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The Dahlia collection is inspired by the geometry of the Dahlia flower, whose petals spiral from the center with a mesmerizing pattern. This fascinating pattern, based on the Fibonacci sequence or well-known Golden Ratio, led to a collection of large illuminated light flowers. The Dahlia collection offers the choice between two chandeliers (Ø1m or Ø1,5m) or one striking wall-light (Ø1m). Each Dahlia chandeliers offer both functional and mood light: The rotating center spot light is accompanied by a powerful LED strip that acts as mood light. The dimmable center spot light can be aimed any direction downwards in approximately 135 degree angle. The LED strip that illuminates the fixture it self can also be dimmed separ... More

Product • By LuceplanDoi wall

Doi wall

The Doi family of suspension lamps designed by Meneghello Paolelli for Luceplan has been expanded with a wall version that conserves the characteristic simultaneously essential and dynamic design. The structure is composed of two parts: the cylinder attached the walland the spotlight, with a length of about 18 cm, formed by an extruded aluminium module. The two parts are connected by a mechanical joint that allows the light source to bend and rotate on the central base,adjusting the direction of the light. This freedom of movement makes Doi wall/ceiling extremely versatile and ready to respond to any installation requirements: a reading lamp placed by the headboard of abed, or a perfect solution to light a corridor or a museum display, whe... More

Product • By FlosLUCE ORIZZONTALE S1,S2,S3


Suspended lamp consisting of interconnected glass modules that reach a length of 1.66 mt. (S1) 2.07 mt. (S2) 2.49 mt. (S3) with 2.70 m suspended power cable. The cylindrical transparent glass modules are created through an artisanal process by pouring the glass into a rotating mold to obtain an exclusive finish that makes each single piece unique. Internal structure in polished extruded aluminum equipped with two linear LED modules for direct and indirect lighting downwards. The modules can be easily removed and replaced in case of maintenance. The power supply unit and the Dali Dimmer are located within the ceiling rose while a touch control button, positioned on one end of the product, allows the luminaire to be controlled in three differ... More

Product • By FlosGustave Hospitality

Gustave Hospitality

Gustave is a portable, self-powered luminaire, specially designed for tabletop lighting applications and other related uses as supplementary lighting. Gustave’s compact size encloses a perfect mix of the most innovative optical and light technology and a disruptive engineering, developed in the service of a discretionary purpose of Flos for this project: to create the first portable luminaire on the market with circular design awareness, ecological and honestly conceived against obsolescence. Portable luminaire with autonomous battery, designed for hospitality (hotels, restaurants...). Powered by 'Button Type 18650 Li-Ion' batteries (3 units, not included). External battery charger, not included. 3-Step dimming (25%, 50%, 100%) by mea... More

Product • By FlosBELLHOP WALL UP


Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby Indirect light wall lamp. Body in colored polycarbonate. Diffuser made of semi-transparent injection-moulded polycarbonate. The surface of the diffuser has been designed with a special texture to enhance the uniformity of the light distribution. High efficiency LED source with a lifetime of more than 50.000 hours. The LED source can be easily replaced on site by a professional installer when it comes to the end of its lifecycle. Bellhop Wall Up is a future-proof lamp as no glue is used to assemble its different parts. The product can therefore be separated, replaced individually, and recycled separately. More

Product • By LuceplanLevante


A chandelier of great emotional impact, based on the creative intuition of the designer, together with the research on materials, technology and design conducted by Luceplan. A new protagonist for living areas in the home, but also for contract applications. The size is impressive, yet the overall image is ethereal, like an organism floating in space.Levante (the name suggests lightness and wind, but also a clear reference to oriental aesthetics) stems from the intersection of three large fans, made in an unprecedented material for the design sector, borrowed from the world of food, with an appearance similar to rice paper, to spread light in a uniform way over surfaces.The thickness of the veils is minimal, and they are attached with magne... More

