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Project • By DZAPOffices

Hogan Lovells

The renowned law firm Hogan Lovells has opted for the Zuidas in Amsterdam. In the brand new ‘Noordtoren’ of the Atrium complex they moved into the 7th, 8th and 9th floor. A deliberate choice to switch from the center of Amsterdam to the Zuidas where their current and potential clients, their peers and other relevant and important business relations are located.It has been a pleasure for us to create an interior with international allure. An interior that breathes the ‘DNA’ and the identity of Hogan Lovells with an inviting entrance, good communication and a well-considered balance between private rooms and open workplaces.Striking is the special designed staircase that connects the 3 floors and makes the intern traffic a lot easier. With it... More

Project • By Fiction FactoryOffices


Wikkelhouse is a unique modular concept. Individual standard segments can be simply interlinked with hidden connections to form a (holiday) home or office. Fiction Factory, a creative and innovative company in Amsterdam, can make a Wikkelhouse in any desired style.The base of Wikkelhouse is virgin fiber cardboard, which is made from Scandinavian trees. This top-quality cardboard is wrapped around a unique patented house-shaped mould, while environmentally friendly glue is added. This results in a robust sandwich structure with optimal insulation qualities and structural strength. After wrapping the cardboard each segment is covered with a waterproof but breathable foil. This foil makes sure the cardboard doesn’t get drenched during rain whi... More

Product • By SpanhoutSpanhout


Sit- Table More

Product • By LeendersPharos Interior

Pharos Interior

Pharos Interior is a floating room sculpture. Fixed to the ceiling with a special construction. Made to measure. Pharos Interior is our only fireplace with an open combustion chamber. So there is no glass between you and the fire. The included spark screen guarantees a safe fire.For a good view on the fire Pharos Interior is rotatable up to 360°. When placed in front of a wall 2×60° is possible.CAST ALUMINIUMThe cast aluminium casing makes Pharos Interior unique in our collection. This cast aluminium is of exceptional quality and gives the casing a soft surface.VISIBLE CRAFTSMANSHIPThe Pharos Interior has polished cast aluminium shell parts, it is true craftsmanship. Craftsmanship by Theo.Theo works the shell parts layer by layer until he a... More

Product • By LeendersStor


Stor is a large, strong and efficient fireplace, which combines the art of engineering with the highest standards of technology. Stor has a lot of small but important design details. For example the top part of the handle is furnished with a thin layer of olive wood. This way it looks as if the handle is made from one piece of wood, while the core is reinforced with steel.HANDCRAFTThe wooden handles on Stor are made of olive wood, which has been taken from Harrie and Margriet’s garden in Italy.The handles are later hand crafted in Oirschot. By Harrie himself.ART OF ENGINEERINGStor’s shape; the rounded back with the riveted lamellas and its material: thick steel, resembles the art of engineering of the 19th century.The language of the archet... More
REVO Compact Basic

Project • By CLS-LEDRestaurants


The pictures displayed here are not photorealistic renderings, but actual pictures of a finished project! The White Restaurant in Batumi offers guests a total upside down dining experience.During a visit of CLS Management to Batumi in August 2011, the project was first discussed, during which most delegation members were under the impression that the original plans were a practical joke. However, this was not the case with this remarkably original design by a 24 year old architect.The façade lighting features the REVO Compact in warm white and amber colours. More
REVO Basic

Project • By CLS-LEDConsulates


The consulate building Batumi (Georgia) was recently featured with CLS LED lighting. The 19th century building which houses two consulates and several offices, is recently restored. The LED lighting accentuates the historic character of the building.The challenge for the lighting designer was to create an exciting, perfectly matching colour draft. After some tests a combination of warm white and amber proved to give the desired result. REVO luminaires with blue LEDs give the dome on the roof a ‘heavenly’ touch. The minaret of the mosque is also beautifully lit by CLS LED luminaires.This project features the following CLS-products:As many as 57 pieces of CAS9 amber were used for the ground level. The ornaments on the higher levels of the bui... More

Project • By MVRDVShops

Chongwenmen M-Cube

Located just within Beijing’s innermost ring road, the KWG·M·CUBE is prominently located next to the Beijing Railway Station and near to both the Temple of Heaven to the Southwest, and Tiananmen and the Forbidden City to the Northwest. Given this prime location and the consequent value of the land, the client wanted a building that would stand out from its mostly beige and grey neighbours, while also packing a large amount of space into a relatively small footprint. Contradicting this request were the desires of the city government, whose preference was for a building that would fit in with its muted surroundings on the busy street.MVRDV was commissioned to design the building’s exterior and responded to these competing hopes with a 7-store... More

