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Product • By SaflexSaflex Structural PVB interlayer

Saflex Structural PVB interlayer

Designed for extra strength in laminated glass Providing superior structural capacity versus conventional PVB, Saflex® Structural interlayer is a PVB interlayer designed for applications where interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion requirements for laminated glass are critical.  In properly designed systems, Saflex Structural is capable of containing glass shards at high and low temperatures after impact and under load—even in open edge laminated glass.  Due to the strength and stiffness of the Saflex Structural interlayer, laminated glass can either sustain a higher uniform load for a given configuration or the glass thickness can be reduced while keeping the same load and area as compared to conventional laminat... More

Project • By Fougeron ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Translucence House

This renovation and addition unravels a chapter of ill-considered renovations to create an urban retreat for a young family on a remarkable site. By re-using more than half of the original structure and improving the home's environmental performance, the project also minimizes the 4000 SF home’s embodied carbon and ongoing carbon footprint. The double-wide lot sits atop a bluff and next to a community garden, making for a rare condition in the heart of the city: a large, secluded site, overlooking the city and the bay. The site was filled and leveled in the early 1960’s to accommodate the original house and pool, the scene of legendary parties. Renovations by a subsequent owner led to a messy collection of rooms out of sync wit... More

Project • By Siller Treppen, StairsHousing

Wythicombe - glass staircase, glass bridge

This was a nice residential project which is featured by our all glass staircase, this time in float glass (with green shimmer), which is leading up to our glass bridges. They are supported by glass beams and therefore no steel frames or any other supportive material is required. This provides the most translucence and does not abstract the look of the wide surroundings behind the stairs. Into the basement leads a more traditional cut steel stringer staircase with a glass balustrade.  More

Project • By Siller Treppen, StairsPrivate Houses

The translucense house

This nice feature all glass staircase was designed for an amazing residential project in San Francisco. The Translucence House, desigend by Fougeron Architecture is well thought through, from the outside and inside. Through our glass staircase you get a nice view over the city and to the sea. The staircase itself has a bronze tinted glass and most of the hardware is laminated inside the glass to provide clean uninterrupted surfaces, which look luxurious and are easy to clean. Further the staircase is leading up an all glass bridge which was also desigend and built by Siller Stairs.  More

Project • By Siller Treppen, StairsMuseums

Kistefos Museum

The Kistefos Museum is a project of BIG Architects. The architect approached Siller with the wish to create a fan shapped all glass staircase which has a span of 13m width and has on the up- and down side a contious glass surface. The task was particularly challenging because they did not want to see any shaddows of potential steel beams to support the staircase. As you can see from the final images we have been able to come with a solution which was more than pleasing for the architect.  More

Project • By DZAPOffices


The insurance company Ansvar, based in Amsterdam, will move her office to the completely renovated Coengebouw near the highway A10. This will be their new home base in 2018. We were invited to transform the empty and somewhat dark space into a comfortable, contemporary and above all light new office. In consultation with the building owner, the hull design was included in the interior design. To maximize the use of daylight the walls around the staircase were replaced by glass walls so the light can freely find its way into the office. Quiet colors and natural materials were chosen for the new interior. Where the green color from the logo has been subtly incorporated.The empty, slightly dark office has been transformed into a beautiful, co... More
After picture: Modern, Glass staircase
Before picture: outdated staircase design
After photo: spindles
After picture: newel post and cap

Project • By Stair parts PlusHousing

Staircase renovation/refurbishment

The project was undertaken by a team of experts in stair refurbishment and renovation. It was hard work, but the client was more than happy with the results. Style: Modern, Glass - that is where the "transition from darkness to light" comes from. This staircase makes everything brighter and can give a house a touch of greatness. The target of this project are people that love to do things by themselves (DIY) and we recommend this design if you are a modern person. Even so, you will need to have some knowledge in refurbishing and design in order to be able to renovate your old staircase into something magnificent as this. More

Project • By Elite Metalcraft Co LtdHousing

Ledborough - Straight Glass Staircase, Glass Treads, Glass Balustrade

When Elite Metalcraft was chosen to design and build this masterpiece glass staircase it was a challenge we were delighted to accept. It has the floating staircase experience that makes it a fascinating creation. It was totally unique in design because the cantilevered treads and the glass balustrade are connected using only one fixing per tread. The treads are constructed using a special high duty laminating process that can withstand the loads imposed, and enable the whole structure to have a transparent appearance. During construction we had to be extremely precise with the support steelwork hidden in the walls, in order to accommodate the tight tolerances required for cutting through the marble slabs More