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Project • By BIO-architectsPrivate Houses

DD16 - prototype of modular compact house

DD16 is a prototype of modular compact house that was made for installation in remote places and extreme conditions. The house consists of 2 modules that are made at the factory. Ivan Ovchinnikov The prototype was designed and made as a tourist equipment where the weight of every detail is taken into account so it can be used in very harsh conditions. All the constructive elements were subject to change as well as the interior finishing compared to the regular houses. The frame is made of laminated wood with a milled ports. The ports helped to decrease the weight and cold bridges and gaps. Polyurethane foam is used as an insulation, the rigidity of which helped to decrease the weight of inner finishing materials. The exterior finishin... More

NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Orange Architects completes compact wooden vacation home with flexible interiors

Along the northern Dutch coast, on the Wadden Island Texel, Orange Architects designed a compact wooden retreat. The design is tailored to the way in which the clients want to spend their vacation. A place that breaks with daily routine and maximises the relationship with its green surroundings. Sebastian van Damme Since during vacations you spend more time together and there is less need for private space, the architects maximised the functions of each space. Most have at least multiple uses. The dividing walls are made flexible and can adapt to different needs. The adaptability has allowed the firm to keep the house compact, 70 square meters, and efficient. During the day the house has no unused spaces. Sebastian van Damme Dur... More

Project • By MRDK - Ménard Dworkind architecture & designPrivate Houses

Hinter House

Hinterhouse is nestled into a densely forested hillside with sweeping views of the Mont-Tremblant valley. The 16-foot wide house, designed to be prefabricated, can be driven on local roads and delivered to site. The hintercompany hotel concept aims to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing its guests with an opportunity to strengthen their connection with nature. David Dworkind Striving to give back, the hintercompany plants 10 trees for every booking. This compact house fits two bedrooms, one bathroom and an open-plan living space into 930 square feet. The living space, flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides, is organized around a central wood stove that rotates 360°, providing relaxing vi... More

Project • By Ivan Priatman ArchitecturePrivate Houses

JV House

The brief from the client was quite simple: to design a compact house for a small family of three on a 450 sm site in Surabaya. The client wished for lots of spaces for recreational activities, both exterior and interior, to be used by the whole family and close relatives.   From the street, the house is perceived as a pavilion, where, apart from the garage, it hovers above the ground with only a small part touching the ground to provide a point of entry, from which a ramp leads to the main entrance of the house. The brief for a compact house leads to the arrangement of all living area and bedrooms on the first floor. The main living area opens fully to the internal court, a space dedicated for the swimming pool. An emphasis on the h... More

Project • By KAMITATAPrivate Houses


Located in a dense residential area of Bandung, Indonesia, RD - HOUSE is designed to build a modern tropical house with a combination of box shape and floating roof. The face of the building is made to be distorted by being dominated by the use of andesite stone and wooden planks combined with large transparent and translucent glass on the second floor.   Constructed on an elongated plot of land with 9 x 25 meters area, makes this site unique and it also poses challenges in completing its design. The challenge is for making a compact house that allows lot of sunlight to penetrates through the house, has good cross-ventilation, and an interesting circulation pattern whilst keep maintaining the privacy of its residents.   ... More

Project • By Hello Wood LtdOffices

Workstation Cabin

Although pandemic-related measures are slowly lifted, there are still millions working from home and dreaming about having an extra room designated as an office. The brand new, unique workstation designed by the creative architecture and design studio, Hello Wood ( fulfils this dream without having to expand your home. The playful Workstation cabin is the ideal, private spot for work and meetings, but it can also function as a guest room or a playroom for the kids, and it is the perfect refuge should you need a tranquil place to relax or immerse yourself into creativity. When designing a compact house, the starting point is to create a complex, highly functional space; with the small size, eac... More

Project • By dito architects and interiorsPrivate Houses

House at Tanguile Street

The site of the house is Located in 180 square meter lot with 30% slope at a gated community in Quezon City, Philippines, a modern house that looked like a stack of white, charcoal gray, and wooden boxes capped of with a gambrel roof. The exterior white walls of the house created a stark contrast with the dark colored paint & wooden walls. The roof fascia and the eaves were in the shade of charcoal gray almost black. The mix of verticals in the form of walls, columns and windows had been balanced of with the horizontal elements of the wood cladding and the carefully placed horizontal slit windows.  The main door, visible from the road, made of horizontal panels, with a solid vertical panel on the opening side accentuated simply by... More

Project • By META ArchitectuurbureauSocial Housing

Bogerse Velden Social Housing

Just outside the city centre of Lier, META has realised 60 dwellings for the Lierse Maatschappij voor Huisvesting, namely 3 autonomous buildings (containing a total of 33 apartments) and 27 houses. When designing the Bogerse Velden social housing, META placed the emphasis on the open space.   The practice expanded the terrain earmarked for the play network required by the programme and created a well-organised area that is geared towards cyclists and pedestrians. The surrounding green belt, hitherto comprised of small and large zones, was completed through the inclusion of additional greenery. The 3 apartment buildings present themselves as autonomous volumes.   The programme envisaged each individual building as comprising 11... More

