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Project • By Paco Lago InteriorizaHospitals

Smile In

We are hired to design orthodontic clinics whose services have evolved from traditional orthodontics to invisible dental alignment. ​The main idea is to communicate through space this evolution from the traditional dental clinic to the new concept, where aesthetics, procedure, treatment and experience of patients changes radically, be transformed to a specialised boutique. ​Straight lines marked on walls and ceiling, wood as the main material and an open concept make the transformation. Spaces are differentiated by services, such as: - Reception with a high counter for public attention. - Bleachers in the waiting room. - Experience hallways. - Open concept where the patient is treated. More


FERRACES Dental Clinic

This project clearly establishes a two-way dialogue between the clinic and the square facing it.Large, vertical, butt-joint glazed window panes without intermediate profiles flood the interior with a diffused northern light and completely open up the façade, allowing for the interior ceiling’s volumetric “game” - formed of prismatic shapes in shades of blue and white – to be viewed from the outside.This interior-exterior transparency is maintained in the inside spaces, making felt the spatial continuity created by the ceiling’s forms.The waiting area is accentuated by the warmth of its oak skirting board.The façade appears dematerialised through the combination of the large glass window panes and a thin coating of panels of mini-wave micro-... More

Project • By Integrated Field co.,ltd.Hospitals

Dental Bliss

" Curtains and Cubes " Normally, clinic is definitely not one of a destination to be thought of, except for the time of sickness or unwell. But to care more about your health and have it checked up from time to time won't be such a bad idea. Therefore, this dental clinic, DENTAL BLISS, was meant to create the feeling of relaxation and warmth to lessen visitor's stress from spending time in the small space with strangers and make it feel ordinary to go to clinic by routine. According to the basic idea mentioned above, IF proposed the planning that would give the waiting area a good quality of relaxation and warmth but still have the feeling of privacy, the space that is in between the FORMALITY and INFORMALITY. The seating in the waiti... More

Project • By OPENLAB architectsHospitals


“A singular concept for a singular space. The light, as well as the neutral colours invade the space, thus creating a comfortable brightness for the visitant”. Business competition is intimately connected with the improvement and development of services. A striking image works as a catalyst, becoming a valuable leverage in the parting of waters between rival companies. Based on these ideas, Be Clinique, elected OPENLAB architects to transform an office space with 200m2, located in one of the most emblematical neighbourhoods of Lisbon, the Castilho Street, into a dental care clinic with five consulting rooms. This project was intended as a way to promote Be Clinique as a dental care concept. The project took in grate care the recep... More

Project • By Hari ArchitectsHospitals

Cocolo Dental Clinic

Cocolo Dental Clinic by Hari Architects in Takushima, Japan All images courtesy Hari Architects image © Seiji Koda More

Project • By Fernando Cué González + Mauricio García CuéHospitals

Dental Workshop

Located in one of the most majestic ravines in Cuernavaca, over a steep terrain, the building makes room for a dental ceramics studio, where different materials are melted using high-tech techniques. The street-level floor, that portrays a distinctive concrete block, hosts the dental offices and operating room. Even though they are part of the dental ceramics studio, they have enough independence. The mixed structure of the dental studio, located just one floor below the access level, is uprooted above a blowup of 6.7 meters. Its cover is resolved in the form of a visor, curving the roof to avoid the direct impact of the sun without compromising spectacular views of the ravine and the golf course. The working areas are conceived as... More

Project • By A1 ArchitectsHospitals

D.Vision Dental Clinic

New space for Dental Clinic D.VISION was opened after refurbishing ground floor at 19th century apartement house in Prague. Beyond the regular dental treatment D.VISION practice also oral surgery, according to such a sensitive theme one of the main goals of architectural design was to break-through the stereotype of cold and often stressful enviroment of health care centres. Rounded wall with oak veneer is the central motif and links the space of three treatment rooms and waiting area. Beyond the pleasant oak texture the atmosphere of waiting room is characteristic for its ubiquitous painting by Alexey Klyuykov and Vít Svoboda the members of CAP. Those golden graffiti naturaly leak in the interior from the street with its free funny atti... More

