end of the 19 — early 20 century, as well as the 17th and 13th centuries.Each of the three-dimensional models includes more than a thousand buildings — historical monuments. Specialists of the company developed a special retrospective analytical technique, thanks to which, using the 3D model of modern Yaroslavl and a huge numbe... More

Project • By Viereck ArchitektenSculptures

Lounge furniture for the city of Graz

The furniture has been developed on the basis of various uses and combines the soft forms of an outdoor furniture with the smart variety of multifuntional uses. The field of application ranges from sitting, lying, relaxing, eating, working and reading alone, in pairs or as a group. It invites you to linger, sleep, play and communicate. It also offers shading elements and can be extended and combined in a modular way. More

Project • By Viereck ArchitektenOffices

Box 09

The new headquarter of Viereck Architects Ltd. was recently realized using the [Box:09]. On a footprint of only 400m² the project demonstrates the opportunity to build on a site that would otherwise not be feasible.As the building is elevated, the ground area can be used for parking. The project utilizes the worlds first three-dimensional copper facade system as well as the maximum possible glass panel size. These design features offer the appearance of innovative architecture. The use of an open plan office provides an ideal working atmosphere in an urban structure.As distinguished from other module systems the single modular cells, which are about 20 square meters, are going to be built with floor, ceiling, all supplying lines in the hall... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturHousing


WAN Future Projects Residential Award, 1st prize.Stadshagen, StockholmIn Stadshagen, close to one of the highest points in Stockholm, the existing built environment is to be supplemented and a new district developed. The new district ends in a steep slope down towards Karlbergskanalen. At the edge of this slope we have designed two buildings for Folkhem, which in many respects exists on the boundary between city and nature.The buildings are clearly divided into two parts, with a base of light concrete and an upper massive wooden volume. Along the new street, the buildings stand in an urban context. In the buildings' ground floors the concrete plinth is modeled and creates generous storefronts that open onto small square formations, which be... More

Project • By Lambert KampsExhibitions

Wonen in Stadshart

Exhibition about redevelopment sites in the city centre of Groningen (NL). The setup was the same as a building site with a construction fence with peek holes to see what is happening behind it. A large scale model of the city was installed within the fence showing the locations of the diverse redevelopment sites. Graphic design: De Ronners More

Project • By European HomeResidential Landscape

Millennium Tower with H Series Fireplaces

Read the full story on the European Home blog.Millennium Tower is, on its surface, a 684 foot residential skyscraper containing 442 units. We could write for days about the architecture of this glass-clad skyscraper, the private dinners prepared by James Beard Award winning chefs or the Olympic-class fitness center. However, at the end of the day, where is the home always made? In between a handful of exterior walls, or in this case 10’ floor to ceiling windows 59 stories above Hawley Street.Modern Linear Fireplace:The penthouses feature H Series Millennium gas fireplaces by European Home. This modern gas fireplace was engineered specifically for the style and comfort of Millennium Tower residents and the archi... More

Project • By Wolff ArquitecturaApartments

Prosperidad 35

In collaboration with CUA (Colectivo Urbano Ambiental). The idea of an architectural project with a multifaceted identity, accountable to the residents, the urban area and the environment, was born from the moment of change and growth currently taking place in the Escandón neighborhood. The project consists of the development of 10 apartments in a 502 m2 plot, with a 50% footprint area and five levels. There are two buildings connected by bridges and a nucleus of vertical circulation. Spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and windows have the same proportions in every apartment. Every apartment is different and their areas are variable, from 60m2 to 135m2. Therefore, rather than for a single type of user, the apartment... More

Project • By Wolff ArquitecturaApartments

Laredo 18

In collaboration with Concepto Vertical. Laredo 18 is a project based on the restoration of a 1960’s building in the Colonia Condesa that is made up of 3 floors, 6 apartments, ground floor parking and a commercial space. Being a poorly maintained building, the project focused on establishing more efficient use of space to maximize economic profitability and environmental form. We modernized the original integrity of the building by combining original elements with handicrafts, metal, and natural materials (stone and wood). We were also able to add 3 apartments, making a total of 9 in the building, with 2 penthouses on the fourth floor and a study on the ground level. The building seeks integration and permanence to the neighborhood a... More

