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Project • By BlitzOffices

Google Tech Corners

Hygge at Scale. Blitz partnered with Google to implement a redesign of spaces within the open office that meet Google's goals of a workplace that enables teams to collaborate, do focused work, and innovate. The design solutions break down visual barriers within the workplace and create open informal meeting areas with key points of intersections on each floor. The removal of wall partitions and semi-enclosed nooks allow daylight to penetrate into the interior areas of the floor plan and present a clear visual connection between adjacent open office spaces. A phased approach was implemented, in which two floors were transformed at a time, while the campus was fully functional. To instill a sense of ownership for the teams occupying the sp... More

Project • By jamjam architecture studioHospitals

Dental Arts Studio

Our task was to design a dental office that is able to provide a comprehensive range of dental services to all patients in a personalised way, taking care about the highest quality of such services. The office is located in the Fi housing estate in Cracow. The Investor wanted to make the interior of dental offices and other rooms in the clinic elegant, cosy and modern.In order to meet the Investors’ expectations, we designed the waiting room in a cosy, homelike way by equipping it with a shelf for magazines and books, a wardrobe, as well as some comfortable chairs and coffee tables. The room is painted white with woody elements, but it is complemented with pastel burgundy, as well as navy blue upholstery of chairs. Some additional elements... More

Project • By WorkplaceOffices

Home-like office for Allegro

Home is a place where we return to. It gives us positive feelings, making us want to spend our time there. It is a place where we perform our daily duties, such as cooking, but above all else, it's where we relax. We share it with our loved ones, and is a warm place that we invite our friends and acquaintances to.On the other hand, an office connotes with a cold, uninviting space. It's a labyrinth of long corridors with no natural lighting, bland offices with unpleasant fluorescent light and noise, and unfamiliar co-workers hidden behind closed doors. Is this the kind of place where we enjoy working? Is this the kind of place we want to return to?What if the office could look and feel more like home? What if we use different finish material... More