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Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceOffices


This project was a conversion of an existing garage into the new home of a startup software company.  Designed around a set of OSB-clad boxes, the design plays with solid and void, with the boxes forming an irregular composition in the main garage workspace, but resolving in an ordered, formal elevation in the adjacent workroom.  Color animates the spaces, creating a playful contrast with the white and neutral palette of the open areas. KIM SMITH KIM SMITH KIM SMITH KIM SMITH KIM SMITH     More

Project • By MGK ArchitectsApartments


Located in the Testaccio district in a building of the early '900, between the Lungotevere and the Slaughterhouse, the apartment overlooks almost entirely on the plane trees and the river, creating a different scenario in every season. The restructuring has focused on the redefinition of services and a new general concept to make the environments more functional and adherent to the needs of the new client. Caption Caption The interior design maintains the original conformation marked by load-bearing masonry and develops from a distributive filter, apparently treated in a neutral, silent way that actually welcomes the natural light and color coming from neighboring environments, animating in a different way depending on the positi... More

Project • By DIN interiorismoHotels

Hotel La Venta

One of the most important abilities of interior design is to create a new image for the spaces taking advantage of what you already have injecting an updated productive atmosphere to prolong wedge life. Hotel La Venta needed to leave behind its 80s style taking a quantum leap into the new millennium supported on DIN interiorismo´s experience.    The project´s target revolved around a new spirit joyful and fun so they started to play with its name. It was in its basic definition and synonyms that they found the concepts that marked the guidelines to add into the love hotels family.   The common thread is the uninterrupted exchange of strokes, shapes and colors imprinting dynamism to the walk between the rooms f... More

Project • By DIN interiorismoHotels

Hotel iPico

The design concept and name of this Love Hotel, done by DIN interiorismo´s team, derives from its location in Texcoco municipality and the famous international horse fair that is celebrated here since 1978. The name iPico plays with the word that indicates reference to everything related to the horse and a funny double meaning in Spanish that makes a rogue recall towards the objective of visiting the hotel.   Another element used as part of the concept for the interior design are the illustrations from the famous weekly publication: El Libro Vaquero (The Cowboy Book), which happened to start being published in the same year of the fair, consequently were considered as an ideal element to integrate the old wild west with a very... More

Project • By MARIANOOffices

LH135. Restoration office building

Restore means to work with the history of what we have inherited from the past and, simply, make it look towards the future... That requires looking back with affection but without nostalgia.   When we were asked to carry out the restoration of "LH135" building, as opposed to completely transforming the spaces, our main concept sought to embrace the valuable elements of the original industrial design and made them look towards the future. Originally designed by an engineer, during our first visit to LH135 we found an old industrial building, characterized by a concrete structure of regular columns and beams, terrazzo floor tiles pavement, a granite lobby and an imposing limestone façade.    We decided to restore all these elements and leave... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGColor on demand

Color on demand

Modern bathrooms are anything but inconspicuous and are not afraid to experiment with colour: inspired by the kaleidoscope of seasonal colours in Paris, the German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen has developed some on-trend colours for Villeroy & Boch's premium Artis washbasins. And there is now a bright new twist on bathing pleasure too: following these striking washbasins, the La Belle, Squaro Edge 12 and Loop & Friends baths are now also revealing a new dual-colour look. Shiny white inner surfaces meet colourful side panels, with over 200 shades to choose from. The Colour on Demand concept is expanding the selection of fifteen Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green tones and the black-grey look developed by Gesa Hansen for the Artis series wit... More

Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenRestaurants

MUAC Eurocontrole

The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) is an international non-profit air navigation service provider, operated by EUROCONTROL on behalf of four States – Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The building is situated next to the Maastricht Aachen airport in Beek , the Netherlands. The organization is in operation 24 h / 7d a week. In addition to the existing building , the new three story high R-building accommodates all the leisure facilities for the employees of Eurocontrol . The building has a gross floorplan of 4230 m2 , exclusive the basement, contains a restaurant with seating for 220 people , a kitchen , a gym that also can be used as a general purpose room , 2 VIP rooms , a recreation area, an interne... More

Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenCommercial Landscape

Eindhoven Strijp S / Gebouw Gerard

The urban master plan and the expressed departure points formulated within the master plan formed the starting points for the integration of new functions and the associated design for ‘Gerard’. The transformation concept for ‘Gerard’ is in line with the distinctive core values of the context, the factory buildings of the ‘Hoge rug’. These being: the strong structural basis, the structural skeleton, the modular articulation in the façade, the functionality and flexibility of the plan, wherein the structure of the building takes the lead. The approach of the design can be referred to as a structuralistone, it has developed a grammar based on the structure of the main construction. With this grammar and by introducing air and light, i... More