Product • By Marc Th. van der VoornStitch coffee table for Odesi

Stitch side table

Odesi challenged me to think of a side table you could play around with, a family with an ‘edge’. That became the Stitch; a table with an asymmetrical frame that embraces the tabletop on one side, dividing it.You can stack or overlap them which gives you lots of options. The marble tray is my favorite!The tabletops come in two flavors; beautifully grained ash and slick Fenix (mat black) all with their own edge finish.The main idea is mix and match. Combine a rectangular ash table with a round Fenix table and finish it with a marble tray. More

Project • By architectenbureau cepezedOffices

State Office de Knoop

The Knoopkazerne in the center of Utrecht dates from 1989 and served for decades as headquarters for the Royal Netherlands Army. The building has now been radically transformed into a combined office and meeting center for the national government. Commissioned by the consortium R Creators with Strukton, Ballast Nedam and Facilicom, cepezed produced the architectural design. Fokkema & Partners Architects was involved for the interior design and Rijnboutt for the urban design component.The original complex was characterized by a pronounced multitude of volumes with varying heights and floor dimen- sions as well as meandering façades with a smoke glass sun-blind. In the redevelopment designed by cepezed, drastic changes have been combined... More

Product • By ProoffEarChair


Championing listening and concentrationThe EarChair by Studio Makkink & Bey is a statement piece in every office; sturdy in design and appealing in shape, this chair is sure to turn heads. In sets of two or four, the EarChair creates an intimate setting that ensures minimal distraction from the hustle and bustle of the office environment.The extended ears provide a cocoon-like insulation; the acoustics have been tested to perfection making it an ideal place for a meeting or a quick chat. With a variety of customisation options with regards to colour, fabric and ear size, there are plenty of opportunities to make the EarChair setup a welcomed addition to any space. (Introduced in 2006) More

Project • By WOODlife FlooringResidential Landscape

Huys 404 Park Avenue South NYC

404 years after discovering New York, latter-day Dutch pioneers have returned to transform a historic loft building at 404 Park Avenue South into 58 exquisite luxurious and elegantly detailed condominiums – replete with a distinctive Dutch twist. Located in the heart of the vibrant NoMad district, Huys at 404 Park Avenue South is a neo-classical property dating from 1917, set amongst fin-de-siècle office buildings and warehouses, and neighboring stately mansions from New York's Gilded Age. An exceptional team was assembled by award-winning Dutch property developers Kroonenberg Groep. It consisted of renowned Dutch designer Piet Boon®; celebrated Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf; and New York construction management firm, Sciame.... More

Product • By Studio Willem van de WeertKamon chair

Kamon chair

Inspired by Japanese crest, This chair can be part of your dinning ritual! More

Product • By qoowlHands of Time

Hands of Time

Through the wear of the sanding disc the clock is telling the story of a craftsman. Time, the materials used and the way of working are all of influence on the appearance of the clock. Each Hands Of Time Wall Clock is an unique piece. Which craftsman used the disc and what did he create? Sanding discs of qoowl and other craftsman are transformed into clocks. The stories of the discs are brought to their new owners, the ones who bought a clock. Hands Of Time Wall Clock has a diameter of 30 cm. On request Hands of Time is avaiable with a diameter of 60 cm. Partially made with the laser cutter and partially done by hand. A number of parts will be produced with the laser cutter. The assembly and finish are done by hand. This includes the... More

Product • By Mary Dekker InterieursStock4Rolls®


Stock4Rolls® www.stock4rolls.com is an innovative built-in dispenser for your reserve toiletrolls. The dispenser can be built into any unused hollow space in the toilet or bathroom. Mary Dekker, designer, specialized in luxury and exclusive bathrooms, uses Stock4Rolls® in almost all her designs. The enthousiast reactions of her clients have encouraged her to patent and produce Stock4Rolls®. Starting Februari 2010 Stock4Rolls can be bought at the better retailers in the sanitary branch and at the webshop. The usual applications for the storage of spare toilet rolls, e.g. a separate stick on a stand or a wall-mounted holder, are functional but do not contribute to a design finish of the toilet or the bathroom. Dirt and dust have free ac... More