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Project • By Skarka StudiosPrivate Houses

House on Slope

Architect: Binder Architektur AG - Hans BinderHouse on Slope is one of a series of single-family houses built by the same architectural firm since 1995 and developed further and further on a former vineyard slope in a small rural community in the canton of Zurich. Originally planned as a wooden house, it was built in solid construction at the request of the owner. The youth and guest rooms are located in the basement with front play lawn and fireplace, in the attic is the parents' area. On the access floor is the shared living-dining room with open kitchen, centrally placed fireplace and west terrace. Special mention should be made of the spacious sports and wellness area under the double garage with a loggia in front. Caption Capti... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerStudent Housing

Student Residence

In immediate proximity to the École Polytechnique elite university, the residence offers students a living space in green surroundings. The identical cubic buildings are arranged evenly across the park-like grounds. The green areas, lushly planted with trees and native plants unite the residence into a harmonious ensemble.All buildings have the same typology: four residential levels above a recessed ground floor with generously glazed communal areas opening onto the park. A central atrium with skylight provides access to the apartments. The spatial concept offers room for student community life and at the same time privacy and retreat in the apartments. On the facades, concrete structure, anodised aluminium panels and panorama window... More

Project • By Benjamin FleurySocial Housing

30 housing units in Carrières-sous-Poissy

The operation is located in the ZAC Nouvelle Centralité in Carrières-sous-Poissy, which development was given by EPAMSA to the urban planning agency ANMA. The principle of this new district is to transform the void left by a former land reserve resulting from the state's desire to build a highway in its center dividing the commune in two parts, into an ecological corridor articulating the two parts of the town. The urban block P7 is situated in the northeast area of the new district, on the fringe of the existing suburban fabric of the town. This rectangular block is divided in two squares by a public pedestrian path.  © David Boureau © David Boureau © David Boureau Linking the road and the... More

Project • By Lemanarc SAHospitals

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital

Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital, located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covers a total area of 156,000 square meters, with a total planned construction area of 521,000 square meters and a total planned bed capacity of 3,000, consisting of a general hospital with 800 beds and a construction area of 131,000 square meters in the first phase and various disciplinary centers that will be expanded in the future. This is another practice of the design idea of "healing garden" and "gardenized architecture” by Mr. Vincent Zhang, the chair architect of Lemanarc. While the master plan encloses each phase into a modern garden, the medical space of each phase becomes an interesting therapeutic garden. The synchronization of medical function design with pla... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerOffices

DU Office Flachgasse – Apartments

The former factory of metal objects Grünwald, built in 1907, was first transformed into a designer furniture store by Matthäus Jiszda in 1981. The building was once again restructured to house the offices of the Viennese branch of Dietrich | Untertrifaller. It has also been enhanced by two floors to offer a penthouse and two spacious apartments. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar The alignment recess is due to the load distribution of the cross-laminated beam-to-wall structure. The plan of the apartments adapts to these structural constraints and takes advantage of them: the supports on the central supporting wall and on the existing dividing walls allow clearing free levels as well as large windows on all the west facade of t... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerApartments

Waldgartenstraße Residential

For this small estate in a quiet residential area loosely built up with single-family homes, we have arranged two elongated cubes slightly offset to each other. This ensures both the necessary privacy and unobstructed, wide views. To the north, an inviting, semi-public courtyard opens up the complex, while the play ground is located to the north-east, separated from the private areas. The architecture skilfully plays with the contrast of raw concrete and fine wood structure. The façade is extensively glazed, the balconies offer constructive weather protection and summer thermal insulation. The emphasis on the horizontal, the contrast between closed and open areas and the targeted use of daylight appear unobtrusively elegant. Albre... More

Project • By estudio AMATAMPrimary Schools

Study Rooms of the International School of Palmela

How can modular construction help complementing an International School program when you have little space and controlled costs? An orchard was changed and interconnected, helping to create the most conducive learning environment in these modular classrooms. The intervention at the International School of Palmela's orchard intended to complement the existing facilities throughout a new area of ​​support rooms (with controlled costs) implemented in an area of ​​the existing orchard. Given these constraints, the program was approached through modular construction, creating four modules with a contemporary interpretation, exploring the possibilities of modular wooden construction and its spatial versatility. Three different room modules and... More