Project • By archilumeOffices

Watt Plaza Lobby

Even from beyond the doors, the soft glow of the lighting feature at Watt Plaza Lobby simply cannot be missed. The new lobby design by STUDIOS Architecture called for a massive decorative light display and Canadian lighting studio, Archilume, got the call. The result is a striking constellation of 350 (yes, 350!) individually mounted P1M LED luminaires.  The P1M is Archilume’s marquee pendant. It set the stage for what is now the brand’s design ethos - innovating by combining science with beauty. Since its founding in 2013, Archilume has been producing glare-free decorative luminaires that revolutionize the use of innovative lighting technologies – one of the first to use energy-efficient LED chip-on-board technology... More

Project • By CentrsvetExhibition Centres


BMW Group presented the new BMW X7 for the first time in Russia. The premiere was held at a specially designed BMW Secret Lounge at "Skolkovo", golf club in the format of exclusive private unveilings for the guests. The presentation of the vehicle to the general public was held at the «Garage» museum in Gorky Park. Caption Caption Centrsvet developed a concept for lighting based on Infinity track system and mounted it for the presentation of BMW X7. Elements of the new vehicle’s design were emphasized by light accents. For the entrance and the "secret" room with the new flagship BMW 7 (official photographs will be released in March) , new Sozvezdie models were assembled: a few hundred light sources set the right... More

Product • By LuceplanDoi


Doi is a family of decorative indoor lamps which takes on different possible configurations in the suspension models, formed by only a disk and a cylinder, or with the added “pendulum” accessory. Depending on the interaction of the key parts of the project – the disk and the diffuser cylinder – as well as on the magnetic attachment or the play of counterweights, different compositions can be created, to produce the desired orientation of the beam of light. More

Project • By LuceplanOffices

EAAB office

At the headquarters of EAAB, a construction company based in Uppsala, Hope pendant lights elegantly illuminate the executive meeting rooms, while Mesh pendant lights create a striking theatrical twist in the large double-height hall. Lasse Olsson Lasse Olsson Lasse Olsson   More

Product • By Clear LightingFlexglo™ F21DTW Ambient Lighting

Flexglo™ F21DTW Ambient Lighting

It’s in our DNA to pursue the light stemmed from the perception about the periodic change of day and night, so the most comfortable state is to follow the pace of natural light.  Dim to Warm products always provide the suitable color temperature and brightness simultaneously adapting to the moment without flickering. No matter when relaxing, reading, working, or recreating, it is the right tone that belongs to you.  Contact us and learn more. More

Product • By LODESRandom Solo

Random Solo

Five perfect spheres floating in the air like gentle glass bubbles. Designed by Chia-Ying Lee, Random Solo revisits the concept of the Random suspension lamp by parting the original three-piece cluster and adding two new blown glass spheres.   The five sizes and six different finishes available offer ample styling freedom, both as individually suspended light points and in light and lively combinations on clusters. The new fingerprint resistant frosted white finish magically changes the perception of the sphere and its volume, opening new opportunities for interior decoration. More

Product • By LuceplanHope - Ceiling Lamp

Hope - Ceiling Lamp

The methacrylate lenses achieve a dioptric effect similar to glass without any limitations in terms of size, thickness and weight. Hope – the result of a brilliant design and manufacturing process – can be used with any type of light source: halogens, energy-saving LEDs and fluorescent bulbs. Design Francisco Gomez Paz, Paolo Rizzatto, 2010 More

Product • By LODESKelly


Seductive beauty with a bold personality thanks to the strong and precise laser cuts, which lighten the metal of the lampshade and create an intriguing play of light and shadow. Kelly is a multifaceted family of suspension and wall lamps that stand out with elegance in any living space thanks to the variety of available forms and finishes. More

Product • By Articolo StudiosLumi Floor Lamp

Lumi Floor Lamp

Lumi is timeless in its refined elegance and simplicity of form, its distinctive design characterized by one mouthblown glass vessel cocooned in the other. Together, the vessels express feminine fluidity of form while celebrating the subtle striations found in organic mouthblown glass. More