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Project • By TARIK ZOUBDI ARCHITECTESecondary Schools

concrete phrontistery

“ This space is about knowledge forever engraved in concrete ” Tarik ZOUBDI      The OCP institut for socio-educationnel promotion is a high school project, emerged from a desire to provide a new teaching building, fit for the 21st century education, for the children of OCP group workers in El Jadida  , Following a growing number of primary and middle school students last few years.       With a vision to encourage learning, sharing and interaction, the newly built high school was designed to link  the old middle school built in 2017 and the OCP residential developments nearby.     To ensure the safety of students and reduce traffic flow, the car park was designed... More

Project • By INCLS (One Design)Offices

Nanjing Hongfeng Tech Park, Plot A1

Nanjing Hongfeng Technology Park is on the east end of Nanjing Municipal region, as part of the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. This industrial park is situated on an enclave sandwiched by two major railway lines, the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway and the Shanghai-Nanjing Passenger Train Railway. The urban design of this nearly 1 square kilometer site was also done by One Design. The buildings along transportation corridors are set to form noise barriers to the outside traffic, as well as a momentary horizontal landmark through the several seconds visual encounter to high-speed train passengers. On the other side, courtyards can take on a very urban character or become landscape pockets, connected with the central park and c... More

Project • By PHASE3Shopping Centres

The Gate

In 2012, PHASE3 clinched an international competition to redesign the façade of this existing shopping mall in Kuwait City. The competition set out that the proposal needed to accommodate a key restraint: the building was already under construction. We developed a new façade system for the building that could respond to the vibrant local context and become an event in itself. The façade, which measures an overall length of 300m, was constrained to a depth of 50cm. Despite having little room to manoeuvre, we developed a single, meaningful gesture that integrates the massive, solid volume of the mall to its surroundings. The GRC façade and its circular pattern set a strong design principle. The exterior is readabl... More