Project • By Personal Architecture BNAPrivate Houses

The garden connection

We are always happy to welcome back our clients! We already transformed this Rotterdam family home twice back in 2013 & 2016. Now, we are working on a final intervention that completes this luxury, family home. In 2013, P·A replaced a poorly-constructed rooftop second-floor level with a full, pitched roof form. Utilizing the full height of the roof, it now houses a renovated master bedroom, en suite, and sitting room. Spaciously reorganized, its quiet color palette results in a tranquil space for retreat. A couple of years later, P·A designed a ground floor extension expanding interior space and facilitating a clear connection between all living spaces and the garden. Accessed via a six-step interior tribune with occupia... More

Project • By WTA Architecture and Design StudioOffices

Garden City Cavite

The Garden City conceptualizes the use of open areas as gardens with vertically-stacked residential units with greenery hanging vertically through architectural elements. The idea is to return the area occupied by the residential towers in the form of elevated green spaces and pocket green spaces, which creates sightlines and softens edges of the buildings. This allows the development to achieve a high percentage in open or green spaces. The strategic placement of towers between each other allows cross ventilation and promotes passive cooling. Mandarin orchards along the eastern and western wind paths serve as breaks. With varying levels of elevations and open spaces that maximize the vista, the garden city creates a refreshing atmosphere n... More

Project • By ayami takada architectsOffices

Networking Garden

It has become clear that changes have occurred in people's lives, and there is a need for functional changes in potential places in various scenes. The function of the building shall be assigned the term garden, which is maintained seasonally, and shall accept changes. The physical network-like three-dimensional structure inside the building and communication technology connect the city and various places in the building in every direction. Plan to allow the same floor to be used for more than one purpose. The setting required for other purposes will add value unique to the place even when it is used for another purpose, increasing the utility value of the building. By removing obstacles due to usage conversion in advance, the degree of... More

Project • By Set | DesignersShops


An outdoor project that characterizes the urban green of the area.The set-ups play on details, using eco-sustainable materials and reused elements, creating a chaotic but orderly atmosphere at the same time. The traditional counter turns into a table, a support point for relational exchanges.The relax area is characterized by cushions, rugs and low tables, to create a more peaceful and reserved atmosphere. The brightly colored umbrellas become a great cover element. More

Project • By TAA DESIGNParks/Gardens


Project location: Phu My, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam Architecture Firm: TAA DESIGN Architects in Charge: Nguyen Van Thien, Nguyen Huu Hau, Nguyen Sy Tuan Site area: 10,000 m2 Contractor: Local Completion year: 2020 More

Project • By Black RabbitHousing

Riverview Residence

Our next design-build venture with authentic living principles, this custom residence overlooking Ladybird Lake utilizes tricks from local regulatory hurdles to maximize its use and value. The regulations limited the size of the project to a single 550 sf Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), however, by adding a third detached dwelling structure, and creating basements, we are able to create a 1425 sf multi-unit compound.  ​ Underground conditioned spaces allow us to have a detached sound-proof music studio connected to the master suite via private sunken garden patio. The upper level kitchen-living-dining area share an outdoor garden deck with a detached guest unit. The material palette is as natural as possible including board-form concr... More

Project • By Satoshi Mogi ArchitectsPrivate Houses

1 Living House

1 Living House is a minimalist residence located in Kanagawa, Japan. This is a general renovation of a 40-year-old apartment complex. The floor plan was the plan adopted by many of the estates built at the time, but there was a garden with a small height difference between the indoor floor. In addition, the total length of the indoor and garden area was about 18 meters. In order to make use of this length, the living room has no partitions, and furniture was brought to the east and west walls, so that an open space is put together in the center of the room with a floor plan that allows one to feel the connection to the garden. The living room can be separated by a shoji screen, and it can be changed into a large living space that is complet... More

Project • By Surfacedesign, IncResidential Landscape

Zinfandel Lane Garden

Set within one of the oldest Zinfandel vineyards in California, the St. Helena residence floats above the surrounding vines, extending the landscape into the house and pulling life out into the garden.  An olive tree lined gravel driveway frames the entrance, culminating in the oak-lined property edge, where an existing heritage oak anchors the property.  This oak orients the site, marking the central axis of the house, pool and—through the vineyard—the barn.  Salvaged ancient olive trees are integrated into the barn landscape, tying into the reclaimed wood of the barn siding and framing the entrances to the building.  Exuberant perennial plantings frame the trees and provide seasonal interest—Nepeta fl... More