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Project • By SELIM SENINPrivate Houses

Albert Home

The project is located in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. The building designed on a 4000 m2 land was designed as a family house.It is one of the most important demands of the client that the house is different from the existing structures in the surrounding and not a replica project.The structure consists of 3 main masses coming together at different angles. Each mass has different volumes. As these different volumes come together, they create dynamic spaces between the 3 masses. The house has 2000 m2 closed area. The spaces of the house bring the interior spaces closer to nature with its geometry that is dispersed in the green area and touches the green.Generally, house buildings are structures consisting of a single block. Here, diff... More

Project • By Vis-A-Vis Anna WojczynskaPrivate Houses

Two Lakes Residence

We had a pleasure to work on the project of a private residence in a pristine birch forest in the south of Poland. Designed and executed with the utmost care, the residence became a private sanctuary, distant from the haste of the client’s everyday life. We took part in every stage of the project, touring the site before even the foundations were laid, advising the architect and the client from the conception, through the execution and until the final styling.  The client had trusted us fully, giving us almost unrestrained freedom to pursue our vision. A small number of very specific functional requirements, as well as a study of the client's other residences, served as a foundation of a truly bespoke design. The client asked f... More

Project • By ARCH-1Private Houses

Modern House Complex Near Liberiskis Pond 1,6 ha

Modern luxury relaxation houses. Designed near Liberiskis Pond near Panevezys in Lithuania. On 1,6 ha land for 8-9 buildings. More