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Product • By LuceplanHope - Wall Lamp

Hope - Wall Lamp

Hope - Wall Lamp - the polycarbonate lenses achieve a dioptric effect similar to glass without any limitations in terms of size, thickness and weight. Hope – the result of a brilliant design and manufacturing process – can be used with any type of light source: halogens, energy-saving LEDs and fluorescent bulbs. More

NewsNews • 30 Jun 2020

Biomimicry informs the solar sensor-based façade of this intelligent, adaptable family home

Hive is a private residence in Gujarat, India designed by Openideas Architects as an intelligent, adaptable, and sustainable family home. Its architecture features a solar sensor-based façade inspired by hexagonal structural patterns found in nature such as honeycombs and carbon crystals.  Hexagonal solar sensor-based façade - click on image for detailed drawing This unique façade design is based on structural strength, transformability, and concepts of biomimicry. Casting patterns that change with the path of the sun, the unique opening mechanism of the façade responds to light exposure and thermal comfort levels within the house.  Yash Parekh, Fabien Charuau The building form itself was al... More

Product • By Mosaic factoryCementtileref: H105

Cement tiles Mosaic factory

Cement tiles are handcrafted tiles, manufactures one by one as per the design of our customers. They are made with cement and marble powder mainly. The patterned layer is of 5mm approximately, making it extremely durable. More