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Product • By LINVISIBILELinea Pocket Door

Linea Pocket Door

Linvisibile presents its first Pocket Door made entirely of glass. Linea is the new proposal showcasing one of the finest materials of Italy’s manufacturing tradition. Glass is the main element of this sliding door, and not just a top layer to be applied to the panel. The Linea Pocket Door comprises an aluminium casing and a glass leaf enclosed within a 50 mm thick anodized frame. It is suitable for any environment without cluttering, and enhances spaces by illuminating them with natural light. A sliding glass door is ideal for making interiors elegant and refined. The anodized frame can be ordered in seven different colours or in matt lacquering to be combined with the glass sheet, which is available in a variety of finishes, inclu... More

Product • By PriviglazePRIVIGLAZE Smart Glass Partition & Door

PRIVIGLAZE Smart Glass Partition & Door

Twin glazed panel incorporating switchable smart glass for privacy on-demand. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Co-working Coffee Shop Design

It can be tricky to design successful coffee shops that emulate a European model in a city like Dubai, but CAS has managed to do exactly that in the Jumeirah District of Dubai. The pivotal window system that links to a gorgeous street-scape is one of the defining features that manage to set it apart. Featuring a stunning street-savvy curb appeal with a transparent exterior, trendy patterns & an atmospheric interior, this Co-Working Coffee Shop Design is truly a step in the right direction.​​​​​​​ More

Product • By LINVISIBILEPocket Door

Pocket Door

Linvisibile presents its Marea | Pocket door, which holds an unprecedented technological, functional and patent surplus value. An innovative product that revolutionises the concept of assembly, handling and maintenance for sliding doors. It is the ideal partner to any settings whether at home or work. It can be coated with almost any type of material (metal, stone, leather) to create special atmospheres, in a tasteful way. There are lacquered (glossy or matt) and wooden versions offered as well. More

Product • By LINVISIBILEMARECHIARO by Giulio Cappellini

MARECHIARO by Giulio Cappellini

The Marea sliding system MARECHIARO is the first and exclusive external sliding system, without a containment pocket, developed in collaboration with Giulio Cappellini. Together with ALTOPIANO sliding system, these two products are characterized by specific materials, thicknesses, textures and construction methods, which offer a functional and stylistic choice of design, responding in an articulated way to the project demands of architects and designers, who search for solutions that are capable to furnish the most exclusive environments. MARECHIARO is an extremely versatile product, proposed in both wooden and glass versions. A perimetral aluminium frame, of 60 mm of thickness, holds the door panels giving the whole, elegance and lightne... More

Project • By Absolut Custom Glass SystemsHousing

Lakeland Key - Frameless Glass Pool Fencing - Gold Coast

This three level luxury house with roof top spared no expense in achieving a high-end modern look by using all of Absolut Custom Glass Systems expertise and our best products. The majority of the external glass was all custom ordered and fitted with five 12mm glass gates with soft close hinges. More

Project • By idesignprojectPrimary Schools

1st Primary School "Ag. Pavlos" with closed gym at Municipality Neapolis-Sikes

The present study participated in an architectural contest for the design of the 1st primary school "Ag. Pavlos" with closed gym at Neapolis-Sikes, Thessaloniki. Emphasis was given on designing a friendly and accessible establishment which would assist the children to adjust more easily to the scholar environmental and schedule. The school building is harmonically adjusted to the natural entourage, as it follows the terrain and takes full advantage of the slopes to create different levels and ensure the best view to the city. The handball court is partially put under the surface to avoid the deterioration of school aesthetic. Special attention was paid to the orientation of the classrooms and the basics principles of bioclimatic design. T... More

Project • By FINIGLAS Veredelungs GmbHHotels

Ramada Hotel Berlin

Finiglas took part in delivering curved glass panels for the new 4 star hotel RAMADA Hotel Berlin- Alexanderplatz. The façades where planed by the architects Nalbach+Nalbach architects from Berlin by focusing the view onto the wave form of the façade. The curved glass panels are the center and the eye catcher of the wave. In cooperation with the architects we set new standards by supplying big sized curved insulation glass, partly with straight extensions. Another important fact is Finiglas was able to supply the glass acc. to the AbZ for curved Floatglass and laminated glass made out of Floatglass. This means you have to have a very accurate bending process and this will become more and more important in modern architecture. What is... More

Product • By DukaAcqua 5000 new

Acqua 5000 new

Already a great success with duka’s vast clientele acqua 5000 and acqua R 5000 have been reinterpreted with new technical innovations and details. The introduction of an Automatic Close & Stop system, for easier closing, greater stability, a new handle, a new profile, newly designed glass panels, a new track and a new mechanism to unhook the doors, have led to a ‘redesigned’ concept of acqua 5000 and acqua R 5000. The shaped glass in the corner shower enclosure version with diagonal entry, allows very large corners of over 1100 mm, without arms or support that affect the design. The frameless sliding door, the rigorous, contemporary shapes and the perfect combination of shiny aluminium and light, transparent glass make acqua 5000 new... More