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Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The main theme of the renovation of this small apartment is rediscovery.In fact, during the demolition works, previously hidden elements such as the vaulted brick ceiling and the arches that characterize the living room came to light. The existing layout followed the typical ringhiera arrangement, with living and sleeping areas divided by the central core of services. Matteo Losurdo The project mainly focused on this core, significantly improving the distribution of spaces. Matteo Losurdo The real challenge was to create different moments and give dynamism to a relatively static layout. Matteo Losurdo Color becomes the main actor and is used in an architectural manner to give uniqueness and demarcate different areas. Ma... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The project entails a complete renovation of a small apartment for a young professional. Simone Furiosi   The initial design approach involved the demolition of all existing walls that rigidly delineated the rooms.  Simone Furiosi Instead of doors, the spaces are now separated through ceiling lowerings, lines of color, and custom-made furniture.A perspective view encompasses the entire space in its entirety, from one facade to another.  Simone Furiosi Like small brushstrokes on a blank canvas, the color doesn’t define the main functions of the dwelling but rather the voids: the spaces traditionally considered liminal gain their own importance and become a series of chromatic and semantic references wi... More

Project • By LoCa StudioApartments


In 2021, a place for many to share a home, an open concept of the family residence. Sharing a house to live in is no longer only for students; it is a way of comprehending mobility, flexibility, efficiency, and ecology. After the pandemic, it means sharing moments, shared sources, and places even more. This brightly colored home mightily needed to portray the atmosphere of a place designed for co-living. It was necessary to highlight the common spaces, inviting co-livers to share moments, enjoy, relax, learn, cook, and so on, while also providing high-quality private places so that everyone could be independent when needed. The layout, different floors, and terraces (3!) were critical to the success of this project and were efficient in... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

G2 Office

In the direct vicinity of the unmistakeable bunker office completed a year before in Poznan’s Górczyn district, yet another exceptional corporate building of DEMIURG company was built. And yet again mode:lina™ team was asked to prepare a comprehensive design of its interior. Patryk Lewiński The newly-created office building is a simple and modern form that brings together a delicate facade wood and large glazed areas. The concept of interior design corresponds directly with the building’s nature and the nature of its users’ business activities: Patryk Lewiński “The boards used inside the building refer to the material used on its facade, and they warm up the space. Another wooden quote is the... More

Project • By RooMooBars

B3, Shenzhen, The three waves of time

B3, located in Coco Park in Shenzhen, is a bistro designed by RooMoo design studio. The concept comes from the brand. The bistro name B3 came from the first letter of: brunch, bistro, and bar. The studio also takes ''time '' as the overall concept, echoing the brand requirements and strengthening the meaning of time for B3. Wen Studio   Wen Studio How to materialize abstract time into an actual representation, through the understanding of time flow, the designer brings three ingenious ideas that symbolize the fluctuation of time to space.   Materializing time implies repetition and movement. The design team introduced " three waves’’ related to B3 name in the project. Wen Studio The first wave is lo... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


This charming apartment, located in the heart of Milan’s chinatown, has undergone a process of radical transformation, while maintaining the original layout of the walls.Each room features an alternation of cold and warm tones, creating a vibrant yet welcoming and relaxed sequence. Matteo Losurdo The interior was in fact conceived as a concatenation of spaces, linked together by a precise choice of colors and materials.Despite the relatively small size, the use of color has made it possible to create different situations and moments that are interconnected with each other. In the dining area, for instance, wall painted shapes define a reading corner, and the same tone is used for the bookcase in the niche in front. Matteo Lo... More

Project • By Samuelov StudioOffices


Samuelov transformed Essence’s workspace into a modern, sleek, and inviting area for all who step foot inside. From the installation of graphic wall art to a new color pallet, Samuelov helped Essence, a global technology leader creating innovative, cloud based, end-to-end security and healthcare solutions for professionals, cast a spell on each one of its office visitors.  Uzi Porat Uzi Porat Strong light throughout the rooms illuminates the workspace, creating a sense of brightness and positivity in every room. The studio also installed big circular lights and slender streaky lights, adding a pop of light anywhere one looks, demanding focus and attention from users.    Uzi Porat Uzi Porat Samuelov... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

