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Product • By FluxwerxPortal Pendant

Portal Pendant

Designed to seamlessly integrate into the built environment, Portal by Fluxwerx is a reimagination of directional and general area illumination in a single fixture family. Portal Pendant has been designed for maximum versatility. This suspended luminaire comes in two diameters: 5.5″” and 9″” versions, and provides clear continuity for any architectural environment. Multiple mounting options are suitable for all ceiling conditions. Portal Pendant offers two suspension options: a narrow gauge powered suspension cable or a stem option in lengths from 12” to 96”. The entire family of luminaires is available in white, metallic silver and black powdercoat finish, as well as any custom RAL color on request. Mult... More

Product • By FluxwerxFold Spoke

Fold Spoke

Fold Spoke is a pendant luminaire with fluid minimalist form and no visible power cords, fully luminous interior and hollow aperture that creates longitudinal transparency through the fixture. Fold Spoke’s anidolic extraction optics eliminate views of LED sources, creating visual comfort without glare. High-performance indirect/direct batwing distributions deliver efficacy to 119 LPW with multiple CCTs, chromatic accuracy <2 SDCM and extraordinary lumen maintenance of L70 >200,000h. The luminaire’s independent Up | Down switching provides dimmable / switchable control of the distributions. A Dynamic White enabled luminaire, Fold Spoke is available in four standard color options and four endcap options that are preinstall... More

Product • By FluxwerxFold


Fold is a linear LED pendant luminaire with unique open aperture design. Its organic form elevates functional into beautiful: the luminaire's finely detailed exposed architecture delivers unparalleled clarity right through the fixture. Fold features proprietary Anidolic extraction optics with low brightness and high-performance continuous lenses that mix and disperse light, eliminating any visible images of the LED point source.  Fold can be installed as a stand-alone luminaire or in limitless continuous runs.  More

Product • By FluxwerxNotch


Delivering an actual slot in the ceiling which can be extruded right to the vertical face of the drywall, Notch adds texture, depth and detail to an otherwise undifferentiated category of products. Perfect for drywall ceilings with exposed vertical fasciae, Notch’s optional trimless Dado endcap extrudes the hollow architecture to the edge of drywall soffit, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in lighting design. Continuous lines of light, various open and closed patterns and transitions for drywall and grid ceilings deliver design flexibility. The luminaire features a variety of trims and endcaps, which add subtle punctuation of the ceiling plane with very low brightness and high performance, giving the design community an op... More

Product • By FluxwerxProfile Spoke

Profile Spoke

Minimalist design is the intersection of form and performanceTransformative design converges the unexpected and the apparent. A suspended pendant luminaire with fluid minimalist form, fully luminous interior, unique void aperture and no visible power cords, Profile Spoke is ideally suited for modern interiors. Anidolic Optics Redefine The CategoryFeaturing third-generation Anidolic extraction optics with low brightness and superior efficacy, Spoke's vertically oriented optics result in an absence of glare. Balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value, Spoke's indirect/direct batwing distributions are separately dimmable and deliver efficacy up to 119 LPW with multiple CCTs and extraordinary lumen maintenance of L70 > 200,0... More