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Project • By NADA StudioPrivate Houses

WTBA House

Designed for a cliff outside of Papallacta, Ecuador. NADA Studio has conceived ‘WTBA HOUSE’ to combine the solidity of concrete with the warmness of wood and the lightness of glass. The project proposes a low single-story residence topped... More

Project • By Ruptura Morlaca ArquitecturaBars

Mangiare Bene

"Mangiare Bene" is an Italian food restaurant located on the ground floor of a heritage house in the city of Cuenca - Ecuador. In an area of ​​60 m2, an interrelation between the diner and the preparation of food for the enjoyment of the culinary art... More

Project • By Najas ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Mezze Residence

Mezze Residence #2 is part of a set of four private houses located in Quito, Ecuador, on the Tumbaco Valley, on the northwestern foothills of the Ilaló inactive Volcano.   The preexistence of many avocado and lemon trees on the site, and... More

Project • By El Sindicato ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Parasitic House

“Poor is not who owns little, but who needs a lot” Mujica.   Design and construction of a 12 sq.m dwelling, located on the rooftop of an existent building at the popular neighbourhood San Juan in Quito-Ecuador   Casa parásito(Parasitic house) is a mi... More

Project • By Ruptura Morlaca ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Cement Curtain

With a position of respect towards the nature (artificial or natural) of the site and with the aim of integrating the new use of study house, it is resolved to preserve the pre-existing ones: a mediagua that functioned as an office, the green area wi... More

Project • By Martin StaceyHousing

Casa AS

The AS house seeks to complement a simple, comfortable life without worries in a privileged place surrounded by nature and tranquility. The family that owns the house wanted to stay connected and live in their day to day, so it was essential to maint... More

Project • By PMMTHospitals

Hospital in Puyo

The “Hospital de Puyo” emerged as a major architectural challenge in response to a national emergency which called for the design, construction and outfitting of a latest-generation hospital facility in record time (less than one year), but without g... More

Project • By PMMTHospitals

Machala Fluid Hospital

Fluid hospital is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the metrics and parameters that define hospitals–highly complex healthcare facilities–and serves to reduce considerably and guarantee the processes of design, construction, fitting-out and c... More

Project • By Natura Futura ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Stilts House

The project was to capture the essence of the environment, the lifestyle Stilts House, located in Villamil, Guayas province, Ecuador, a satellite city of Guayaquil with a population of 33.560 inhabitants, where at the time of the colony was a port of... More

Project • By 3ARQUITECTOSBanks

Banco Solidario

Located in the center of the financial district in Quito, Ecuador Solidario Bank has a structure built in the 80's. The internal space of this floor had never remodeled, so the configuration was not very flexible, and the spaces were dark and very pa... More

Project • By 3ARQUITECTOSOffices

EF - Education First Offices - Quito - Ecuador

The office is located in the heart of the financial district in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The floor is divided in 2 areas, one for the faculty and workers, meeting rooms and conference rooms, and the other half for classrooms and student areas.I... More

Project • By Ruptura Morlaca ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Gravitational Indifference

The desire to live of the users on a serene, silent, vast, spacious and full of trees, where nature is able to show its greatness, has led them to identify a place in the sector of Ricaurte in Cuenca-Ecuador, a almost intact site that in the mornings... More

Project • By Juan TohmePrivate Houses

Horizontal house

Located in Zambiza, a rural parish located north-east of the city of Quito, the work is implanted on a rectangular terrain of 11m wide by 42m long, which, the tectonic character of the house, Stresses the relationship with the landscape and the place... More

Project • By Trama magazineApartments

Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Laurinda Spear, Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders transform the urban landscape of Quito

Quito, the capital of Ecuador and the first Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is in the process of renewing its urban and architectural image. Four architectural projects designed by important international studios, which are being built simultaneously,... More

Project • By Natura Futura ArquitecturaExhibition Centres

The Little Atelier

Experimental, local and artisanal as resources of identity. Located in the city of Babahoyo, province of Los Rios, Ecuador, is a space for experimental production of architecture and design where it currently the study of Natura Futura architecture... More