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Product • By Casalis BVBACaro


Elegant and comfortable. Chic yet discreet. The Caro collection turns this apparent paradox into a real strength. Made from materials to which Italian tailor-made suits also owe their timeless class, these hand-made rugs explicitly appeal to good tas... More

Product • By Casalis BVBARani


Elegant, refined and pure. The Rani - Sanskrit for ‘queen’ - is the feminine equivalent of the Raja, not just in name only. These rugs, made entirely by traditional methods, are also in a regal class. In contrast to their masculine, somew... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAPello Weave

Pello Weave

Feel barefooted the incredible softness and the exuberant warmth of this hand-woven carpet made in a tight Scandinavian natural design. Experience the 100% comfort of the downy alpaca wool in wonderful natural colours resulting in a surprising d... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAPello


Super-soft and warm, with a unique touch. The Pello really does get the best out of nature with a primal feel that combines ultimate comfort with animal warmth. These qualities are owed to the hollow, heat-insulating fiber of the alpaca, the unique,... More