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Project • By Charles Todd Helton Architect, Inc.Private Houses

The Ward Residence

This residence is a true one-story colonial residence, with a raised foundation, and is 3,300 square feet. It is built in Murray, Kentucky. The large kitchen is the focal point of the open/public space, as requested by the owners - who both enjoy cooking. The open floor plan also lends itself to entertaining, with spacious/easy circulation. More
Stone Corridor
Steel pillar which have supported the line house for 130 years and a boy, who is immigrant 5th

Project • By Toru OBA ArchitectsHotels

Regenerated line house in the former tea plantatio

This project focuses on hidden history of the world-famous tea you drink in daily life. Sri Lanka is world-famous for Ceylon tea, the export amount of which used to be the first of the world. However, the people who support the tea as labor are not well-known to the world. They are Tamil people, immigrants from South India, who are neither British people nor Sri Lankan people. The aim of this project is to revitalize a village, Bawlana village, where Tamil people have been living for 130 years, through support from architecture because they have been marginalized and poor since tea plantation here got closed about 30 years ago. We have regenerated a row house called “line house” in Bawlana. Although 1/3 of it used to be lost... More