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Project • By brg3sCommunity Centres

Youth Villages - Bower Activity Center

The Bower Activities Center (BAC) introduces a light-filled hub of activity and care programs to the pastoral campus of Youth Villages in the city of Bartlett, an outlying suburb of Memphis, TN.  Youth Villages, “a nationally recognized leader in the field of childrens' mental and behavioral health,” provides residential, academic, and developmental services for children and teens with “emotional, mental, and behavioral problems.”  Initially designed to house only the Food With Class program –  an educational class where teens learn to develop teamwork and professional skills in a commercial kitchen setting – and a few other support services, the scope of the design quickly grew as Youth Vi... More

Project • By *hfe - ARCHITECTURE | Héctor Fernádez ElorzaShowrooms

Chefslab flagship space

Chefslab is the result of Sergio Perez’s idea of his ideal gastronomic space. He desired a place for organizing exclusive events and cooking workshops. This is Chefslab flagship space. The main challenge of this project resided in the low budget and the preexistence whilst creating an unique experience. The overall design aim is to focus on minimal interventions in order to achieve maximum impact: _Ordering the space by dividing the area in one silver served open-plan room and a couple of black/darker servant zones (kitchen, laboratories, and storage). The glittering silver room is where all activities will take place. Although, this main space can be divided according&nb... More

Project • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsPavilions


With a roof draped «like a leaf between trees», the «Wolke 7» (Cloud 7) structure nestles naturally into the historic park landscape. On the path between the castle inn and the tower, the walkway has been expanded to define the pavilion grounds. The "floating" roof, a curved umbrella above the ground, creates a spatial and atmospheric effect, marking the culinary meeting point at the centre of the castle park. The twice-bent, in-situ concrete surface rests on the steel supports like a "sheet of paper". The resulting deformation elevates the natural bending process to a structural principle. The curved contour of the roof, derived from the position of the existing trees, suggests accessibility from all sides, providing an open space for... More