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Project • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesPrivate Houses

Sanchita Residence

“Shanchita” means a “collection of memories”, in a way to treasure. The lifestyle of Dhaka has considerably changed over the last 35 years. Beautiful one unit houses with gardens have been replaced by uncaring high-rise apartm... More

Project • By RISE Design StudioApartments

Burrows Road Glazed Envelope

Burrows Road is situated in Kensal Rise, close to Notting Hill. The property had been untouched for a long time and has become run down allowing for carte blanche with the modernisation. The existing cellular ground floor was chopped up allowing for... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Modern Islamic Private Villa

Featuring an iconic merging of traditional and contemporary visuals, this Modern Islamic Private Villa in Medina, Saudi Arabia, is an ode to beautiful harmonizing. The design features clean lines with horseshoe-style arches and mashrabiya geometry. T... More

Project • By Ernesto Fusco Interior DesignerApartments


We are in one of the most beautiful place in Italy, an ancient village of the beautiful Amalfi Coast.   Suspended between sea and mountains there is this apartment with terrace,  with breathtaking views on the Mediterranean sea.  ... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureSwimming Pools

320 Plummer

You may not have heard of Ebenezer Howard, but visit our new multi-residential project in Port Melbourne and you can see his legacy come to life. In the 19th century, Howard drew up concepts for a ‘garden city’, urban pockets with plenty... More

Project • By M:OFA Studios Pvt ltdUrban Green Spaces

Pensive: Design Pavilion by M:OFA @ India Design 2014

'Designing for a public space in India goes beyond the aesthetics into multitude of other issues right from functions, economics, sustainability, maintenance, vandalism, and the list could be endless. Being a developing country we are always grapplin... More