Project • By Kino ArchitectsOffices

Pony Pediatric Dental Clinic

Generally, pediatric dental clinic is a dental clinic for patients that are underage. Therefore in pediatric dentistry, dentists need to have knowledge in growth and development of children as well as ability to give dental instruction to parents. For this reason, I have designed a space where we can feel “growth”. Since I have adopted separation of traffic in the plan of this clinic, there are rooms for each unit. This means that each room is a closed space surround by “walls”. In order to create a sense of openness and secure the visibility of the staffs, I have made a semicircle shaped opening on each wall. As the diameter of the opening on each wall is different, the size and the height of the openings vary, creating a space where... More

Project • By Hiroki TanabeHospitals

Minami-Nagano Dental Clinic & Residence

This is a complex of a dental clinic and a dentistfs residence, located in the suburbs of Nagano, Japan, in a beautiful farm village surrounded by rice fields and peach orchards. A concrete plate 300 millimeters thick forms a zigzag structure, which makes up three shells and two open courtyards. As well as lying in alternate shifts, they face each other across the plate. Each shell has different functions inside, residence, clinic and waiting lounge. In each courtyard, two glass boxes are set and used as pathways and entry halls between two adjacent shells. The residence and the waiting lounge require being separated and kept off from the clinic to ensure dwelling ability. For dentists, the residence is the space for relaxation separ... More

Project • By Takato Tamagami Offices

Ippin dental technician’s office

The Ippin dental technician’s office is probably the first office of its kindto be opened in Japan that offers customized services. In Japan, dental technicians make dentures and dental prosthesesaccording to orders from dentists, sotheir workplaces are hidden behind the scenes. Our client, who has practiced extensivelyin the United States, decided to establish a new dental laboratory where he canwork directly with customers and offer the best customized services. He asked us to create the best spaceto realizethis ambition. The office is located in a commercial building surrounded bya wedding hall, beauty salons and boutiques. It is in the fashionable district of Omotesando, which is known as “ the avenue of contemporary masterpiece... More

Project • By X ARCHITEKTENHospitals

GKK Dental Ambulatory

The draft was defined by the clinic’s central theme, with the concept of a double row room structure for the extension, being derived from the two-dimensional illustration of a set of teeth. Five treatment rooms, as well as one room for prosthetic dentistry, are lined up next to each other on the southern side, benefiting fully from the natural sunlight. The separation of the rooms and their doorways are clearly defined by angular niches recessed into the walls that help guide the patients to their destination. The ubiquitous use of the clinical colour white, accentuated by the mint-coloured Corporate-Identity-Green of the regional medical insurance company, is the perfect analogy for hygiene and fresh breath. A white and soft PVC floor... More

Project • By Shift architecture urbanismPrivate Houses

Dentist with a View

The task of this project was to transform and extend an historical house in the centre of Best, a village in the south of The Netherlands, into a dental practice with four treatment rooms. The central question was how the extension responds to the existing architecture and how it profits from the green setting. The four new treatment rooms are situated in a new volume that at the same time mimics and contrasts the existing house. Its archetypical volume is derived from the existing house – it takes over the exact same inclination of the pitched roof - while it is being materialized in a very different material. Both the roof and the facades of the extension are clad with zinc. This strengthens the iconic quality of the archetype and ren... More

Project • By N MAEDA ATELIERHospitals


For this project a moulding form coins the shape of space. According to this positive form, every space in the building alongside with its scenery is being created as the negative counterpart to it. Moulding forms are usually being filled with liquid metal in order to shape a certain kind of part or product. In order to shape the spaces of the three floors of Plastic Moon, four casting moulds were used. [In the lower picture, from left to right, you can see the forms for the basement, first floor, second floor and for the roof.] Additionally the "height difference of the mould" adds up to 1.2 meters and in some places even breaks open for void-like atria to flood and furthermore connect the rooms with light. These forms have the... More