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We wanted to achieve the maximum presence of nature in the bathroom area
The main square of the hotel
We wanted to make some areas of the hotel more monumental
Mutis hotel room is a combination of Asian and minimalist direction which includes expressive textures and custom details
The bedroom and bathroom area is separated by a glass partition

Project • By 279 concept studioHotels

The Mutis hotel with Japanese aesthetics

The concept hotel "Mutis" located in Indonesia. This project represents our search for combinations of different stylistic directions. We experimented a lot with geometric shapes, materials and furniture. Caption Caption Project concept creation took about 2 months.One of the ideas of this project was to give people the opportunity to feel like a part of nature through location, natural materials, colors, art objects and interaction of plants with interior and architecture.We used artistic plaster in the interior, polished concrete on the floor, custom metal and wood panels on the walls. Caption Caption More

Project • By ESQVTAApartments

CR APARTMENT | Lisbon | 2020

When intervening in a space such as this apartment, one should not interfere with the existing architecture. More than to propose, it was necessary to omit, to refurbish and integrate. It was essential to intervene in this apartment in the most clean and silent manner to better respond to its new needs.   The building where this apartment is placed was originally designed as an Hotel Particulier. The apartment occupies the entire 1st floor, which was originally dedicated to the social areas – namely 11 parlours, one of which was used as a bathroom. As the social floor, almost all of the walls and ceilings of these rooms were decorated with rich mural paintings.    When the first floor was transformed into an individ... More

Project • By Ad'ArchitetturaApartments


This could synthesize the path which a couple of travellers, coming from Germany to Trapani, undertook driven by curiosity to learn about the places described in a book they had read.  Equally incidental was the meeting with us architects. During a pleasant dinner they told us to be interested in acquiring an apartment in the historical centre of Trapani.  When they returned after several months to Trapani in order to see some houses for sale, they couldn’t resist the fascinating charm exerted by an old and run-down two-level apartment, a few steps distant from the port of Trapani and in front of the cupolas of San Pietro church. They decided to buy it knowing that it would require a strong “vision” from our si... More

Product • By FlosIC Lights Ceiling/Wall

IC Lights Ceiling/Wall

Wall-ceiling lamp providing diffused light. Frame in brass, brushed and transparent varnished or chrome steel. Blown glass opal diffuser. More

Product • By FlosIC Lights Suspension

IC Lights Suspension

Suspension lamp providing diffused light. Frame in brass, brushed and transparent varnished or chrome steel. Blown glass opal diffuser. More

Project • By Ernesto Fusco Interior DesignerApartments


We are in one of the most beautiful place in Italy, an ancient village of the beautiful Amalfi Coast.   Suspended between sea and mountains there is this apartment with terrace,  with breathtaking views on the Mediterranean sea.   Everything is projected to have a unique space towards the sea. A white and essential space, that don’t forgets  the spirit and colors of the traditions .   From here comes the idea to ​​bring in the project the most famous element of the Amalfi Coast; The “Vietri's ceramic”, In this case, subverting the rules of tradition, become a ceiling covering.   The freshness and elegance of white linen fabrics, warmly of wood and the colors of the ceramics that gent... More

Product • By FlosWirering


Indirect light wall lighting device with body in calendered, extruded aluminium with galvanised or varnished finish. The special tangent cable, in coloured rubber, provides the power.  More

Product • By FlosWan Ceiling/Wall

Wan Ceiling/Wall

Wall or ceiling fixture providing direct lighting. Aluminum body, available in shiny white and shiny black finishes. More

Product • By FlosTaraxacum 88 Ceiling/Wall

Taraxacum 88 Ceiling/Wall

Wall/ceiling lamp providing direct and reflected light. Structure formed by 5 pressed polished aluminum triangles. More

Product • By FlosSmithfield Ceiling

Smithfield Ceiling

Ceiling-mounted lamp providing direct light. Aluminium body. More

Product • By FlosRomeo Babe Soft Wall

Romeo Babe Soft Wall

Wall sconce providing diffused lighting. Acid-etched pressed borosilicate glass internal diffuser. Plissé cloth shade.  More

Product • By FlosRomeo Babe Wall

Romeo Babe Wall

Wall sconce providing diffused lighting. Acid-etched pressed borosilicate glass internal diffuser. Pressed clear glass shade.  More

Product • By FlosLa Plus Belle

La Plus Belle

Plus Belle is a mirror with incorporated light sources. The aluminium frame is available in various finishes (polished gold, polished copper, polished bronze and brill fumé, and houses high chromatic rendering led light sources (CRI 95) and an optical opal silicone diffuser. More

Product • By FlosKTribe Wall

KTribe Wall

Wall mounted fixture providing diffused lighting; a switch located near the diffuser allows for 4-level light adjustment via a “remote” dimmer. More

Product • By FlosClessidra


Diffused direct/indirect-light wall lighting device. Body obtained by means of aluminium pressofusion and diffusers in PMMA. Aluminium wall attachment with cover in PA66. More