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Project • By BWM Architekten und PartnerHotels

grätzlhotel, karmelitermarkt / meidlinger markt

Beautiful designer suites instead of vacant street-front shops – with this innovative hotel concept, BWM Architekten are now also taking on the role of hotelier.grätzlhotel is a project of the Urbanauts Hospitality Group, which consists of architects and hotel and marketing experts. The theme can be summed up as ground floor utilisation, and the formats are garden-level and street-front studio apartments. BWM Architekten, in their capacity as hotel designer and interior expert, have designed the two grätzlhotels karmelitermarkt and meidlinger markt, creating accommodation with individual charm for guests seeking a unique, direct experience of Vienna. With this innovative hotel concept, BWM Architekten are now also taking on... More

Project • By Virserius StudioHotels

W Atlanta Midtown

Arthur is a native Atlantan from the neighborhood, located right behind W Atlanta Midtown. Virserius Studio’s concept is the recreation of Arthur’s estate and secret garden, decorated with his awe-inspiring collection of art and other items obtained during his extensive world travels. He takes great pride in these collections and wants to share the stories behind these possessions. He also hopes they will make great conversational pieces, inspiring special moments among friends during their visit. From the moment guests arrive they are transported into Arthur’s unique world and surrounded by his most treasured collections. They are embraced by the curved, abstract walls of the entry, created by brushed brass on dark woods... More

Project • By Barovier&TosoHotels


The palazzo was built in the classical style back in 1930. Oleg Tinkov invited thebest architects and designers to renovate it, highlighting its architectural beauty, while preserving its historical look. Golden swirls on the furniture and lights, shades of pearl grey, gold and ivory, and natural fabrics are combined, to give the palazzo an air of ultimate sophistication. A gorgeous orange San Giorgio was placed in one of the beautiful suites. More

Project • By Barovier&TosoHotels


Columns, gilded stuccoes, statues: entering Caesars Palace is like taking a leap into ancient Rome. Everything is majestic, everything is exaggerated.Impacting chandeliers such as a red Degas, and a blackVermont were chosen for the suites. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHotels

Quarter Hotel

The Quarter Hotel & Suites Interior Design respects the ever-growing financial district needs of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, by delivering luxury and branded accommodation to business travelers. Its post-modern design is absolutely extravagant. With lots of classical details, soft curves and lavish light fixtures, this hotel redefines the concept of splendor. The double-height lobby, stylish furniture and elegant materials are all complemented by subtle Arabic details like gilding and mashrabiya as well. More