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Box 09

Box 09

Viereck Architekten
Grabenstraße 233, Graz, Austria | View Map
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Croce & Wir

Box 09 - Headquarter of Viereck Architects

Viereck Architekten as Architects

The new headquarter of Viereck Architects Ltd. was recently realized using the [Box:09]. On a footprint of only 400m² the project demonstrates the opportunity to build on a site that would otherwise not be feasible.

As the building is elevated, the ground area can be used for parking. The project utilizes the worlds first three-dimensional copper facade system as well as the maximum possible glass panel size. These design features offer the appearance of innovative architecture. The use of an open plan office provides an ideal working atmosphere in an urban structure.

As distinguished from other module systems the single modular cells, which are about 20 square meters, are going to be built with floor, ceiling, all supplying lines in the hall and during the construction on site connected with some turnbuckles. As a result, this construction system enables the highest prefabrication level on this sector.

For this project it was also important to use sustainable and ecological building materials especially in combination with modern architecture and design. The whole construction is made of solid wood (KLH plates). Beside very low maintenance costs there is a very good insulation of the exterior coat and using innovative energy systems effects lower operating costs.

A special optical element is the facade - made of TECU Brass with a new perforated panel plate. These panels with a size of 175 x 65cm are also prefabricated and the almost finished single boxes were brought as an abnormal load to the site. The golden facade is glued and it was a challenge to got it right, because of the 3D-performed panels. It was also a huge challenge to make these round corners of the boxes.

At the end, due to excellent handicraft, we could solve all the problems and we are really convicted that the modular box on this location couldn't be better wrapped in.   

All mechanical and electrical piping is connected at the modules seam via coupling elements. The base module supplies the building via a pair of columns with all necessary energy and water supply.

All heating lines are located in the exterior walls, all electrical lines are situated in the floor (underfloor). Simply the IT and the EDP links were made on site because of technical reasons.

The use of innovative products such as Photovoltaics and aircraft lavatories allow a completely self-sufficient energy supply throughout the entire building unit. 

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