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Lukas Schaller


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With a roof draped «like a leaf between trees», the «Wolke 7» (Cloud 7) structure nestles naturally into the historic park landscape. On the path between the castle inn and the tower, the walkway has been expanded to define the pavilion grounds. The "floating" roof, a curved umbrella above the ground, creates a spatial and atmospheric effect, marking the culinary meeting point at the centre of the castle park. The twice-bent, in-situ concrete surface rests on the steel supports like a "sheet of paper". The resulting deformation elevates the natural bending process to a structural principle. The curved contour of the roof, derived from the position of the existing trees, suggests accessibility from all sides, providing an open space for refreshments with an open air atmosphere. The ensemble is completed with a long bar, a storage box with serving niches and a glass cabinet. The result is a spatial ensemble without a front or back – in summer the wine is chilled, in winter the wine is mulled. The characteristic park lighting is extended conceptually in "Wolke 7". Light rings on metal pillars make it possible to illuminate the ceiling and bar area in different lighting moods.

Project Team: Marie-Therese Harnoncourt-Fuchs, Ernst J. Fuchs, Paul Vabitsch, Christoph Pehnelt

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