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NewsNews • 10 Sep 2021

AB+AC Architects transforms dull commercial unit into light filled multi-purpose co-working and event space

Open Hearts is an experimental center in Lisbon infused by AB+AC Architects with calmness. The center is intended for conscious gatherings, holistic learning and co-creation. Ricardo Oliveira Alves The architects combined natural materials, like wood, ceramic and stone, with tactile surfaces to create a warm yet minimalist spatial experience. Ricardo Oliveira Alves The program is organized in a sequence that flows from a public multi-purpose saloon to a private residence, divided by a hallway fitted with a striking Barrisol lightening membrane ceiling.     The multi-purpose space can host an array of activities from dance, yoga or meditation to art events, workshops and screenings. Storage compartments hidden behi... More

NewsNews • 24 Jun 2021

Superimpose designs lab for scientists to find healthiest indoor environment

During the pandemic we all experienced how important a healthy interior can be. In Beijing a Sino-American collaboration between Delos, Mayo Clinic and Sino Ocean Group came together to create a lab that will use building science, behavioural science and health science to find the ideal interior for health, wellness, comfort, and performance. Superimpose were tasked to design a flexible space that facilitates this research optimally. CreatAR In all aspects of the building flexibility was a key factor. Superimpose placed the core and escape stairs like plug-ins to the northern side of the building. This allows for a flexible floorplan that can be used in the many configurations needed to set up experiments. CreatAR Flexibility en... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices


Revantage provides real estate services to one of the world’s largest investment firms. Their mission, to provide flexible and rewarding environments for their luxury apartment clients to thrive in, inspires the approach for the environmental branding throughout the space. More

Project • By Michael K. Chen ArchitectureApartments

5:1 Apartment

A motorized sliding storage element glides from one end of the room to the other, revealing and exchanging spaces between daytime and nighttime zones. As the moving volume pulls away from the wall, it reveals a dressing room zone with built-in dresser drawers and clothing storage. Fully extended, the space for a queen-sized fold-down bed is created. The sliding element is powered and cabled for television and audio, and houses all of the audiovisual and networking components of the apartment along with additional storage and display space. A pivoting enclosure with custom speakers allows the television to rotate 180 degrees for viewing from the seating area, or the bed and dressing rooms. A built-in nightstand with power for a reading light... More

Project • By Surfacing SolutionRestaurants

Santo Coffee

Floor to ceiling black tambour panels give this local coffee shop a modern, sleek appearance while the large store front windows create a perfect balance between the natural light and an open floor plan. More
Standard Highline - Guest Room 1
Standard Highline - Guest Room 2
Standard Highline - Guest Room 3
Standard Highline - Guest Room 4
Available Profiles Pg1 - Solid Wood

Project • By Surfacing SolutionHotels

The Standard Highline Hotel

In crafting The Standard Highline, the guestrooms had to speak to the ethos of The Standard while incorporating a finer material palette and making the experience sophisticated enough for the New York and international audiences. In contrast to the concrete shell of the building, Roman and Williams strived to give the rooms a warmth that harkened to a bee hive environment – organic and beautiful, but also efficient. The breathtaking views from the floor to ceiling starfire glass windows of the guestrooms served as the ideal backdrop to Roman and Williams’ open and airy design. Packed with texture and color and light, they are clad in customized handmade orange, black and cream tile.  The bedrooms have a tambour wooden ceili... More

Product • By GispenHUGG


Physical and acoustic separationWith the introduction of the HUGG flexible workspace we offer a solution for the continuously changing office environment. In this enclosed workspace for-one, employees can work at the office safely and keep concentrated on their task. Not a luxury these days when not only an acoustic separation but also physical distance is required. The acoustic walls not only absorb sound, they also provide a physical separation while keeping in touch with the rest of the office. More

Project • By Atelier Starzak StrebickiExhibitions

Flexible exhibition system Przystań Sztuki

Mobile exhibition system is the collection of the objects made of steel sheet which are a practical response to the needs of the project of Przystań Sztuki. The choice of material was based primarily on the criterion of resistance to frequently changing weather conditions and ease of maintaining its cleanliness and aesthetics. The sheet metal used for the construction of the objects has undergone a process of accelerated oxidation which allowed obtaining a protective function against corrosion. The oxidation also made it possible to give the displays an aesthetic look: thanks to their raw form and copper color, they perfectly fit in the space between the post-industrial Concordia building and the modern architecture of the Bałtyk Office. Th... More

