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Dutch designer and maker Leenders makes striking stoves. In terms of design, simplicity in particular catches the eye. This makes Leenders a typical representative of 'Dutch Design'. His stoves are clean-lined, without any superfluous details. At first sight, this may seem a rather simple style of designing products, but here appearances are definitely deceptive. Leenders loves the 'art of basics-only'. In the words of good writers: writing is deleting. This preference for simplicity and sobriety forces a designer to really reflect on what is essential to a particular product. Qualities desired, ease of operation and durability pass in review. But also the technical limitations and possibilities, rules and regulations as well as marketing are taken into account. The 'art of basics-only' basically relates to the endeavour to achieve purity of form and engineering, a product without frills, without any superfluous adornment or embellishment. The key concept of this style of designing products is attention. Attention to form, but no less to construction and engineering. He who has mastered the 'art of basics-only' does not get lost in details, but adds something extra where it is really needed.

Leenders, too, clearly shows this kind of attention to something extra. An especially thick steel plate, special ceramic firebrick elements (own patent), perfect closing features, great ease of operation, and swivel models. Its finish makes the brand stand out as a true trendsetter. Years ago, the Fuga was introduced with a stainless-steel casing. Today, the Oirschot manufacturer is exporting its stoves to nine European countries.
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Leenders Oirschot
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