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Product • By panoramah!®ah! Security

ah! Security

handles and locking devicesThe multi-point locking system offers burglar resistance and is approved according to burglary protection up to RC4 class. For added security the system may be fitted with an integrated opening and locking monitoring and connected to standard external monitoring systems.According to system configurations, concealed electric drives and locks may be used to increase operating comfort. Automatic locking (remote control, home automation adaptation and electromagnetic) and manual locking options are available.Systems such as locking monitors (magnetic contacts), linear actuators, opening and securing cells or code switches complete panoramah! range of security accessories and offer enhanced safety. L handle with minima... More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Soft Close

ah! Soft Close

panoramah! Soft Close System was developed to ensure comfort and speed control of sliding panels at the end of each closing action. The device allows for smoother and gentle braking and avoids the undesired bounce-back effect leading to increased safety during operation. The system is fully integrated into the frame profiles in both ah!38 and ah!60 series and only visible inside the top frame when the window is open. On site, it is easily installed, adjusted, and even replaced if needed. More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Insect Screen

ah! Insect Screen

The insect screen from panoramah!® has been developed to be integrated into the outer rail of the system (birail, trirail or multirail). It will be supplied with a maximum net height of 3400mm and opening capacity up to 700mm wide. When collected, the insect screen is completely embedded in the fixed frame, out of the view of the user. The water and dust repellent black polyester mesh combined with the tension wires ensure stability, durability and resistance to weathering agents. This new product aims to standardize and optimize insect screen applications in the ah!60 system and ah!38 system. In addition to being more versatile in terms of typologies and operation, the new system will significantly reduce installation time on site. More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Motorisation

ah! Motorisation

panoramah! has a simple and silent option to seamlessly motorise all the operable systems, allowing full integration and minimal interference with the architectural detailing. The motor is concealed in the top frame. A single motor easily moves up to 3000kg allowing cascade opening wide expanses of multiple leaves. The electronic control box is compatible with home automation systems. There are multiple optional features: electric lock, push button, remote control, card or finger print reader. Integrated photocells ensure obstacle detection and compliance with safety regulations.The motorisation of the ah!60 system was developed for added comfort and operation efficiency. The motor and electronic control box are easily accessible from under... More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Hurricane

ah! Hurricane

The ah!38 hurricane sliding system has the largest hurricane approved sliding and fixed glass panels in the market with the elegant minimal 32mm wide interlock and maintaining all the minimal aesthetics already present throughout the panoramah! system. glazing up to:max double glazing area: 96ft2 |  9m2glass thickness: 1 1/2" | 38mm main dimensions up to: max. leaf height: 13’6" | 4160mmmax. leaf width: 7’2" | 2200mmmax. weight / glass pannel: 1.102lb | 500kgvertical profile: 1 1/4" | 32mm performance up to:thermal coefficient: Uw = 1.17W/m².K (Ug = 0.7W/m².K)sound insulation: 41dBsecurity: RC2wind zone / design pressure: HVHZ4 / 50 psf sliding system:fixed, sliding, invisible frame, pocket, corner, tilt... More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Pivot

ah! Pivot

Opening system that functions by means of a pivoting component with a central or side rotation axis. Through this system, large glass surfaces are able to be rotated and opened through both sides of a window. ah! Pivot is ideal for openings where windows cannot be slid or sashed due to lack of space; by pivoting in its place, the ah! Pivot system is a solution for narrow spaces, as well as an aesthetic solution that challenges the stability of space. More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Curved

ah! Curved

Curved sliding elements offer smooth running performance and can be motorized upon request. It allows a radius of 1,5m for sliding and fixed panes. Curved glass is always tempered.max. dimensions 3000 x 3000mm | min. R 1500mm More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Corner

ah! Corner

Framed corner angle setup that allows two bi-parting units to slide without the need for a fixed vertical upright. More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Pocket

ah! Pocket

Opening configuration that allows for a complete recessing of the window’s moving panels into a wall, ceiling or floor. This configuration creates the contrasting illusion of completely open space in the middle of a wall. panoramah!® challenges the traditional fashion of interior - exterior division by enhancing transparency and permeability. Pocket displays and enhances properties that traditional window systems are not able to fulfill. Thus, panoramah!®'s innovative solutions create a new configuration of space and innovative solutions regarding the relationship between interior and exterior. More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Invisible Frame

ah! Invisible Frame

Invisible frame system further emphasizes the minimalism feature by concealing the frame below the finished floor, walls and ceiling. It provides a threshold-free transition between inside and outside as the space between the narrow tracks is covered by the same material as the interior of the room. More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Ultra Minimalist window

ah! Ultra Minimalist window

ah! ultra-minimalist is based on the revolutionary vacuum insulating glass. This technology allows for 12mm total thickness glass to achieve triple glazing performance. By reducing glass thickness the overall aluminium structure of the window diminishes proportionally, resulting in an extremely slim and minimal system. Also, by using vacuum insulating glass, the vertical sightlines are reduced to an astonishing 15mm, even less than the initial systems based on standard double insulating glass.The system can achieve pane surfaces up to approximately 4.5m² and allows for the introduction of a wide range of accessories. glazing up to:vacuum glazing: 4,5m²glass thickness: 12mm main dimensions up to: max. leaf height: 2500mmmax.... More

Product • By panoramah!®ah! Noble Metals minimalist window

ah! Noble Metals minimalist window

Without any state of the art precedent when it comes to minimal windows, ah! noble metals will feature materials such as stainless and carbon steel and architectural bronze, allowing numerous architectural solutions. With the same ah!geometry, ah! noble metals presents slim high performing profiles with increased mechanical strength. The sliding system was developed to offer not only excellent acoustic and thermal insulation but according to the inherent characteristics of the different metals it can also be appropriate to the roughest environments or the most sophisticated designs.Metals available: Stainless steel, carbon and corten steel, architectural bronze.Finishes available: Blasted, brushed, polished & aged. glazing up to:max do... More

Project • By KUBE ArchitectureResidential Landscape

Casa Blanco

A young couple, in anticipation of starting a family, desired a new family home that reflected their cultural background and individual taste. He was Spanish, and was drawn to black and white minimalism. She was Mexican, and wanted splashes of color in a modern home. Caption Caption Their existing home in the Maryland suburbs was small and dark, and did not take advantage of the views to the green parkway behind it.  The design solution included razing the existing house, keeping the basement, and building a new 2 story home with a double height living space open to views and abundant natural light. Flanking the living space on two sides are kitchen, and TV lounge on the main level and bedrooms on the upper level.  C... More

Project • By LS3POffices

Live Oak Bank Campus

Le campus de Live Oak Bank à Wilmington, en Caroline du Nord, célèbre son site serein et boisé tout en répondant à l'objectif de la société de créer le meilleur environnement de travail possible pour ses employés. Les bâtiments s'inspirent d'une palette de matériaux commune composée de cyprès, de verre et d'acier pour s'intégrer à l'environnement naturel tout en créant une esthétique moderne.  Le premier bâtiment du campus est ancré par un salon central surplombant la cour centrale et la terrasse ; les ailes de bureaux élancées de deux étages créent un sentiment de transpa... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Co-working Coffee Shop Design

It can be tricky to design successful coffee shops that emulate a European model in a city like Dubai, but CAS has managed to do exactly that in the Jumeirah District of Dubai. The pivotal window system that links to a gorgeous street-scape is one of the defining features that manage to set it apart. Featuring a stunning street-savvy curb appeal with a transparent exterior, trendy patterns & an atmospheric interior, this Co-Working Coffee Shop Design is truly a step in the right direction.​​​​​​​ More