Shades Of

In order to offer a privileged view of the surrounding city, the renovation of this apartment in the historic center of Monza started with the inversion of the existing living and sleeping areas. Caption   Caption Instead of opting for a rigid division of the interiors, the project is configured as a series of spaces seamlessly connected, eliminating separations and doors as much as possible. Caption The prominent element of the living room is the bespoke corner kitchen, which hides the access to the rear anteroom and defines the dining space as a scenic backdrop. Caption Caption Materials, colors and furnishings recall the 70's with light irony, helping to create a welcoming and relaxing apartment. Capt... More

Project • By DOMYJINAK s.r.o.Nurseries

Nursary School Cukrovar

Idea of the design was to create a ground floor barrier-free building fitting into the neighbouring environment with individual housing which would articulate the site into separate outdoor areas, interconnecting the building´s interior with the exterior offering a natural environment for children´s play time. The basic idea was to create a synoptic, highly variable spatial concept of individual blocks with children´s classrooms, which can be grouped into phase units that are able to operate separately and to which a common kitchen block is attached. Jaroslav Kvíz Jaroslav Kvíz The concept of the building is based on the composition of mutually shifted regular geometric blocks, each of which repres... More

Project • By Bora Dá DesignsPrivate Houses

Daga Residence

Presenting to you a modern artistic take by Bora Da on a master bedroom. The bedroom is all art and oomph and luxury beautifully blended by the lines of modernity.The feature wall is an abstraction of ruffled palm in a calm ivory white. Sitting in front is a comfortable cozy bedding along side a lounge sofa draped in ever so famous houndstooth print. The television unit incompasses the feature wall spirit with a delicate glass book shelve. The chair, the painting all bring to your attention the vibe of the inhabitants and their want for an arty, modern and a comfortable living space. More

Project • By Bora Dá DesignsPrivate Houses


Welcome to the stylish, modern living room and dining area for a house in New Delhi.It’s ever so inviting, warm and oozing with oomph and luxury furniture pieces.The space is a comfortable layout of stylish lounge seating with a dining seating sitting below a dramatic chandelier. The colours are warm neutrals with hints of pop colour here and there, blending and merging in with right selection of wood veneers. More

Project • By Bora Dá DesignsShops

Contoured Arches

Is an upmarket market makeup studio located in New Delhi led by renowned makeup artist Jasneet (Makeup by Jasneet). The client wanted an offbeat yet classy space which reflected her art all that surrounds it. She wanted it away from the usual herd and seek a pop space where interiors translated makeup trends, colours, shimmers and techniques.  For this the design team set out to start off with the story of makeup and fashion meeting interiors.    CONCEPT NOTE The design team started firstly with brainstorming over the makeup and its impact on women today. Social media awareness and various mediums of knowledge and entertainment have brought makeup industry to new heights and new following among all age groups. It&rsqu... More

Project • By Cosimo ScotucciArt Galleries


Visible light seemed to be pure, colourless and indivisible, but after the 17th century when Isaac Newton dissembled it through a prism, we have discovered that it is made by an infinite array of beautiful colors. So, is the Humankind! Every person is unique, every individual is a single shade in the full display of color that we call humanity. Is it possible to create an installation that celebrates people uniqueness while laying the foundation for an inclusive society of tomorrow? New York City will be the stage of a massive urban-land-art event for which the scenography is already set in place. SPECTRUM, requires that each screen and billboard of Time Square displays a single monochrome color, creating an ever-changing composition, s... More

Project • By P & D AssociatesOffices

Modern decor style

The building to our client is constructed in factory neighborhood. Each facade tells a story of aesthetic emotions linked with each space in terms of its color palate.We tried to blend modern interiors, flooring and plenty of open spaces where you can break away for a change of scenery. Office layout is kept quite simple with central alley leading us to the owner’s cabin. Office space includes main director office, working space with desks, meeting room, and an informal reception area.Exterior elevation of the office is quite unusual with heavy ornamented bracket wooden frame design. Simple elevation with wooden balustrade detail on the first floor window & white color story enhances the richness and simplicity of this elevation.... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The apartment is the result of the union of two adjacent living units.   While keeping the existing living room/dining area and a bathroom unchanged, the kitchen has been completely renovated, and is now the protagonist of the space, the focal point of the house and a perfect place for conviviality and being together. The existing archway between kitchen and dining area has been maintained and used as a starting point to create on one hand the passage leading to the new study (former master bedroom), and on the other to model the shape of the corridor which leads to the sleeping area. The kitchen is configured as a scenic backdrop, the surface of which is perforated by the curved corridor opening leading to the sleeping area, defin... More