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Project • By Fran Silvestre ArchitectsOffices


Located in the center of the city, the project arises to give response to a new clinic whose values are based on an extremely personalized treatment to the client. The layout of the building, which dates from the beginning of the last century, conditioned the distribution. It was decided to unify the color of walls, floor and ceiling, using a continuous pavement designed by the studio. The tone of this material is applied to the lacquering of the wooden panels and the painting of the walls, to the solid surface of the counter tops, to the faucets, the push-buttons ... etc. favoring an environment that responded to the idea of the owners. This dark gray tone intentionally contrasts with the necessary dental care devices, which are shown thi... More

Product • By CAPDELLA collection

A collection

A-COLLECTION design borns by the relation between two elements. On the one hand, the structural metallic frame made of a minimalsquared profile with an orthogonal geometry which ensures the piece’s stability. On the other hand, the organic geometry of the wooden chassis provides comfort and ergonomy to the piece. Maybe, sitting down touching wood brings good luck. More

Project • By Fran Silvestre ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Fababu House

A plot with steep slopes and rocky terrain are the starting point to plan the project.The building emerges from the terrain forming three volumes that blend together, adapting to the topography of the place.The hollows of the different pieces are born from the edges of each of the volumes interlacing one another and generating a system of holes that allows solving all the windows of the project.This system produces shadows that give depth to the façade, making it possible to perceive from the exterior a mass, compact element, as if it were a rock, and from the inside the geometry of the holes and the terraces of each one of them. it helps to maximize the vision of the environment, but always without having visuals between the diff... More

Project • By Fran Silvestre ArchitectsApartments

Guest Pavilion

The project with a surface area of around 70 square meters is a guest pavilion that functions as an autonomous architecture conceived as an extension of a project that we had developed in the studio. The human scale of the pavilion makes it a comfortable space where to experience living in a garden. The pavilion consists of two rooms: one bedroom and a living room with a kitchen. There are also two bathrooms, one serving the pavilion and the other one as a support for the pool. Within the premises, the aim is that the built piece minimizes its impact on the garden from the main house. This way, the pavilion is located approaching one of the limits of the land, perpendicular to the swimming pool, showing its slimmer and opaque side towards... More