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Product • By CERAGRESPatchwork


Patchwork offers 4 neutral colours that emulate a different type of textile. The four colours with their individual textures are available in a 24" x 24" format. Patchwork adds to its collection a 6" x 48" format that mixes the textures together per colour. This porcelain tile can personalize any commercial or residential space by rendering all vertical and horizontal surfaces more dynamic through its unique textures. Name : Patchwork Format :24" x 24"6" x 48" 4 colors:DarkDark GreyGreyWhite Finish: Matte*additional formats are available on special orders. More

Product • By STUDIO ELISA STROZYKMiss Maple pendant lamp

Miss Maple pendant lamp

The pendant lamp “Miss Maple” is made of the material "Wooden Textile" which consists of wooden triangles and textile. This innovative material is flexible and folds into a sculptural surface.While the lamp generates warm light at night the textured surface becomes more evident with daylight and turns the lamp into a sculptural object. More

Product • By Richter akustik & designLightBeton®


LightBeton®Real concrete for attractive and unique interiorsWhen the 0.079 inches LightBeton is applied to various panels such as plywood, MDF or partical board, to offer just a few examples, the possibilities are unlimited for architechural and design applications, trade shows, retail stores, retail fixtures and cabinets.Millwork companies can use their automatic edgebander producing what appears to be a solid concrete panel. Carpenters and installers do not have to use any specialty equipment. More

Product • By mafi natural wood floorsBEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna

BEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna

This floor is particularly suitable for zones often walked on barefoot, as its 3-D structures have a massaging effect on the soles of the foot. With their decorative character, mafi Fresco planks are also ideal design elements for walls and ceilings.Beech wood with consistent colour resulting from heat treatment (without chemical additives). Beech plank in 3- layer construction, bevelled (2.5 mm) on the long side and with approx. 2,5 - 4 mm top layer, with approx. 4 mm backing in the same wood and middle layer conifer. Tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation. More

Product • By BendheimFritted Channel Glass

Fritted Channel Glass

Bendheim channel glass is available in hundreds of translucent & opaque colors by applying permanent, colorfast, scratch resistant color frits. The frit is applied to ultra-clear low-iron glass, which renders the truest colors. The glass is fully tempered (safety) and heat soak tested for exterior applications. More

Product • By Wallenstein Manufactory GmbHOld Messing

Old Messing

The variation of rust and gold creates an opulent and sensual experience of the room. The unique texture and reflective properties of the materials create special visual effects and give the surface an artistic expression. More

Product • By Verde ProfiloMOSSwall® Fusion

MOSSwall® Fusion

The priceless choice of the best plant species has given rise to a finish never before seen except in the natural state.MOSSwall® Fusion is the new finish for all MOSSwall® products.We observed the biodiversity of the undergrowth where lichen is born and used it to make the product MOSSwall®. After careful study, we have selected the best plant species, mixing them with lichen MOSSwall® creating MOSSwall® Fusion. This new vision, lush and wild, is the ideal solution to bring the typical undergrowth forests inside and in contact with humans.MOSSwall® Fusion is available in wasabi95 and Natural96 colors More

Product • By Verde ProfiloMOSSwall Boiserie

MOSSwall Boiserie

When wood and lichen come together, MOSSwall® Boiserie is born.Presented at the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan, the Boiserie finish confirms all the expectations, placing among the most popular Verde Profilo® products on the market.Designed in two colors and with different combinations, the boiserie is ideal for creating new, beautiful and functional environments, as well as for restyling and transforming existing spaces.Natural or Zenzero, combined with the MOSSwall® colors, boiserie is an extraordinary choice for interior design projects that aim to create custom and refined solutions. More

Product • By MirrlMirrl


Mirrl ® is a solid surface material created in Glasgow, Scotland, through a unique process involving layers of tinted resin in different tones or colours onto Birch plywood. More

Product • By Artecraft Impex InternationalRADIANT LUXURY SURFACES


RADIANT (SEGMENT OF ANVI LUXURY SURFACES):- A combination of wood and resin where resin is casted within wooden facings on both the sides and then crafted with a design to suit an individual’s taste.  More



SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS IN SOLID SURFACE (SEGMENT OF ANVI SOLITAIRE):- ANVI SOLITAIRE is an exclusive innovative international material incorporating Swarovski crystals with Solid surface (Corian) for high-end Interiors, wherein Swarovski crystals are casted within solid surface (corian) fused together with high grade resin/ polymer . Fusion is completed by the in-house developed technique to form beautiful surfaces. More

Product • By mafi natural wood floorsBUCHE Vulcano Fresco Arco

BUCHE Vulcano Fresco Arco

A floor with a three-dimensional surface, but fine enough to walk on barefoot, made of real wood and also ideal for extreme conditions - that is the NEW product made by mafi in Upper Austria. ARCO - Italian for bow. An apt description for a mafi natural wooden floor which earns its place in the mafi Fresco collection by its uniqueness and striking character. The dark brown colour of the beech-dark delivers a stylish exclamation to any room, without being too dominant. The real highlight of this innovative product is the three-dimensional surface. Especially when barefoot the feel is of a fine experience for our stressed-out feet in the hectic everyday life. In addition, the special surface makes the floor extremely rob... More

Product • By Abet LaminatiPOLARIS


Like the comforting light of the North Star, Polaris, the “alternative”, rich and deep surface by Abet Laminati, represents a point of arrival. Its mellow colour provides an undoubtedly innovative and imaginative effect. Polaris leads the category of latest generation products by Abet Laminati, serving as a sophisticated and durable reference point for inquisitive designers who seek unusual results. Stemming from Abet Laminati’s stylistic and technical research, the revolutionary Polaris is smooth and velvety to the touch, and its surface features are truly extraordinary: it is highly resistant to scratches and heat, as well as being anti-fingerprint. The curious combination of durability and velvet smoothness gives Polaris a futuris... More

Product • By Wallenstein Manufactory GmbHCorten steel

Corten steel

This surface design replicates aged metal surfaces in a way that makes them look convincingly real and gives viewers a new experience of a room. Its sumptuous appearance and grace will charm anyone who sees it. Aesthetics and design here go hand in hand with architecture and space. The iridescence of the metal and its antique patina in soft gold and bronze tones are mesmerizing. The materials are available on different substrates such as 19 mm MDF or 0.8 mm HPL. The coating is approx. 0.6-0.8 mm thick and is applied by hand. These surfaces are suitable for fitting out hotels and restaurants, shops, trade fairs and yachts and can be used for furniture manufacture as well. The materials can be worked using standard carpentry tools and machine... More