Project • By Soeda and ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House in Utsunomiya2

Upon designing this house, we were asked to design within a very limited budget as well as fulfilling the following specific requests from the client; double-height living room with sufficient natural light, to be placed at the center of the house; three private rooms; and a large terrace.   The site is located in the suburb of a provincial city, along a bus route linked to/from the city center. The client’s property is a middle portion of a large land that is divided into three narrow and long lots oriented at a slightly rotated angle from east-west direction. Properties on both sides are still vacant, but naturally expected to be built in the near future. Considering the narrow and long shape of the site, which width is only... More

Project • By LIEBEL / ARCHITEKTEN BDAPrivate Houses

House in Niederbayern

This compact house is divided into an open ground floor and an intimate upper storey. With windows on 2/3 sides, the living area opens out onto the surrounding garden and the terraces, which sit behind the copper façade and offer a gentle transition to the outside world . The private space on the first floor enjoys its own views. The punched-window façade projects magical patterns of light onto the first floor and the terraces, its openable elements offering generous views or creating an intimate retreat depending on the mood.   Material Used :1. Oven: Ofendesign Rogmans2. Cooper Facade: Fleischer Metallfaszinationen More

Project • By Open Studio Pty Ltd ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Residence B&G

House Alterations & Additions in South Caulfield, Victoria, AustraliaThis extension to a compact house addresses existing problems of orientation and circulation by adding a bright new living area that opens out to two courtyards. The roof form brings much needed northern light into the space.   Material Used :1. Facade Material: Fibre cement panels, paint finish2. Bricks: Salvaged bricks from demolition3. Timber Floor: Australian hardwood, wax finish4. Windows: Custom made hardwood frame with double glazing5. Benchtops: Composite stone6. Joinery: Hardwood veneer7. Fireplace: Escea integrated gas fireplace8. Lights (Interior): Reggiani Yori LED surface mounted spotlights9. Lights (Pendant): Muuto E2710. Lights (Exterior): Archilu... More


House in Midorigaoka

This is the residence for a family of three, built in a quiet residential neighborhood. In search of a perfect setting to lead a fulfilling life, the client found a triple tiered, 9 by 22 meters plot of land with a tuck under garage. From the beginning of the project, I envisioned a house with a south-north opening with outdoor spaces: one above the garage, and another on the deepest top tier of the site, where the client wished to create a vegetable garden.   We designed the center area of the middle tier for the main living space, which became the first floor living and dining room. The entire house is designed so that the spatial volume of the indoor and outdoor areas flow continuously. Since the living room is sometimes used by t... More

Project • By AT26 architectsPrivate Houses

BLNT House

The story of this compact family house began in 2015 year with architectural study. Young family with two kids decide to move to location which is on the edge of Slovak capital - Bratislava, named Vrakuňa.    Peter Čintalán As it is typical for this locatiion, site is absolutelly flat and surrounding envitoment still carrying many historical connotations to original rural context. BLNT house was finished in 2018 year and our studio designed also interior of the house which was fully finished in 2019 year.  Peter Čintalán Since we looked for the first time on the clean plot, we start to organize general disposition of the site with main goal to create simple shaped compact house, which will... More

Project • By Aum Architects IndiaPrivate Houses


PROJECT DETAILS   Name of the Project:  Urban Compact HouseProject Location: Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaName of architecture firm and location- Aum Architects, MumbaiName of architect and team- Manish Dikshit, Sonali Pandit, Nachiket Borwake Month & Year of Completion:  October 2019 Square Footage:  725 Sq.ft.Project Type: ResidencePhotography Credits: Prashant Bhat   PROJECT STORY A home is defined by its carefully curated spaces, formulated to create a realm of peace and comfort to ensure a sense of serenity. The plethora of intangible factors of design are given equal importance as the tangible ones at AUM Architects. The founding Principal of AUM Architects - Ar. Manish Dikshit believe... More

Project • By CR2 ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

House 7x37

Spending hours in the car for a weekend out of Sao Paulo was not part of the plan for this couple, with a small daughter and a second baby to come. That´s how they had the unusual idea of building a second house in the city of São Paulo, as a leisure house, less than a kilometer from their actual apartment. The initial request was a compact house, with flexible spaces considering a barbecue grill, a swimming pool, two suites and a big green area (as they live in an apartment)The old building, a former school swimming, occupied 100% of the land in a privileged neighborhood, full of trees on the streets. So the decision was to demolish it and make a new construction. The garden works as the connecting point of all social area o... More