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Project • By P & D AssociatesOffices

Modern decor style

The building to our client is constructed in factory neighborhood. Each facade tells a story of aesthetic emotions linked with each space in terms of its color palate.We tried to blend modern interiors, flooring and plenty of open spaces where you can break away for a change of scenery. Office layout is kept quite simple with central alley leading us to the owner’s cabin. Office space includes main director office, working space with desks, meeting room, and an informal reception area.Exterior elevation of the office is quite unusual with heavy ornamented bracket wooden frame design. Simple elevation with wooden balustrade detail on the first floor window & white color story enhances the richness and simplicity of this elevation.... More

Project • By ARCO Arquitectura ContemporáneaOffices


This corporate interior design project is the result of the renovation of a 1,000 sq m floor plan located west of Mexico City, in an area where offices still have a strong presence. An elegant and tempered corporate image was turned into the goal to create the correct environment for the operation of this financial company.   The reception, beyond being the first filter, is the meeting point for colleagues and where visitors are welcome. Black granite was selected for the floors that ends in wavy weft covered with timber adding a warm and dynamic contrast, that is broken by the monolithic presence of the reception covered in white Carrara marble.    The space distribution was defined considering two routes, one for the st... More

Project • By ARCO Arquitectura ContemporáneaPrimary Schools

CimOrt Talleres y Pasillo

The corridor´s remodeling goal was to transform a circulation into an exhibit and encounter space, a place where students and teachers can use all the time, be it as gallery of works of all the different workshops, for presentations, lectures, among many others.   Ceramic tiles were selected for the floors and a wood type vinyl plafond brings warmth and works as a phono absorbent element, on which color accents were applied in order to link it with i.d.e.a lab and the other workshops of the school. It is a very ludic, fun and functional space.   The corridor connects the school´s 5 workshops. Powerlab is where children with learning problems work with different therapists. Design is the only workshop for the school... More

Project • By Nicole Cieri ArchitectsPrimary Schools

Asko School

The ASKO Missionary of Charity welcomes children aged 3 to 14 years, from kindergarten to secondary school. The project goal is to provide them with a safe and stimulating environment, in which they can learn, play and freely express their creativity.  The building revolves around a large courtyard, where the kids can safely play at recess, surrounded by wide open corridors that lead to the different classrooms. The contiguous multipurpose serves as gym, theatre or auditorium. The building is articulated in several volumes, painted with warm shades inspired by the work of the Ethiopian artist Mickael Bethe Selassié, jutting out on the main façade. The different shapes and colours of the volumes, like the Frobel gifts, c... More
The much-needed introverted corner at work
Secluded Meeting Rooms with Glass Partition to maintain openness
An ideal Meeting Room with the twist of vibrant colors
Spacious corridors to maintain free-flow of people in the office
A cafeteria designed to give the perfect space to chill and collaborate

Project • By ZyetaOffices


The design for the global IT firm’s Pune workplace--built in collaboration with Zyeta-- radiates the company’s innovative, creative and forward-thinking culture, spread out over an entire floor. It offers a careful, yet seamless division between the main floor and service areas. The workstations and Offshore Dedicated Centers (ODC’s) are balanced uniformly on the floor. This makes it an ideal fit for an organization that often demands creativity and innovation in its workplace designhe wedge-shaped floorplate, with boxes inside, offers a marked sense of differentiation from the previously-built office interiors. The glazing is placed on one side, which ensures a healthy supply of natural light inside—benefitting the... More

Project • By MIYAOArt Galleries

Gallery Gif

GALLERY GIF | INTERIOR | BRANDING | ART | 89 SQ. M A place creates meaning. The client wanted to reorganize a former cafe into a space where people can get acquainted with young local brands or present their own projects. Together with the customer, we conducted research and created the multi brand showroom called Gallery Gif — a place where principles of retail stores and exhibition spaces have been combined. There was nothing left that resembled the previous venture: the floors, the ceiling, the walls and outdated utilities were completely dismantled. This project was implemented with a small budget and in a short time, and it helped us make quick decisions and quickly implement them. All work there went in parallel. So, we develo... More

Project • By Giachi DesignApartments

Appartamento privato

This beautiful property in the center of Milano is the expression of the owner. The appartment belongs to a cool fashion journalist who loved the idea to play with the strong wallpaper fantasies and deep blue shades of wall colors. The mix of the vintage furniture and wooden floor with some modern touch creates an exceptional interior. More

