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Product • By TerzaniWabi


Influenced by the rustic simplicity of the mulberry tree, Nicolas Terzani set out to create a piece that delivered the same quiet, harmonious elegance. Thus, Wabi, available in gold-plated or silver-plated finish, which recalls the serenity and balance of its natural inspiration. The texture of Wabi harnesses the anomalies of a cortex, resulting in a unique and classic light. More

Product • By NOOMEL Lamp small CS1

EL Lamp small CS1

Dimensions (cm): H 15 x W 15 x D 15 Net Weight: 1,5 kg Electrification: EU version: LED 10W | G9 | 220-240V | 50 HzUS version: LED 10W | G9 | 110V | 60 Hz EL collection of lighting is inspired by the geometric works of the great Suprematist artists El Lissitzky and Kazimir Malevich. Suprematism is a modernist movement in the art of the early twentieth century, focused on the basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines and rectangles. The geometric structure of the lamps will always look like a small art object in your house. More

Product • By LuceplanNui Outdoor

Nui Outdoor

Nui Outdoor. Balance, symbiosis and interaction: the crux of the design of the Nui collection of outdoor floor and wall lamps lies in the relationship between two overlaid cylindrical volumes that interact in a dynamic of reciprocal completion.Parts of a single whole, these two volumes take on different, complementary roles. The upper block, in three variants, becomes the housing for the light source, hidden from view and aimed downward. The lower block, semispherical in its upper portion, acts as the support for the first while becoming the diffuser. The lamps are made in light grey concrete: the effect is that of minimal sculptural objects, but with a strong personality.The four different models (three floor lamps and one wall lamp) can b... More

Product • By KaishiTAKE A WAY


Born to become an icon, an animated object with own life, a nice proposal with a marked youthful style. TAKE A WAY is a portable lamp inspired by the lanterns used in the railway stations of the past time, a reinterpretation of the old railway lamps under an updated aesthetic. The lamp is an object totally polyvalent, being a portable object, we can use it anywhere without wires thanks to the incorporation of long-life lithium battery. The lamp is made of aluminum, material that provides strength and lightness to the object. In addition, it integrates adjustable LED technology, that allows to regulate the intensity of light depending on the needs of the moment, a surprising proposal that will not leave you indifferent. More