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Project • By Design Studio Zimenko YuriyApartments

Fine plaiting

This interior is an entwinement of considerable experience of the designer, excellent taste of the customer, antique and modern elements.It all started with the fact that the customer approached to the studio of Yuriy Zimenko, and knew exactly what she wanted to get and was determined to actively participate in the selection of subject content. Apartments located in the historical part of Kyiv required minor adjustments to the planning solution. And the designer easily adapted the functionality of the apartment for the life scenario of a particular family. Today the total area is 200 sq. m is divided into a living room with two entrances and exits (to the kitchen and to the corridor), a bedroom, a dressing room, a bathroom, a children&rsquo... More

Project • By HabibiearsPrivate Houses

Classic House Facade

In early 2021 I was asked by a relative to design a small house measuring 13 by 8 meters with 2 floors. The concept developed is a classic that can last a long period of time and lasts across ages. Due to the limited size of the site, the classic design is focused on the front facade only. 4 large columns, sharp lines seem to be the core of this design, as well as embellished by floral arch details that emphasize the classic design. In the interior, the central block of the 1st floor is used as a living room, and the 2nd floor as a family room to relax. The left and right sides are used for garage and stair access, as well as bedrooms and toilets. More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments

The Paris Apartment

A modern apartment with splashes of classics designed to enhance the dynamics of  life in Paris.   More

Product • By dasso Bamboo ProductsClassic Espresso Lumbers & Panels

Classic Espresso Lumbers & Panels

Classic Espresso Fused Bamboo Lumbers and Panels are to be considered as rough sawn solid lumber. Both lumber and panels come with only one surface as AA grade and the other surface as CC grade.  When working on fused bamboo, cuts, mills, glues and coats them as if you would do on a piece of tropical wood (Ipe, Cumaru, Redwood or Cedar). The Lumbers and Panels come in 2 different colors and as always, the lighter Epic Cognac color could be stained or painted over in semi-transparent polyurethane or solid color polyurethane.    They are generally S2S (Smooth 2 Side) without side treatment; though generally the sides are clean cut thus giving a true square edge on all side. For more info, pls refer to: https://dassoxtr... More

Project • By NinetynineRestaurants

Café de Parel

Introduction De Parel is a silent invitation to experience without expectations or presumptions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bar, café, bistro or gastro-pub; whether it’s chic, modern or casual. If you come here to enjoy a glass of wine or a bite, that should be the only focal point – this is a place where you’ll find a real connection to the producers of the vegetables on your plate, the makers of the ceramics and the wine, the owner and host Ruudje, and the Chef himself. That is why everything centres around the bar. In addition to a broad selection of natural and biodynamic wines served from behind the bar – the menu includes over 60 – you can see your food being prepared as if it we... More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


Project Name : UI051 Project Location : Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine Completion year : 2020 Published by : U-Style  Style : Modern style More

Project • By MatStudioApartments

Apartment in Como

A radical transformation to create a home that fits perfectly with the new owner, ready to be the frame of her new life. More

Project • By Casper Schwarz ArchitectsOffices


With respect to this early 19th-century former bank building we created a design that exudes tranquility, quality and sophistication. Careful material selections are interspersed with sparkling accents. A design language that connects the present and the past. A tribute to the modern classic architecture with sparkling additions. It reflects the identity of JonesDay Law in an almost spiritual way.The “Van Lanschot Bank” building (1914) designed by architect E.Verschuyl, is characterized by a classical façade with a modern construction behind it (Hennebique concrete skeleton). The casco has been stylishly renovated by Rijnboutt and Jones Day Law has commissioned Casper Schwarz Architects to design their new interior. We created an interior t... More

Project • By Oron Milshtein Interior DesignShops

Gold Elements

cosmetic brand120 sqm 3 floors | 2016 A store of quality and prestigious cosmetics products located on a central commercial street in Koln, Germany. The special products sold in the store are based on golden leaves, from which the design concept appeared, which combines the purity of gold with black and white shades, as a European classic inspired by the world of fashion.The store extends over three floors and includes display as well as make-up and grooming positions that their stationed manner creates a unique and exclusive experience. A black and white geometric design combined with glass, metals and shiny materials, while creating an intriguing and shiny look. Black and white graphical flooring placed askew provides a dynamic dimen... More

Project • By Sara DimitrijevicOffices

Architectural Office and Showroom

Architectural Office “BiroPlus” from Vrsac, has opened a branch office in the center of Belgrade, municipality of Stari Grad. For that occasion, a twenty-seven- year-old architect, who had started her architectural practice in this office with a long tradition in designing, engineering and consulting, was hired as an author of the project. She was given full support by the team of the employed engineers.The new office space, which is also a kind of showroom, is located on the ground floor of an object dating from 1962, in Dobračina Street. The investor’s desire, the owner of “Biro Plus”, was to create a unified functional workspace that exudes glamor and elegance, and also gives employees the warmth of a living space.The project with a... More

Product • By Basaltina® Natural StoneBasaltina® Classico

Basaltina® Classico

Basaltina® Classico, with its unmistakable horizontal stratification, conveys solidity, tradition and elegance. It has been used to embellish some of the world's most famous airports and museums. Gae Aulenti's New Asian Art Museum and the Vatican Museums are just two examples of stunning exhibition spaces enhanced by Basaltina® Classico. More

Product • By RocaNewcast


A retro model inspired in the past, which lets the imagination run wild and combines past eras with the very latest features and benefits. More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


Modern interior More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


Photo of the project More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


Classic interior More