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Project • By Lorenz AteliersSports Centres

Ilirija Sportcity

A decade after the independence of Slovenia, several years before its entry into the EU, the new capital city of Ljubljana sponsored in the year 2000, for the first time, an international two-phase architectural competition. The “ILIRIJA Swimming Pool” was planned by architect Stanko Bloudek in 1928. Already then, it was located at the intersection of Bleiweisova cesta and Celovška cesta (Klagenfurter Straße). A few years later the displaced train tracks dissected ILIRIJA and Tivoli Park. Since the early 1990s, Ljubljana has yearned for an indoor swimming centre with its own Olympic sized 50-metre pool and several sports halls. The subject was hotly debatedeven in the innermost professional circles. Lorenzatelier... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

Gheisizadeh Residential Apartment

Text description provided by the architects. In Gheisizadeh residential apartment project, our main effort was to provide the maximum possible outdoor space to the residents, while creating the maximum visual privacy from outside to inside. The initial idea was to create a flexible and variable building façade. The intention was to reach the desired result by changing the openings, "While giving the residents the right to choose their level of privacy".The effort was to, while respecting the introversion aspect of the residential units, consider implementing a terrace to protect the disturbing severe direct sunlight in summer and benefit from the sunlight in the cold weather of winter because of the warm and dry climate of Shiraz. As a resu... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

Safari Residential Apartment

Text description provided by the architects. The Safari Residential Project is located at the southeast of Shiraz, one of the oldest part of the city. Today, the attention of the architects in the city is more focused on the wealthy areas and there is a lack of innovative projects in such poor areas. The site context’s situation is in decline, and architecture is being oblivious, which has affected the city fabric structure and visual aspect of the region. To this end, the initial perspective on the creation of this project is a slight attempt to revive the recession situation of the design site.The idea of the design was based on creating a connecting and reliant element on all floors. This central element, which is in the inner shell of t... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

45m2 Home

The goal of this project was to transform an existing storage on the roof of a residential apartment to a livable place. Considering the fact that existing space was very limited, design team initial concept was to incorporate all the residential required spaces in such a small space. Unlike the typical process of dividing the space into various spaces, and each space for one specific activity, 45 sqm. home offers one single space which changes constantly based on different functions and activities. The initial area of the project was 30 sqm in order to increase the space, we expanded the space toward the south edge of the building to achieve a 45 sqm. space and also a better exterior view. At the additional space, the roof was moved one me... More

Project • By Ryuichi Sasaki/ SASAKI ARCHITECTUREPassenger Terminals

Seoul Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal Design Competition

What will envision Seoul of tommorrow? What will make you reflect over the ever-lasting flow of time? Wars, ideologies, inconceivable amount of information come and go through the Han River. All we know is that Flow will sculpt the vision. Our proposal for Yeoui-Naru Ferry terminal and the surrounding area will mix people, the city, the park and the river in interweaving flows, guiding them together to look into the future. Main goals of our design are; - Creating a cultural center spot by providing non-uniform, diverse space. - Triggering active transportation and tourism by closely connecting the city, the park and the river with continuous flows. - Providing a brand-new viewpoint to the Han River and the city, creating focus on t... More