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Czech architecture

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NewsNews • 10 Jun 2021

Chybik + Kristof Architects preserve Brutalist architectural heritage while advocating for positive social change through their redesign of the Zvonarka Central Bus Terminal

In Brno, Czech Republic, Chybik + Kristof Architects have completed the redesign of Zvonarka Central Bus Terminal. The project saw the architects actively engage in preserving the existing Brutalist structure – a steel supporting frame and concrete roof – and its original identity, preserving and reflecting an important part of the city’s architectural identity. Alex Shoots Buildings Stressing the station’s central role in the city and the region’s sociocultural fabric, the project is further a rethink of a decaying transportation hub and public space, adapting and responding to current social needs. Caption Constructed in 1988, Brno’s Zvonarka Central Bus Terminal has long been considered one... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

IDEAL-Trade Service Brno

From outside... The gray envelope of the facade panels in the street, where there are mainly companies and car showrooms, fits in with the others. At first glance, however, it differs by its dark framed horizontal windows, which thus refer to the most famous, functionalist period of the city of Brno. With a little imagination, you can see the outlines of the famous Villa Savoy, an icon of the period. And thanks to these wide strip windows, there is enough light inside for all the offices in the administrative part of the building. The two-storey administrative building itself is supplemented to the rear by a production, development, and storage facility. An important element of the exterior, which is not visible from the street, at first... More

Project • By DKarchitekti, s.r.o.Train stations

Hall of daily treatment DEPO Brno

Investor: Brno Public Transport Company Location: Czech Republic, Brno-Pisárky, Hlinky Street Author: DKARCHITEKTI (David Kudla, Tomáš Fries, Filip Malý) Building layout: 117 × 14.5 m, height 10.5 m, Window size: 5.6 × 23.6 m Built-up area: 1,612 sqm Total area of interest on the premises: 6,650 sqm Tracks area: 12,730 sqm Design: 2017 Construction: 2018–2020   Introduction: A new tram maintenance depot was built in Brno-Pisárky. The architects DKARCHITEKTI gave the building a highly distinctive look and also the technical solution is very unique – it goes beyond what we imagine under the terms "hall" or "depot". The distinctive facade panel segmentation was optimis... More

Project • By Skarka StudiosCity Halls

Ceremonial Hall

Architect : Martin Jan Rosa / www.martinrosa.cz Photography : Skarka Studios - Katerina Skarkova / www.skarkastudios.com The ceremonial hall in the premises of the town hall in Nový Jičín is the place of the most important life events, whether it is welcoming citizens, concluding marriages or other important meetings. The hall is regularly filled with the happiest emotions. However, its appearance from the end of the 1960s has ceased to be sufficient for the demands placed on the current significant representative space.   Architecture The new appearance of the hall, vestibule and adjacent facilities is intentionally moderated so that it is above all a dignified background for the events themselves. We have preserved... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

KOMA Modular Headquarters

KOMA Modular is a Czech manufacturing company that is the leader in the Czech modular market. The modular KOMA system is a complex building system that can be used as temporary and easily movable buildings, but also as permanent buildings. Their products are situated in city centers or industrial zones all around the world. In 2015, KOMA Modular in cooperation with the Czech architectural studio CHYBIK + KRISTOF designed and produced the Czech pavilion for the world exhibition EXPO in Milan. The modular pavilion was awarded the bronze medal for architecture and innovations. As it is a modular building, it was possible to disassemble the entire pavilion and transport it back to the Czech Republic after the exhibition. KOMA Modular decided t... More

NewsNews • 16 Aug 2020

Crystalline Community Centre features dynamic lines and material expression

South of Prague, the Sedlčany Community Centre by architects A8000 s.r.o. consists of two buildings that create a natural transition between the town’s urban fabric and less densely developed area that surrounds. The first building is an apartment block that terminates the street. The second is a prayer house, rotated towards the town’s centre. While the apartment building is more traditionally conceived in expression and composition, the prayer house is more contemporary with its material expression and crystalline form. Credit: Ondřej Bouška The prayer house comprises three concrete slabs leaning against each other. Clad with an expanded sheet of metal, a red foil is placed beneath the sheets to create the final c... More

NewsNews • 12 Aug 2020

Undulating winery roof immerses public space into vineyard landscape

Located in the Czech Republic’s Monrovia countryside, the design of the Lahofer Winery is deeply rooted in nature with the building unfolding into the native terrain, immersing itself into the surrounding vine rows. Designed by Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers, the winery comprises three distinct interconnected structures – a wine-making facility, winery administrative base, and a visitor centre with tasting room. Here, the  visitor experience is prioritized, notably by allocating the undulating roof as a public amphitheatre and open space. Credit: Alex Shoots Buildings Emulating the archetypal wine cellar of the region, the interior vault of the winery rests on a grid of arched beams, with the interi... More

