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Product • By Love TilesWILDWOOD


From the symbiosis between nature and human creation emerges a new concept of wall and floor tiles that dares to defy the conventional one – Wildwood. The Wildwood collection is characterized by its strong and distinct personality, which finds inspiration in such disparate elements as wood and cement. A collection inspired by the beauty of wood in its pure form reinterpreted with the graphics of cement. Wildwood is a solution for modern and contemporary spaces. More

Project • By Impertek S.r.l.Hotels

Base Hotel Venezia

Speed and efficiency with Impertek supports   We are almost on the border between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, following the tortuous path of the river that reaches Noventa di Piave, small oasis of tranquillity immersed in the countryside, with origins dating back to the 1st century BC, and today in a strategic position for food and wine, seaside and cultural tourism. Here the exclusive Base Hotel stands, distant a few kilometres from the artistic wonders of Venice, from the beaches of Jesolo and Caorle, and from the famous “Terra del Prosecco”, Valdobbiadene.   Base Hotel is equipped with luxurious rooms, curated in every detail to offer an experience of pure well-being, one spa, one fitness centre and an out... More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETOak Corten

Oak Corten

Thermo Oak Corten: brushed, water based varnished transparent. More

Product • By BASSANO PARQUETOak Titanio

Oak Titanio

Thermo Oak Titanio: brushed, water base transparent varnished. More

Product • By Unity Surfacing SystemsTurf-Top Products

Turf-Top Products

Seeing is believing as our unique manufacturing process chemicallybinds our turf material into a homogeneous unit, delivering the mostdurable, strongest manufactured product on the market today. Choosing our turf-top products is the foundation for a smart, long-terminvestment in durability and beauty. As the industry leader, the superior turfmaterial that we offer, couple with our recycled rubber, gives you the highestquality, environmentally friendly system above all others. It is designed tomeet or exceed all of your project needs for use on playgrounds, rooftops,recreational areas, fitness facilities and more. All of our products are independently laboratory tested with respect toASTM, CPSC, ADA, FM safety standards and guidelines to b... More

Product • By Unity Surfacing SystemsSoft-Land Series

Soft-Land Series

Our 3” and 3.5” Thick Soft-Land Series is designed tomeet and exceed all of your project needs for use on largerscale playground areas., Rock-walls, recreational areas, divingboards, etc. Where an eight (8”) and ten (10”) foot fall rates areneeded. It is the foundation for a smart, long-term investmentin durability and beauty that will last for years to come. As the industry leader, the superior raw materials weprovide, coupled with our proprietary manufacturing process.Unique design and large size product gives you the strongest,highest quality, environmentally friendly rubber tile systemabove all over. All of our products are independently laboratory testedwith respect to ASTM, CPSC, AD, FM safety standards andgu... More

Product • By Unity Surfacing SystemsTough-Land Series

Tough-Land Series

Our 1/2”, 3/4” 1” & 1 3/8” Thick Tough-Land Series is designed to meet and exceed all of your project needs for use on athletic area, fitness facilities, recreational areas,weight rooms, clubs, military bases, gyms and more. It is thefoundation for a smart, long-term investment in durability and beauty that will last for years to come. As the industry leader, the superior raw materials we provide, coupled with our proprietary manufacturing process, gives you the strongest, highest quality, environmentally friendly 2x2 rubber tile system above all overs. All of our products are independently laboratory tested with respect to ASTM, CPSC, AD, FM safety standards and guidelines to be installed over new and existing... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAOffices

The Motor & Sport Institute

The Motor & Sport Institute is born with the great dream of facilitating future engineers and mechanics with a solid practical training in the best facilities, and thus meet market needs. Its spatial configuration and flexibility create a unique building that integrates the main areas of sports car racing and automotive engineering, included in its over 12,000 square meters.   The building is articulated from a great hall that connects with all the spaces thanks to the visual continuity provided by the double-height, the amplitude of the large windows with mirrored glass, the circular connection stairs, and a wide white canvas on the flooring that brings even more life to the firm’s corporate colors in the details and furni... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAHotels


Located in one of Kansas City’s most elegant and historic commercial areas, Country Club Plaza, the iconic InterContinental Kansas City hotel has been the center of the most exclusive events since 1972. The renovation, carried out by “Dash Design”, has transformed the hotel’s grand lobby and its over 300 rooms, suites, bathrooms, halls, and public areas, without losing its original essence. An interior design that has elevated the space to reflect a more sophisticated elegance using a classic palette, using spacious rooms with the essence of white marbles, bright white subway tiles, bronze details, wood finishes, and touches of color. The essence of marble is transmitted thanks to one of the most spectacular polis... More

