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NewsNews • 2 May 2024

ATP architects engineers completes office building in line with “New Work” principles and sustainability goals

ATP architects engineers has completed a sustainable operational and office building for Austrian manufacturer Tyrolit in the German town of Maisach. The building is designed in line with the principles of “New Work”, a concept that embraces flexibility, autonomy, and self-fulfillment for employees in the workplace. Moreover, the achievement of sustainability goals is integral to the new building: allied to the ATP Green Deal (ATP’s response to the 2020 European Green Deal), the building’s sustainability goals are realized in accordance with the “40 Plus Efficiency House” standard. (This voluntary standard aims to improve energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption, improving indoor air quality, and... More

Project • By ZyetaOffices


In the heart of the bustling urban landscape, nestled among the towering concrete structures, there exists a haven of ingenuity and originality. Druva, the pioneering global frontrunner in software and IT infrastructure, has transformed the contemporary workplace paradigm. Upon entering their headquarters, one is immediately enveloped in a fusion of practicality and elegance, where every nook whispers the assurance of progress and efficiency. Zyeta With a forward-thinking approach, Druva's designers have meticulously crafted a space that transcends the ordinary, embracing the pulse of modernism while honoring the essence of teamwork. At the heart of this design philosophy lies the belief in the power of adaptability. Here, employees a... More

Project • By Aura OfficeOffices


Graymont is a global leader in lime and limestone solutions. Professionally managed and family-owned, the Company has operated for 75 years. With a long-standing company history, Graymont had developed strong corporate principles, but its physical environment lacked a particular energy. The Company’s existing design and layout were insufficiently utilized and needed to be restructured to provide better space utilization and increased amenities. Graymont wanted to bring an exciting energy that stimulates interaction and community and encourages staff back to the office. With the help of Aura, they were able to take their head office to the next level, creating a flexible, interactive, and inviting environment that is highly optimi... More

Project • By Bean BuroOffices

Warner Music Hong Kong / Music Box

Warner Music Hong Kong 2.0“Music Box” “An objective we successfully achieved in this project was articulating various acoustic solutions for this music-filled workplace and allowing it to be agile and flexible.” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro “The mood & feel concept was to create a higher sense of hospitality, well-being, and collaboration ability via state-of-the-art acoustic and IT solutions for a high degree of agility and a variety of work settings.”- Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro The Brief: An evolved workplace for an advanced companyWarner Music has returned to Bean Buro to design a new office for their growing team in Hong Kong, as the team... More

NewsNews • 20 Jul 2022

Four monumental halls in Amsterdam become a spacious workplace

In Amsterdam, this project by Beyond Spaces turns four monumental halls into a spacious, light, and flexible workplace that responds to new ways of working.  Lorenzo Zandri Original walls were removed to expose the beautiful existing steel structure while the newly opened up space is illuminated thanks to windows on the south façade and additional skylights. One of the four halls is higher than the others, thus allowing for the insertion of an additional floor. Lorenzo Zandri At the centre of the open space, a spiral form contains fully soundproofed rooms that look into a courtyard cactus garden. Flexible workstations are positioned along the side walls of the spiral while windows in the spiral allow for contac... More

Product • By Mara SrlSavio collection

Savio collection

General description: An environment that loses its attribute of structured space to become a place of relationships. Savio is a versatile solution for meeting rooms, office spaces, company restaurants and spaces dedicated to the community. The version with folding top mounted on a frame with castors is equipped with a top release system that simplifies the handling and allows the repositioning in any environment. The version with folding legs can be stacked vertically, taking up very little space. More