Project • By Wolff ArquitecturaParks/Gardens

Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva

In collaboration with Taller 13. The Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva in Mexico City is a project that has been lobbied to many city institutions. After several months, Taller 13, a sister office, finally decided to revitalize one of the iconic public and urban spaces of Mexican Architecture and Mexico City. The purpose of the proposal is to achieve a comprehensive plan for the regeneration, integration and synergy between authorities and the private sector. The intention of the group is to communicate its potential as a communal space for recreation and entertainment for all inhabitants. The project also fosters a relationship between place and social & biological habitat, such as eco-systemic and the basin. This project is also expecte... More

Project • By VOOODApartments

Victory Apartment

Contemporary Flat Interior, furniture and lighting design for apartment located on the last floor of a contemporary building in Sofia, Bulgaria “We’re really interested in materials – stone, woods, leathers,” “We love things that age well. It’s part of our responsibility that a project lives on in a beautiful manner long after we’ve left.” “We build spaces that feel honest,” “We create spatial expressions of a client’s creative profile, whether that’s a chef, hotelier or architect. Most importantly, everything we create revolves around the human factor. We’re always thinking about the impact space has on people.” - VOOOD Pearl gray interior with functional decor arrangement and modern approach towards urban interiors. This c... More

Project • By bgp arquitecturaCities

Urban of Regeneration of Presidente Masaryk Avenue

Presidente Masaryk Avenue is located in the central area of Mexico City, in Polanco, a neighborhood that was designed in the third decade of the XXth century as a middle income residential area, and has become the more exclusive commercial avenue in Mexico and probably the most important in Latin America. In the last years it has had to compete commercially with the mall’s system: horizontal vs vertical development, open vs close space, parking in the street vs parking building, open to anyone 24 hours vs restricted access, besides of the usual city problems (security, traffic, informal commerce, etcetera). The project for Masaryk focused on: recuperation of public space, widening the sidewalk and removing cars from it. Allowing car dro... More

Project • By Simon RastorguevHeritages

Anticonditionalism - vertical city

Principle settling of human race in palmy days of Antiсonditionalism: it needs to be placed in key-cities, so called anti-conditional cities. The particular Terra state for just that period, the period of forced mortality moving, put the habitancy in formation of untenableness and sheer impossibility insisted prompt action. The reasons of that fidgety are following: — all biological and energetic resources run out — bio-depletion of cultivated soil — flush pollution All of that leads to greenhouse effect and sensible rise in the temperature (up to 5-10 °C), moreover it's driving to dissolution of arctic "caps" and subsequent iciness, finally we can find the situation of Ice Age made by aggrandizement of water project area of t... More

Project • By TengbomParks/Gardens

Public Parklet

Tengbom transformed a parking space on Katarinavägen in Stockholm into a neighbourhood node, public meeting place and surface water management during June 2015. The project is an example of green retrofits - strategies for refurbishing grey infrastructure into green infrastructure, and examining what this transformation means for public space. The conversion of parking spaces to community nodes with ecosystem services may be closer than we think. A parklet is a temporary or permanent sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street. Parklets are usually installed on parking lanes and use one or more parking spaces. Launched in San Francisco, California, in 2010, the phenomenon has now spread all over... More

Project • By WeNew InnovationExhibition Centres

Urban Spa

The Urban Spa was created exploring the thematic and symbols found on the streets. This is a business model for the young entrepreneur, between 25 to 40 years, which corresponds to 35% of the growth of companies in Brazil. The idea is to have a space that provides a new look and contemporary tools of wellness & wellbeing to help these new entrepreneurs to better cope with their stressful work demand. In this project, the Luxury found in most spas gives room to a more stripped and irreverent kind of spa. "We tried to give a new look to the concept of relaxation, getting into a more contemporary and dynamic view of well-being. The space proposes a way to relax in a real scenario, suggesting that welfare can be anywhere and anytime." say... More