Project • By Impertek S.r.l.Museums

Il restauro di Castel Thun in Trentino

Impertek’s pedestals for the protection of cultural heritage.   Castel Thun is a wonderful Medieval building in Val di Non, Trentino Alto Adige, with an history that began in 1267 and maximum shine reached by Thun counts in the XVI century. It’s one of the best-preserved castles in that area, a majestic but extremely elegant building, which overlooks a spectacular valley, with views on forests, large lawns and far peaks. Today, acquired by the autonomous province of Trento, it has been finally opened to the public and, from austere sentinel of the valley, became a museum with more than 400 original pieces among furniture and artworks, location of many cultural-historical and theatrical events, as well as location of ventu... More

Product • By ROUVIEREVieille Demeure range pavements

Vieille Demeure pavement

Vieille Demeure pavements collection offers several models : Bourgoise, Bastide and Magnanerie. All those models are made with concrete and have old stone aspects, as we can find in "Manoirs", Provencal or Italian old houses, churches, etc. They are native colored and special effects can be done to give an older aspect. These pavements are available in thicknesses of 2 cm (for indoor usage, available on a heating underfloor), 4 cm for outdoor usage. They also can be used as stair steps and swimming pool surrounds with thicknesses on demand from 4 to 20 cm and special shapes as L or U pieces with falling parts. More

Product • By PLANIUMMG01 Magnetic Floor

MG01 Magnetic Floor

The MG01 Magnetic Floor is an effective and fast installation system.The attractiveness of the magnetic base allows static support on the tiles.Exclusive metal finishes, natural or with design textures, exalt the metropolitan environments.Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate Planium surfaces, creating unique Floors and Wall coverings.All floor or wall Systems have an INNOVATIVE, FUNCTIONAL and RENEWABLE DESIGN. They allow fast dry installations, respecting the environment, with simple laying or with patented mechanical or one-click hooks between tile and tile, or also traditional installations with glue.Each tile is made of QUALITY materials. Their design was created to be functional, eco-friendly and sophisti... More

Product • By VOOODDragon Shell

Dragon Shell

Our nature has dual character, so does the light. Particle or wave, maybe both! This shade present willingness to achieve balance between very subtle and in the same time really tough and durable piece. With only 1 mm wall thickness it looks fragile like a sheet of veneer. In other hand it's surprisingly strong due to it's structural pattern which gave also production advantages like avoiding any support material and usage of less material as possible. This wooden filament is blend of PLA and PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) an biodegradable polymer produced by bacterial fermentation of sugar or lipids + 30% fine pinewood fibers. Amazing mixture of ingredients balances strength, elongation and transparency making it the ideal choice for ligh... More

Product • By Haagh Protection BVSafety Pallet Gate Systems

Safety Pallet Gate Systems

Carelessness, hastiness or sloppiness cause lifting points between different floors to not be (properly) closed, which causes a safety hazard. Manually operated fences, gates or chains are not always properly placed back or closed, leading to all kinds of risks!You want to ensure that your mezzanine floor or warehouse floor is a safe work environment. Staff members must be protected from bodily harm, while damage to the building and goods is prevented. Being able to work quickly and efficiently, without burdensome and time-consuming safety procedures is a prerequisite.A safety gate, also called a cantilevered loading platform, is the only safety equipment that fully eliminates these hazards for loading locations with various floors.The best... More

Product • By LISTOTECHDecking Color Grey Zero model

Decking Color Grey Zero model

Decking Color encloses 6 different shades thanks to the natural pigmentsextracted directly from rocks that nature has heightened over the years, inorganic pigments that do not discolor and that have inspired our colors, named Anthracite, Sienna Red, Sand, Green, Ice and Grey Zero.Made of quartz and marble together with a marl, a resin and an elegant ARS binder, Decking Color embodies technical proficiency embraced by the unique design of Italy and made in Italy.Thanks to the core made of harmonic steel and lengths up to 4 meters, Decking Color exists for the outdoor, belonging moreover to the R11 non-slip category and divided in 4 different treatment models: Top Plus model, Hydro model, Standard model and Basic model. More