Product • By Evo-LiteAuragami Flexible LED Light Sheets

Auragami Flexible LED Light Sheets

For quotes and additional information, please contact us at www.evo-lite.com/contact-us   A favorite for commercial and residential applications, Auragami is the ideal solution for lighting architectural features, accents, and embellishments. It is also a popular product for backlighting countertops, bar tops, curved surfaces, low-clearance applications, and in situations where final measurements are unknown or may potentially change. Flexible and field-customizable, Auragami will provide uniform illumination with as little as 3/8" of separation between the translucent material and light sheet.   AURAGAMI IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION WHEN: • Final dimensions are unknown or likely to change • Folding and/or cuttin... More

Project • By STUDIO A+HOffices


Managed by Q merges two sides of a business that rarely meet: the high tech IT headquarters with the daily grit of office cleaning and management.The new Managed By Q HQ office is located in SoHo, New York and is designed to reflect the Q brand directly, emphasizing simultaneously hard work and an inclusive and inviting office environment.Designed around two main ideas, the flexible office space and the program specific wall, the new MBQ-HQ creates a balance that caters to core of the MBQ brand: an office that has the ability to evolve and change on a daily basis while still maintaining its core design identity. Throughout the main space, natural materials and an array of flexible and operable objects allow for a light and playful inte... More



When designing the space for ATÖLYE, our team needed a modular, robust and affordable furniture set made with natural materials. After doing some market research, it was evident that there was a gap both locally and globally. The existing models either lacked proper detailing, or they were not robust enough to withstand heavy usage by a wide gamut of individuals.As a framework, the idea of “canvas” emerged, emphasizing a background that is open to endless variations along with the minimum infrastructure to hold the space together. Conceptually, CNVS can be interpreted through its meaning in biology: Copy Number Variations (CNVs), used to describe the variation in the number of the copies of a particular gene in the DNA of an individual. The... More



The project was developed for the needs of ATÖLYE after observing that the workspace needed a low-power, minimalist desk lighting unit. After researching the market, it was evident that there were either low-quality local options with limited range of use, or expensive import options that could not be used at scale. As a result, a collaborative design process started between ATÖLYE’s core team and Buşra Tunç.Early on in the process, ATOLYE’s members were engaged in the brainstorming and ideation phases. Scenarios were mapped to better understand all the contexts in which LIMINAL could illuminate its surroundings. By careful analysis, idea variations such as ceiling lighting, battery-powered system, kelvin-changing LED system and smartp... More

Project • By MEIUS ArquiteturaOffices


The CASULO studio is a changing space, designed in a container, where we want to demonstrate how today dwelling can be flexible. With this, the project allows different "faces" from the same fixed furniture. What we want is a space that is palpable and experienced by the user, a space that can be touched and unfolded, not only with a simple look, but with the individual curiosity. We imagine an interactive and lively place. The idea is that by simple layouts new systems are established enabling the use environment for different activities. From a living space, a barber or even a small residence. MOUNTING With the emergence of new construction technologies, the container comes as a new alternative. Basically the structure comprises a contain... More

Project • By PKMN [pac-man]Private Houses

All I Own House

The relationships we establish with the objects we own happen on a very special manner at the interior of our houses, we assume spaces we inhabit by surrounding ourselves with our belongings, thus the way in which we accumulate and display our stuff through the space ends up reflecting our personality. The reasons leading us to accumulate objects are many, functional or not; we may acquire something because we feel they represent us or just because we think they’re pretty; we become ourselves emotional interior designers, there exists a close relationship between the way in which we arrange our house, the events that take place in it and the way in which these experiences affect us. Each of our possessions has its own private story, a m... More

Product • By DesignByThemRibs Bench

Ribs Bench

The Ribs Bench, originally designed by Stefan Lie in 1999, has been relaunched by DesignByThem using steam-bent timber, removing the use of adhesives and lamination. Its flexible spine makes it adaptable to any space, and is currently featured in the foyer of the Sydney Opera House. More