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Project • By MVa - Marco Visconti architectFactories

Ferrari Paintshop Building

The shell of the paint shop contains the production plant leaving the more interesting zones visible. The form of the building is determined by the functionality of the operation carried out on the first floor, the service areas on the ground floor and the facilities provided for the visitor flow. To allow observation of the more interesting phase of the paint cycle, a gallery has been constructed high above the factory floor, reached by ramps and stairways. On the southwest corner of the building, a multi-storey greenhouse provides connections between floors and houses the energy production plants. More

Project • By MVa - Marco Visconti architectResearch Facilities

Iveco Training Center

From an architectural point of view, the structure overall consists of consecutive linear spaces, linked piece by piece to the green areas and to the adjacent urban roadway. The complex is laid out on three levels. The first is underground, and linked to the factory via an internal courtyard containing a workshop, the technical rooms and storerooms; the second, placed slightly above ground-level has theory and practical lecture rooms for the Training Centre; and the third houses the offices .The double-height volumes that contain the Training Center are situated along the curved side of the building, and, when seen from the street, appear as a unified linear system protected by a wide portico. The roof of the building is light and unifying,... More

Project • By OHArchitectureFactories

Factory in AWAJI

For After 300 years, The factory was moved for Awaji island in a calculated way.They decided to add more another one after 3 years.We thought the way is good to that like it was completed by overflowing of vitality and like it increases is better than calculated an extension.Based in frame membrane structure used by tent warehouse and etc, this plan choiced truss structure with cross beam is rotated truss of 45°.Because of this, the space can have the jagging form(pleats), be brightness and have nothing pillar in spite of the size is W48m×L27m×H20m.Also as construction work, the pillars are independent by the pleats and it was enable to be completion within a half year.In design plan, the inside of the pleats of jagging form... More

Project • By Atelier Neo.EFactories

Shelter in the Wind: The Yu Yang Industry Buildin

A Sanctuary Project for Yu Yang Automobile: Seeking Co-existence with the Environmental Context Look up and see a canvas of orange steel plates, and the pa5ern of white truss dancing across it. This is in response to the rhythm of the land that the building stands upon. The Changbin Industrial Zone stands on land reclaimed from the Taiwan Strait in central Taiwan. The Yu Yang Automobile Industry Building project is built to withstand the challenges of this environment. Strong Sea Winds The environmental context of this project brings strong winds from the sea year-round, created by the local terrain with liJle seasonal variaKon. MiKgaKng and controlling the wind, which also brings... More

Project • By WineoFactories

Meersalz Manufaktur

“White gold” from Sylt meets wineo® flooring “Meersalz Manufaktur” in List on the island of Sylt produced the first German sea salt. The power behind this ingenious idea was a passionate 2-star chef who wished to create “my own authentic product for Sylt, be an ambassador for pleasure and nature, and turn a vision into reality”, explains Alexandro Pape, owner-manager. Cum grano salis – quite literally The choice of flooring for the premises was particularly crucial. Salt constitutes a massive challenge when it comes to the mechanical burden that floor covering has to endure. And since the latter is exposed to those hard grains of salt in the sales and production rooms day in, day out, very high standards were demanded with regard t... More

Project • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsFactories


ULMA KOMPAQDRAIN ® channels at Pikolin's new facilities, the largest and most advanced industrial complex in Europe in the bedding industry. According to Pikolin, its new facilities, covering 85,000 square metres in which the Aragón-based company has invested 50 million Euros, are the largest and most advanced industrial complex in Europe in the bedding industry. For this emblematic project, Pikolin and the specialist engineering firm Idom trusted in drainage systems by ULMA Architectural Solutions, which has developed a channel tailor made to the requirements. The Aragón-based company needed a drainage channel with smaller holes and a smooth surface to avoid vibrations when trucks pass. In total, we installed 1,910 linear metres o... More

Project • By FlosFactories

Dru factory

M + R interior architects from Eindhoven designed the contemporary and inviting interior of the Dru Factory, with great respect, and thoughtful references to the rich history of the DRU. Flos did the interior lighting. More