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Project • By Look CompositesTransports

Piezas para motos

Handcrafted elaboration of different custom pieces for motorcycles. They are made of fiberglass, thus achieving high reliability and durability. They have a meticulous elaboration and a careful design. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Care of the details in each piece- Artisan production- Create pieces with a finish that allow easy placement- High quality to deal with the conditions to which a motorcycle is exposed FINAL SCOREThese pieces manufactured in Look Composites give a unique look to each motorcycle, artisanal production ensures the quality of each of these pieces and the comfort and reliability to withstand the adverse conditions that a motorcycle supposes. More

Product • By Look CompositesMotorcycle parts

Motorcycle parts

Handcrafted elaboration of different custom pieces for motorcycles. They are made of fiberglass, thus achieving high reliability and durability. They have a meticulous elaboration and a careful design. More

Project • By Look CompositesSupermarkets


Manufacture of two pieces of design in GRP, prefabricated for incorporation into a modular construction installed on the Benicarló beach. One of the pieces has the function of a porch between the two modules, the other is an exterior wall, both provide a marked identity to the whole. The finish of the pieces is the same as the rest of the materials used, in this way there are no material changes. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Three-dimensional shapes in two pieces made to measure.- Prefabricate the pieces for a quick installation adapted to the rest of the set.- Good behavior outdoors and near the sea.- Lightness and rigidity for the roof that must also withstand the rain.FINAL SCOREThe prefabricated pieces in GRP are the pieces that gi... More

Project • By Look CompositesUrban Green Spaces

Cortina de Agua Quinta Lacy

Manufacture of 4 waterfalls in GRP for the beautiful garden of a celebration banquet in Elda, Alicante. These waterfalls replace the original metal ones, which have caused numerous corrosion and deterioration problems for our client. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Avoid corrosion. GRP is the perfect material for this exterior application in continuous contact with water.- Avoid joints on a surface of 5x3 meters.- Made to measure. Each of the 4 waterfalls has a different measure to adapt to the original space.- Prefabricate the pieces for a quick installation adapted to the rest of the set. FINAL SCOREReplacing the waterfalls was a quick process as they were prefabricated. With the new GRP units a cleaner, smoother and joint-free look is achiev... More

Project • By Look CompositesResidential Landscape

Hotel Riviera

Reform of existing hotel. Its new design, realized by the Architect Vicente Peiró, included some very singular forms, on the outside of the area of a glass elevator, a piece finished on both sides and with a pronounced flight. Due to its shape and characteristics, the GRP was the solution to be able to carry it out.In addition to these pieces, all the visors of the round windows were also made in GRP with a special rounded design.All the pieces were manufactured with a bench finish imitating the concrete panels of the rest of the façade. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Three-dimensional design of the piece.- Lightness- Ease of assembly.- Support the aggressiveness of the proximity of the sea. FINAL SCOREThe image of the new Hotel... More

Project • By Look CompositesRestaurants

Dubai Restaurant Mix by Alain Ducasse

Construction of two large forms in the interior of a luxury restaurant in Dubai. These pieces make up a giant egg on which the restaurant revolves. For its construction, a metallic structure has been used, on which a series of prefabricated GRP pieces with a special design and a reflective golden finish have been fixed. The complex is crossed by an elevator for guests. The lower part of the egg houses the bathrooms and the upper part the V.I.P. with a spectacular latticework on its ceiling. Caption Caption OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Adaptation of a spectacular design to a structure and prefabricated GRP pieces.- Optimization of the structure and the GRP for its transport and placement.- Manufacture of multipurpose molds to complet... More

Project • By Look CompositesTheme Parks

Ferrari Land

Ferrari Land is the second amusement park of the Italian brand in the world. Like the first, located in Abu Dhabi, its design is striking, this time with even more three-dimensional shapes. The central building simulates the nose of a sports car, the accelerator building has a spectacular, futuristic design. For the manufacture of the leather, which is totally made to measure and outdoors, the selected material has been GRP. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Three-dimensional shapes in all the pieces. All different and made to measure.- Flame retardant material B-s2-d0.- Good behavior outdoors over time.- Lightness and rigidity.- Production capacity.   FINAL SCORELook Composites® has developed for this project a "low cost" system for th... More

Product • By Look CompositesGRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP is a composite material, made up of a resistant fiberglass structure and a plastic material that acts as a binder. Used for both interior and exterior pieces, facades and even urban furniture. More

Project • By VIVOOD Landscape HotelsHotels

VIVOOD Landscape Hotel

VIVOOD Landscape Hotel is an escape for the traveler looking to experience new feelings, calm and exclusivity. Wander the paths of the valley, breathing the fresh air and enjoy refreshing contact with nature, sustainability and healthy living in great comfort . In the evening we went to our room, and the roads that run through the hillside and the hotel, are lit with hundreds of lights. The mountain shines the light of the moon in the sky and there are thousands of stars. It is impresionante.` More