Manufacturers from Via C. Besana 1, Argenta (FE), Italy
Linvisibile was created in 1994 out of the experience of Portarredo Srl, an Italian company founded in the early 80’s that specialises in manufacturing doors and locking systems featuring exclusive designs and materials.

Portarredo distinguished itself from the very beginning thanks to the fully developed technological value of its products, and succeeded in earning a name with its brand at the top of the market of windows and doors. Through close collaboration with architects and engineers, Portarredo has developed products that look into the future of home living, anticipating market trends and needs.

In the initial project, studies and researches were merged in order to propose personalised design configurations for architecture solutions aiming to satisfy demanding expectations, different tastes and a variety of lifestyles.
Linvisibile was born from this project, arising as the first-ever trademark in Italy to manufacture doors and locking systems totally flush to the wall. This exclusive and patented “invisible system” eliminates the need for doorposts, frames or exposed hinges, providing our doors with perfect smooth opening and motion.

This practical and innovative system found its inspiration in the objective of hiding and “masking” locks and openings in the walls; this is the fundamental concept of Linvisibile philosophy. In fact, Linvisibile system is the technological evolution of an old concept: dungeons. Doors that exist in perfect continuity with their setting, and were used throughout history to conceal from view, openings whose existence we shouldn’t be aware of.

Over the years, the evolution of taste and architecture demands has turned doors into a key feature of interior design. Under this premise, Linvisibile continuously works and finds inspiration from designers to deliver tailor-made interior design pieces with maximum versatility and personalisation.
In the spirit of constant evolution and looking into the future, Linvisibile has inevitably grown and expanded its horizons into the international scene. With this challenge in mind, Linvisibile has reinvented itself altogether…new image, services and product offer. The world of is in constant innovation, and so are we.