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Project • By @YoelarchTransports

Railway Station

The city of Likasi, South-Eastern city of the D.R. Congo, is known to have been established in 1917 mainly for the use of its railway infrastructures to connect the industrial areas around the city. The existing station building, which was built in 1... More

Product • By LeendersSorenne


FAMILIAR LINES The Sorenne is the culmination of several decades of building stoves. The lines from the HL1 from 1979 are visible in the design. The technology in this stove is a collection of all the choice morsels from the products we consider ol... More

Product • By LeendersOris


The suspended design of the Oris creates a feeling of spaciousness. Almost weightless. But don’t be fooled. It is extremely robust, because we have designed the 3 constructional parts to link to each other. Our retailer will be pleased to explain the... More

Product • By LeendersStor


Stor is a large, strong and efficient fireplace, which combines the art of engineering with the highest standards of technology. Stor has a lot of small but important design details. For example the top part of the handle is furnished with a thin lay... More

Product • By LeendersMats


Mats is a fireplace that excels in simplicity. A particularly understated design with a very good combustion. A fireplace with lots of radiation heat, to enjoy for a long time.MATSA particularly understated design with a very good combustion. A firep... More

Product • By LeendersYsen


Ysen is a monument dedicated to fire. A man-high fireplace out of heavy sheet steel with a big heart of fire. Ysen looks different from every perspective, it is a remarkable object. The lines of the Ysen have different directions so that the heavy ex... More

Product • By LeendersWarne


Slow & fast. The thick side blocks radiate a slow heat that keeps the living space ata comfortable temperature for hours. After an evening’s use, the temperature of the side blocks is often still 40°C the next morning. On the other hand, the stee... More

Product • By LeendersLobbe


The archetypal design of the Lobbe takes us back-to-basics. This cutey is enhanced with the latest technologies. Sophisticated combustion and solid side bricks that slowly release the heat. The completely firebrick-lined combustion chamber burns bril... More

Product • By LeendersDayna


Dayna is a slender fire place that burns with long full flames. We made this elegant design using extra thick heavy-duty steel. An armoured mantle that protects the fire. Dayna also revolves with rear flue and can be supplied with the PLUS heat stora... More

Project • By INNOCAD architectureOffices

C&P Corporate Headquarters

The C&P headquarters, which is located at the most high traffic entrances to Graz, brings clarity and conciseness to this new emerging and vibrant city district. From an urban planning perspective it exudes individuality within the context of the... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriSoho Bathroom Version

Soho Bathroom Version

The latest Soho evolution is the new bathroom version with a special handle which performs the function of heated towel rail and can be positioned freely at any radiator height. A range of thick chromed brass accessories is available with an optional... More

Project • By 1+1=1 architectsOffices

Tetra Pak Hub

In 2009 Tetra Pak, commissioned this 1300 sqm Hub Centre dedicated to innovation and training to be built adjacent to their existing headquarter. The project is located in the industrial area of the city of Modena, Italy. This is a region that emb... More