Project • By Taller GOffices


This project was developed in a 600 sq. m area located in San Angel, in the southern area of Mexico City. In this Taller G team designed a 3-level building above the sidewalk that consists in a vertical volume that stands with ease from the avenue.   The main shell is glass, giving transparency and natural light through its 4 sides to the offices inside of the building. The box rising above the street tucking from the two first levels, create an English courtyard that gives access to the visitors. The tucking and different level of its adjoining allow to avoid aggression to the surrounding context opening the views towards San Angel.   On the ground floor the control access lobby and commercial are located, the first level has... More

Project • By DIN interiorismoHotels

Hotel Tatami

This Love Hotel designed by DIN interiorismo´s team took as starting point for the development of the concept the tatami —these traditional Japanese mats that were used to cover the floor of the main rooms— for the purpose of rescuing the close connection that should exist between the space and the person who is going to inhabit it, referring to the sensibility of human beings.   For ambiance we search for the sensuality and eroticism of the drawings in the traditional Japanese books that describe the amatorious arts. The center of the color palette is the signature color red that defines the nation of the rising sun and was combined with mustard shades related to the golds that stand out in the ornaments of temples... More

Project • By DIN interiorismoShops


Kassel is a Mexican furniture brand with a solid market presence in different parts of Mexico City that looked for DIN interiorismo design team to develop the project their flagship store on one of the main avenues of Anzures area, so taking advantage of this privileged location was the main focus.   The concept was defined after analyzing the brand´s offer: home furniture and accessories. Therefore it was decided to start from the famous and simple gabled roof house, that is not part of our country’s idiosyncrasy, but it is a simple element that refers without fear of overstatement to the home.   At the shop entrance we are greeted by a wood partition that continues with a gabled double height plafond emphasizing... More

Project • By Serrano Monjaraz ArquitectosRestaurants

Cantina La No. 20

The project for Cantina La No. 20 was developed in a space divided in two levels, formed mainly by four areas, with a total of 323 sq. m. In the ground level the interior was defined for the diners —separating non smokers from those who do have the habit— considering a direct communication with the terrace, kitchen and services.   To achieve the same level both for the diner’s area as well as the kitchen, because in this last one the elevation is necessary for the sanitary and hydraulic fixtures, all the ground level was raised 18 cm above the finished floor of the mall thus reaching functionality in all the areas.   The access of the restaurant is located in main façade where is the terrace, adjacent... More

Project • By Serrano Monjaraz ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa LV35

This project is located inside a complex with houses that have as design guideline for the façade the Tuscan style, the intervention was done mostly in the interiors of the house. The project designed by Serrano Monjaraz arquitectos shows a contemporary look with an elegant materials palette such as marble, wood and leather that cover floors and walls. The mayor part of furniture and luminaries were selected and imported specifically for this client.   The double height access hall was framed by Deep Grey marble cartouches that stand out because of the indirect lighting they have, furthermore they contrast with the White Crystal marble floor giving access to the staircase and interconnection corridor, where the studio may be s... More

Project • By CRAFT ArquitectosApartments

La Galera

CRAFT Arquitectos´s projects are notable for their pursuit of designing efficient spaces and studying all the possible interactions of the different areas, inside and out of the architectonic volume, with their immediate surroundings.   The architects started from a three sections plan to create a central axis where all the social areas of the house: office, dinning and family room, were located. The bedrooms and services are on every side of this section. With this approach the visitor enters through a completely open broad rectangular atrium with the slab left apparent, a grand floated and perforated lattice is the central feature and when sliding the panels the kitchen is unveiled.   The office area is an island enhan... More

Project • By CRAFT ArquitectosApartments

Vidalta 1001

The design was based on the client´s needs together with whom we elaborated the architectural programme in a 440 sq. m area. The main zone is formed by the dining & living room and a private space: the family room, where the most important daily activities of the family will take place. The overhanging box design is formed by two sides of black granite and the other two in glass, separating the primary spaces and giving privacy to the family room, as well as the necessary transparency to benefit from the apartments natural light. The box has indirect lighting on top and bottom becoming a grand central lamp.   The location of the family room and dinette was defined based on the programme, the importance of each space and the... More

Project • By CRAFT ArquitectosApartments

Avivia 1212

Located in ​​Bosques de las Lomas zone, in Mexico City, Avivia 1212 apartment answers to an interior design outline in which CRAFT Architects team sought to reorganize the existing spaces to make them more efficient. With the target in mind they changed the majority of the areas dispositions in order to have the best views for house residents, without compromising the relevance wanted for the social areas, also with the new architectural programme not previously existing spaces were won such as a bar, an office and breakfast area.   Through a blocks concept, the different areas were offset and are discovered thanks to a changing materiality. In this way a natural lighting axis that runs from side to side the apartment was generated;... More