NewsMaterialization • 1 Aug 2020

Czech house design finds value in a ruin

A former homestead rebuilt as a granary under the communist regime, this house in that Czech Republic has also been looted and badly renovated over the years. But for ORA Architects, despite any ill-considered rebuilding, the house has lost none of its grandeur. Instead, the way it is positioned on-site and the way it rises to the sky has proven to be timeless. It was a ruin of value for the architects. Credit: BoysPlayNice Together with the building owners, the architects determined that repairing the existing fabric in full would mean losing the building's character. Thus, the concept of inserting a new house within the existing fabric, i.e. the ruin, emerged.   Credit: BoysPlayNice As part of the works, the original... More

Project • By Stempel & Tesar ArchitektiPrivate Houses


Masterful in its simplicity, magnificent in its purity of material, elegant in its simplicity of form, and sophisticated in its interior layout, which takes advantage of the steep slope and one-of-a-kind views of the Berounka Valley. These were the goals that we tried to fulfill in our design, supported by the owners’ wishes and their faith in us. Originally a garden of a romantic villa in the historical part of Všenory, the property enchanted us and the owners not just with its beautiful views and dramatic terrain, but also because on it was a reminder of its original function – a romantic gazebo with a winding staircase. Although we all liked its form, our idea of the house was entirely in contrast with it: strict right angles, complement... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceBars


(un)traditional Czech pub   The Výčep restaurant is situated in a tenement house in Prague's Vinohrady. Our aim was to design a traditional Czech pub with a traditional Czech beer and cuisine, but interpreted in the 21st century. We attempted to define typical features of a Czech pub at the beginning of the 20th century and apply them in a contemporary interior. Its setting stone is the "BEER BAR", which welcomes the visitor straight upon entering. There must be a place at the bar for drinking beer while standing and of course a true larger on tap. Here it is the Dalešice beer from the recently renovated historic brewery. Wooden wall panelling used to be a common interior feature, protecting walls from being damaged, as... More

Project • By KOGAAPavilions

Next Gen Park

Informed by research on urban problematics related to climate change, we actively challenge the functions of public spaces, transforming them into educational, interactive, and conscious catalysts. Similarly to our previous urban project ‘City Cell Prototype’, a fully self-suffcient public installation tackling the problem of water shortages and heat waves, their latest Next Gen Park is addressing the issue of CO2 production in our cities, by visually representing the amount of 1 ton in the size of the air balloon.   The iconic landmark raises the environmental awareness in the public realm and becomes, throughout the day, a center for the discussions on various topics such as the use of public spaces, the implementation... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceOffices

EOH IT Hub in Prague

"We began with the idea of merging two opposite scales. The microscopic and the macroscopic. Cells have to divide in order to multiply, grow and specialize properly. Space, for us, means endless opportunities and visions. It is full of creativity and imagination," says Martin Stára, founder and managing partner of Studio Perspektiv."Inspired by varying and distinct phenomena of each scale, we communicate the idea through organic structures, anorganic surfaces, semitransparent walls and membranes, laser beams and an assorted color palette of a galaxy far far away," adds Jan Antal, managing partner and author of the project.Multicellular OrganismThe two-storey office space is located in the Main Point building in Prague, Pankrác. The project'... More

Project • By BoysPlayNicePrivate Houses

House Behind the Wall

It all started with our clients’ purchase of a house over a hundred years old. The traditional building with a gable roof was at its end. Its stone basement was still in a good condition so we decided to take down the rest of the house and use the stone socle in the basement as a foundation for the new house. Our courageous and somewhat risky plan worked out and today, the clients live in a beautiful, modern house which combines the historical soul of its predecessor and nordic esthetics with a touch of industrial style. What can we say? The road to success is not always an easy one but it’s worth it to put in a little extra effort.   The lot borders a busy road which serves as a starting point for tourists heading to the... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceOffices


One of the biggest players in the Slovakian IT business went through some major changes during 2018. The largest hosting service provider has become a member of the international group and outgrew its offices not only physically but also mentally. That directed them toward moving straight into the newly developing business district in Bratislava - Mlynské Nivy. The design of the new work environment was orchestrated by the Prague based Studio Perspektiv. The task was stated clearly – to create offices that will support company culture and serve as an exceptional event space.MotherboardOne can surrender to WebSupport's strong visual style and communication through blogs or podcasts very easily. Architects decided not to resist either. They b... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceHotels

The Former Měšťák Hotel Český Krumlov

Author's report The hotel rooms are located in the former Měšťák Hotel, in the very centre of Český Krumlov. Originally three separate Gothic houses from the 14th century were joined into one complex in the 1950s. Unfortunately, the houses have undergone several large renovations during their life (last one in the 1990s), having had most of their original details, with a few exceptions removed. One of such exceptions is the 'presidential suite' with its preserved carved Renaissance beam ceiling. In the design, we tried to bring the buildings' long lost nobleness back into the rooms and also introduce something from its original features - wooden beam ceiling and parquet floors. The other materials and details are completely contem... More